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  1. why use the last lumber for fire and not trade for essence so that you will have more money for more towers?
  2. Thunderbolt

    Life Tower

    life towers are single target though. if you go too deep into life towers you wont get enough AOE damage. life towers are a nice way to end/win the game, but because you can kill creeps faster with other kind of towers you wont get the highest score by spaming them.
  3. has this been updated with the latest balance changes? (tidal towers) could you please make the sortable version downloadable? when I download it its not sortable any more :S
  4. so what towers do you build to get a score of 1 million like the top guy at the leaderboard?
  5. I modified this a bit and also got lvl3 water for waterfall towers and also converted the rest lumber into essence and made 2-3 lvl3 pure nature towers. managed to get 228 icefrog kills (normal, chaos)
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