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  1. Try this in pub and leme know how it goes
  2. ele

    380 fruits

    lol ya apparently this does way better than having map full of annihiliation/deciets/pure lights =o
  3. Well I mean I consider single player to be similar to single player in SCBW. Where you can use cheats and stuff vs comps to either test builds or just have fun. As far as I'm concerned if this strategy breaks down in the face of an additional player, then the situation is limited and under control.
  4. ele

    No interest mode

    So guys I've seen too many replays of people stressing out selling towers down to the second to gather interest. How about a mode that disables interest and players have to rely purely on income from creep waves. Of course, bounty/creep stats should be adjusted accordingly. What you guys think?
  5. The problem is that what's competitive about someone playing on very easy against someone playing on very hard? There's no competition there to begin with, so why would you want to punish someone for challenging themselves? Hence my assertion that only the players on the highest difficulty levels should affect the timer. If you want to compete with them, you should be playing on the same difficulty level as them, not pick a lower difficulty level and say "haha I beat you!" I personally dont think theres a problem with the public timer thing. It's just how competitive you want to be with your game. In any case, if you dont want to have noobs on very easy ruining your wave timing you can just host the game and set the minimum difficulty for the players. That way you can only have people on normal/hard difficulty and up.
  6. Well personally I tried wealth towers in multiplayer and it's not really as bad as people say it is. The thing is, this tower's purpose isn't to save you from creep waves, but its more of an investment. If you look at the damage of the tower it's similar to the life tower. Low on damage but gives you benefits down the road. It actually takes a couple of waves before the money you invested in the money tower actually shows. It's good to have a core creep dedicated tower up first before setting up wealth tower(s). I find that you'll need around 2 or 3 wealth towers to take down a creep wave given that you weakened it enough that wealth tower 1hit kills the creeps.
  7. ele

    Strategy Help

    I tried obliteration with polar tower combo and it worked fine. OB = darkness tower so its weak to light. So for light stages you either need something strong vs light or you stack up enough OB to take it out. You can also try getting more light towers
  8. ele

    Element TD 0.72

    meh i dont like it either since in the higher lvls u have too many towers to manage to manual reload. Also gets really laggy in the higher levels unless you got a expensive computer =(.
  9. ele

    Replay Analyzers

    same here i never got through a replay without crashing yet
  10. haha sorry it was nearly 3am when i replied but yeah its not a big deal to make that much amends to the starting minerals. its worth it for people wanting to save some time doing the first 15. its a trade-off really time vs money
  11. Yeah my idea is that since we have 1 of every element, that only leaves you with 5 other choices. 1 or 2 of those choices would probably be interest since its almost necessary to win the game on VH. That would leave you with either one tier 2 forms of triple element towers or fully upgraded dual element towers. Either case would probably leave you with a lot of unspent money near the end of the game with nothing really to pour the cash on. So i dont know really.. i would really like to see a buffed periodic table costing more or an upgrade option for the periodic table oO since if you pick a periodic table build, that tower is going to be your core so it kinda need to be strong
  12. ele

