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  1. I cant tell, I dont have the replay.
  2. what about the current 1st place? mega frog targeting luck or also different placings of towers? has anyone tried reorganizing the placing of towers during that 1 minute before the boss wave? you will lose some because you get only 90% back, but it might be worth it.
  3. ^^this and mostly it involves also luck not to have bad timing with invulnerability
  4. well that finally sounds like an explanation. tbh Ive almost suspected something weird like this, but didnt try it in sandbox mode yet. it would be nice if you could fix this T_T edit: I wasnt in the first frog wave when the game ended though. its wave 3 or 4? which was has already been called then.
  5. what could be the reason for the game ending bonus/frog kill count(?) not being applied sometimes?
  6. check their hitpoints
  7. well that makes sense. still, two questions remain: 1. why did he get more points for his clearing of the first wave? I had 2k more after level 55, after the 1st wave clearing I had 2k less than him (and I killed this wave faster than he did). these numbers should be entirely static if no time component is involved here. 2. why didnt I get the 2nd jump of points at the end of the game, for my overall number of frog kills? this is not the first time this happened, this happens actually quite often (to me) that this last bonus is not applied.
  8. tbh I find this rather unlikely considering how much the hitpoints of the frogs go up. the last creep he leaked of the first wave already intermingled with the 2nd wave and of that wave also slipped through. so it must have been wave 3? sounds rather impossible. if you cant even kill wave 1 and then wave 2 and 3 also intermingle, I dont see how this could have happened (with the current builds at the top of the leaderboard). also, his score went up to 979 after the last 2 frogs of wave one leaked and also few ones of wave 2 jumped leaked as well. I have to say though that I also have seen another wave having been said to be cleared (dunno if it was with rush?), its not Ive never seen this message. but I doubt that this is correct in insane chaos rush with the current builds.
  9. alright, now I really think something must be wrong. the guy at 3rd place (haHAA) also had 952k after round 55. he didnt finish OSfrog wave one, because from what I saw he leaked at least 2 creeps of that wave (with 9XXk hitpoints). few second later, his score went up to 979 though. when the game ended, his score suddenly was 993, with 57 frogs killed. in my last game I started with 954K after round 55 and cleared the first boss wave. my score went up to 977k for that. this is for some reason less than he got (for not finishing the wave!) and also I did not get any additional bonus at the end of the game! my score remained at 977k, with 71 frogs killed and 1 wave cleared. I guess there must be some bugs or randomness involved here.
  10. I dont know what his bonus was for that round, mine was 130% that game. but as I said, my score after round 55 was 2k higher than his. this should be the decisive factor, shouldnt it? afaik his speed score for that round could have been slightly higher than mine, because 1 nature tower placing was different. his was optimized to kill the wave faster, mine for better frog killing. still, in the end the score after level 55 must mean that the highest score had the fastest playthrough overall, up to that point, right? none of us leaked anything. could there perhaps be a bug that the speed score of round 55 is somehow calculated into the boss levels? or that there are some other boni in the frog waves which are sometimes applied and sometimes not, because its bugged? otherwise this doesnt sound logical to me.
  11. well he died earlier to the frogs, because I killed more. does dying earlier to frogs/ending the game faster that way give more bonus points? that would be pretty absurd for the boss rounds.
  12. had 954K after level 55 now and also cleared the first wave of frogs. I ended up with 977k score, killed 71 frogs in total and wave 1 completely. now I wonder how first place can have a better score with lower starting points after round 55, same number of frog rounds completed entirely and less frogs overall?
  13. I wasnt talking about the score in this case though. Only about spawning of the frogs.
  14. does anyone know if you can get that 30 seconds clean bonus if the next wave has already spawned or you already killed the first creep of it and only kill the last creep of the previous wave after that, still within 30 seconds though?
  15. but I did only get 9K for killing 71 frogs and no bonus of 17k for ending the game
  16. alright, the current 2nd place, JoeJoeJoe had 952K after level 55 according to the board he cleared 1 extra waves of OSfrogs. that should make 977K then. He finished the game though with 994K and 58 OSfrogs. that is 17K for 58 frogs. In my test game I didnt clean an entire wave, but nevertheless got 71 frogs. But I only got 9K for these 71 frogs, while he got 17K for his 58. so does this mean OSfrog kill score increases as well when having finished an entire wave?
  17. so you say theres also a boni for clearing an entire frog wave (in rush mode), other than the bonus for cleaning a certain number of frogs? afaik the boss wave numbers in rush mode change automatically depending on how long you can survive. you dont need to clean every frog of that wave. correct me if Im wrong though
  18. did a test in sandbox mode. placed 3 nature towers at the front and used god mode, so I cleaned everything basically asap after 55 waves: clean bonus: 128% speed bonus: 135% 966k when I died I had 71 OSfrogs, boss wave 6 final score: 973k now I really wonder how I managed to get a better score when I regularly actually needed a bit longer to finish the game. also, how did the 1st guy get more than 1 million points? since this here was basically everything killed asap, there must be other factors as well which contribute to the score.
  19. found this in the scoring file: self.cleanWaves = 0 self.under30 = 0 self.cleanWavesStreak = 0 self.under30Streak = 0 does this mean theres an additional bonus factor involved which gives you additional boni for the longer your perfect clean streak is and also the more rounds you can finish below 30 seconds? (does elemental spawning every 5 rounds count into that as well?)
  20. +1, would also like a restart button outside of sandbox mode so that the score would count.
  21. whats the net worth display for anyway? cant really see what it is good for.
  22. again 200k off. this time I didnt leak anything before the frogs. somewhere there must be something really strange with the calculations. does the time bonus take into consideration how fast you kill the elementals?
  23. I lost 3 lives for letting a level 3 elemental pass, but does this result in 200k of difference? edit; well actually it does. so I guess these boni are not added up but multiplicated? otherwise it couldnt be 200k.
  24. it feels pretty weird the way it is atm. I am first, but cannot seem to reproduce. in my last game with 700k ish score I finished 5 seconds earlier and am pretty sure that I was even a little faster in the last rounds before the frogs. yet, my score is off by 200k. so Im wondering whats going on T_T
  25. I dont play much else than chaos atm. but from what I can remember other modes are affected as well? can anyone confirm? I dont shift queue at all though.
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