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  1. Looks like this was patched about 7 hours ago https://github.com/Karawasa/Element-TD/commit/610ebd3d41d5ea56f9c569f4d9c2acbf55c6a232
  2. 4 difficulties x 3 element order modes x 2 wave order modes x 2 creep timing modes x 2 game lengths x 2 scoring modes (score, wave number + frogs) ---------------- 192 different leaderboards
  3. LOL, that last screenshot is solid gold.
  4. More information... I killed the first wave of icefrogs without leaking. Not sure if it's related.
  5. I also came to post this same bug. Sucks because if the game would just end, I'd still have a top 10 score on the leaderboards. Not sure what to do here. Insane Rush Chaos.
  6. Just updated this to reflect changes from B290216
  7. I got tired of digging through the website's tower listing so I recreated the in-game tower browser in HTML / CSS / JS http://eletd.hky.me The code is up on Github https://github.com/KevBurnsJr/elemtd_tower_graph I included all of the eletd.com javascript and css assets and mimicked the eletd file structure to ensure that it would be easy to integrate if you wanted to add it to the towers page. It scales with browser size (aka responsive). I also added the ability to filter by tower range. I noticed some errors on the current towers page, listed in the repository's README. Is this something you'd consider using on the site? If so, please feel free to use it and modify as you see fit.
  8. I tested this, and setting a password on the lobby does not prevent the score from being registered under your profile.
  9. KevBurnsJr

    Life Bonus

    At the end of a game, the player receives a bonus score based on their net worth. Maybe there should also be a bonus for the number of lives a player has? Seems to me that surviving til the end with 50 lives should yield a better score than surviving til the end with only 2 lives.
  10. KevBurnsJr

    Life Tower

    500 lives is excessive. If you built 2 periodic towers just before the frog wave you could probably kill well over 200 frogs. if I were in your position at the time these screenshots were taken, I would even sell some of those life towers to get enough gold for 2 periodic towers.
  11. Coolio. Both your nerfs sound appropriate.
  12. At least 28 of the top 30 on the Express leaderboards appear to be exploiting Blitz + Foundry (myself included). This combo gives each tower 52,250 DPS at max attack speed which is overpowered, especially in rush matches. Here's my idea... Each stack of Blitz which reduces the tower's attack time by 0.05 should also reduce the base damage by 2% That way Blitz + Foundry still provides 10,450 DPS at min, but scales max DPS down to 35,530. Yay or Nay?
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