    Temporal Tower

    What's the point of this tower? nature+earth+water going from the website 2200 damage/second with 8 range at max upgrade with no AoE. and it loses 7% damage per attack on a target for a max of 70% damage reduction. well even without the damage reduction it sucks.
  13. I'll take a look tomorrow, is there a changelog somewhere? Check the versions at bottom of forums. kk thanks I checked out the periodic tower, seems a lot better now with increased damage and range. It's a lot more versatile . I have yet to try a strat with it. What do you guys think of the periodic tower being something like the best of every element? When i first started i expected the tower to be like uber pro. What if the tower cost more but it has 22 range with 2.25/4.5 AoE like the fire/earth? Just feels a little awkward it would cost the same as a pure element tower.
  14. Maybe increase range to 22? or remove the cooldown period for the tower? When only comparing hail vs obliteration. Hail = 100/0.31 on 3 targets Obliteration = 400/second on 1 target with splash. Let see the math here.. ~300/second x 2/3 = 200 damage a second vs 3 targets for hail 400/second x 7/9 = ~311 damage a second vs 1 target with splash Looks fair to me lol. Only downside to hail is that it doesn't have a manual cooldown like the tank does. The damage is pretty even assuming auto cd for both and tank only hitting 2 targets while hail is hitting 3.
  15. I think short mode shouldn't give as high as 1250 simply because this map is designed not only for single player play, but also multiplayer play. In the case of public play, I think it will be fairly difficult to have such a perfect play as there is a good chance someone on very easy mode will be spawn killing. Base minerals upped to 1100 or something would make sense to me though. This base minerals shouldn't account for any interest strategy as this is personal preference, some people don't go for interest first and they shouldn't be benefiting from short mode bc of it. An alternate way of short mode could be awarding players with additional minerals if they choose interest instead of an element. Ie purchasing 1 interest will gain them additional say 200 minerals etc. This would save players some time doing the first 15 waves if their aim is testing a mid/late game build.
  16. I'll take a look tomorrow, is there a changelog somewhere?
  17. Is that what you'll normally get if you played regular without interest upgrade?
  18. ele

    Support Towers

    Not sure if I agree with you but here goes... Dark Light Nature: Annihilation. Probably the single best non-pure tower in the game, no questions asked. Dark Light Water: Comet. Wannabe annihilation. Fails miserably. Dark Light Fire: Orbit. Doesn't exist. IMO should be a long range aoe fire type. Dark Light Earth: Phaser. Really really meh. I suppose it's decent light damage, which isn't anything to get angry over. Now let's go down the rest of the list. Slow towers--obviously useful in all cases: Supernova (FLN) Plasma (FLW) Spike (DEN) Mire (DEW) Okay, 8 down, 12 to go. Amp towers--all more or less do the same thing, all are pretty useful: Corrosion (DFW) Invocation (ELN) Glacial (ELW) 11 down, 9 to go Short range aoe towers--I don't understand why you'd ever want a short range AoE when you can get more damage from massing obliteration towers: Tsunami (LNW)--this one just sucks like hell because you need to micro its ability and get it once in a blue moon. Sorry, but no bueno. Seism (EFN)--short range, low regular damage, and entirely dependent upon triggering the ability while the creeps are in range. Flamespewer (DEF)--if you do the math in terms of how many stacks of napalm you need to apply to get the damage of one annihilation tower shot, it's slightly less than 38. Divide that by 5, and you have a number between 7 and 8. In other words, to get the damage upon death of ONE annihilation tower, you need eight flamespewers. If that's not garbage, I don't know what is. 14 down, 6 to go. The remaining 6: Blitz tower: tri-elemental and single target? Junk. Temporal tower: See above, now add the fact that it fires slowly, only does 4400 damage on a single target (NOT 45000!), and decreases its damage, and you have a recipe for complete disaster. In other words, if you were planning on using the mold+fountain strategy, your tri-elemental tower blows. Drowning tower: see, with instant kill towers, they're either worth massing in large quantities to reliably instant-kill entire waves, or they're a complete waste of resources. Obviously, the latter in this case. Velocity tower: Even at max range, they do 2124 damage (22/14.5)*1400. So for 6 more range than annihilation towers, you lose splash and the tower becomes far worse as creeps get closer. Wealth tower: I remember in warcraft 3 that this was only earth+light--what the atom tree replaced. Once again--a slow-firing, single target tower is rarely justified. I do not think it is in this case. Hex: Once again...low range, single target, low damage. See, it isn't that the dark+light+X towers outperform everything else. It's that 7 of these are either the very useful slow/amplify damage towers, 6 are just single-target miscellaneous effect junk, and the other 3 try to be an annihilation/comet tower, yet give up all range, have far less effective AoEs, and their two-tower trees also stink. Now hopefully the annihilation tower won't get brutally nerfed by having its damage cut in half. IMO considering that annihilation is mid-long range with 2500 damage and gets support from the masquerade or possibly deceit tower, that's about as good as you can get in this game outside of essence towers. Well yeah a lot of the towers right now aren't balanced to the point that is cost efficient. However, what I mean is that if you want to have a fully up'd dual element support tower (clone, speed, damage) you need to have tier 3 of the 2 respective elements. that leaves you with 5 other options to choose from. What I'm saying is that light+dark+X+X is greatly better than earth+fire+X+X or water+nature+X+X. There doesn't seem to be many good towers with the latter 2 combination. I guess the glacial is a pro tower, but doesn't have much strong towers to support it. Correct me if I'm wrong
  19. ele

    Support Towers

    I think all the support towers are fairly balanced. The problem is that the towers you could choose for the 3 support aren't as balanced. Ie. pure light+dark imo is better than any of the pure earth/fire/nature/water. Also for the triple elements, aside from combinations with light/dark the rest doesn't really have strong towers. I might be wrong, but I did a few test on VH + extra short mode testing triple element towers and I found towers with light+dark outperforms the rest by a noticeable margin.
  20. Yes in-game rewards is a very good idea. Just the simple idea of allowing players to choose different units as their builder is great. Ie, beating the game on normal/hard/very hard would unlock certain units for you. Perhaps further down the road, small bonuses could be awarded to players who beat the game on hard/very hard. Maybe some sort of upgrade or income bonus or start out with a gas etc.
  21. Uhm just a thought, shouldn't replays for this challenge be hidden until the event is over since anyone could just download it and copy exactly what you do o_o
  22. ele

    Support Towers

    Hey, Just wanted to point out something that bothered me while formulating strategies. One of the biggest headaches is looking for combinations that can utilize one of the 3 dual-element support towers. Light+Dark = clone Fire+Earth = damage Nature+Water = speed All of these towers requires tier 3 of each respective elements. I'm not sure if other people agree, but I find light-dark combo being way stronger than the other two. Getting tier 3 of fire+earth or nature+water doesn't seem to be strong enough to get you far. I've never seen it work before, in my opinion the triple element towers for fire+earth and nature+water isn't very strong either. Whereas light+dark+nature = obliteration and light+dark+water = hail, which are two of the strongest and most used triple element towers imo. I will post additional thoughts on this a little later. I'm aware that fire+earth allows you for the wealth tower build, but so far I haven't seen anyone getting tier 3 fire+earth and making it to the end of the game. Discuss Note: I'm only referring to very hard difficulty and I've have made it to the end of very hard lots of times with the light+dark core strategy. Just the other 2 doesn't seem possible/plausible. If anyone have made it to the end with tier 3 fire+earth or nature+water let me know
  23. Hey guys So I've played a tower def back in brood war called poker defense. I'm sure some of you guys have heard about it. Basically, you play poker inside the game and you receive a certain group of units depending on what combination of cards you get. You fight against the waves of units the same as everybody else. After every wave, you get to play poker again to receive another batch etc. Poker in sc works with different type of units representing a card. Ie marine = King Queen=Queen etc. Blackjack mode would work similar.. maybe.. Or blackjack mode could be winning a set amount of minerals/gas for how high your card is (21 = highest and anything past 21 = 0)and you have a few hero units to buy/upgrade from that. These modes could be supplemented by an income system. Most common is scv mining minerals or gas for unit upgrades. Probably would be a fun mode to try =D. Discuss
  24. IMO hail/obliteration is one of the key triple element high damage towers. I've tested some builds with triple elements being core up until wave 50+ and hail doesn't hold up as good as obliteration. In fact, mass grenade towers out performs hail tower with the same investment (1500 minerals). [build was tested on very hard after round 20] I don't think obliteration tower is that overpowered. A slight nerf could be reasonable but hail is really bad =(. A suggestion to rebalance could be adding a sort of manual cooldown similar to the obliteration or increasing the range of the tower. Although range here isn't that big of an issue as there is a damage problem. Obliteration has advantage of splash good vs clumped units, but hail only attacks 3 at max. Makes more sense to me to increase hail damage.
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