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  1. **This is my personal view of the resell feature. Suggestion was made here. This may or may not coincide with opinions of the developers. Resell is intended as an option that offers a different play-style whereas interest upgrade was almost mandatory to be successful late game. There are stages when a player must spend a lot of minerals to avoid leaks because his build is weak against certain elements or abilities(Speed, Image etc). As conventional AP never encouraged selling element towers, his towers become over-efficient. Instead of sitting in his bank as reserve minerals milking additional interests, those towers become over-efficient until the strength of creeps catches up. By offering 100% refund upon selling, tower efficiency can be maintained to be lean so there's less overkill yet no leaks. Players who choose a more aggressive path can sell towers between wave intervals and rebuild them after interest tick over. This maneuver involves some risk because next wave may come pouring in unexpectedly. Pure Element Towers with limited range(Fire, Nature, Water, Earth and Periodic) also come into play. They can be sold then rebuilt to catch up with creeps for constant damage. Players can choose not to utilize resell upgrade just like skipping water element in favor of fire. Since this frees up 1-2 element slots, this opens up possibilities for a more lean hybrid build that can take care of multiple element/ability. Example: A tier-two 3 element tower like Comet costs 5000 minerals. On Very Hard difficulty with 2% interest, selling 4 comet towers before an interest tick-over yields 400 minerals. 400 again if other players are taking longer to complete the wave. Those extra minerals will sit in reserve and keep rolling in additional interests for the remainder of the game. Hmm. How big of a difference in networth did reselling make? I wonder if it's possible now to come up with a non resell build that can efficiently clear through waves of creeps.
  2. Tried the resell feature on VH AP. It kept me on my toes till the very end trying to come up with good tower combination for the next wave. I messed up at wave 59, Ultralisks(Earth) against a bunch of Hail Towers(Light) and lost about 20 lives. lol. Ended up with 85 pts. Not much but I felt I earned all the minerals I piled up at the end. Somewhere between 100k~200k, I can't remember >.> I see more ppl talking about strategies in game. The experience feature is encouraging ppl to play a few more games also, I figure.
  3. Thank you! My early game improved a lot after reading this guide. The section about different use of grenade and ray towers was particularly enlightening. Thumbs up
  4. Yup, confirmed. Random Very Hard can be cleared by just spamming and reselling fire towers each wave. For water waves, just double the number of towers. For nature waves, cut the number of towers in half. Sell, rebuild then rinse and repeat. Also sell pure fire towers not firing and upgrade another tower in hot spot to Pure. Managed grand total of 3 fruit kills lol
  5. ETD v0.83 It might be just me but i still have trouble finding the optimum spot to build this. Creeps just slip past its radius with minor to no damage. I wish the tower's orbit radius could be set shorter or the projectiles' hit box widened or both.
  6. On website's creep section, creeps with ability to create images of themselves are described to have "Normal" ability. e.g Jade Ray(23) and Ghost(38) I believe it's supposed to be "Image"?
  7. Hello I tend to disagree that fire towers are underpowered. If placed on 2 pass positions, fire towers are very cost effective through out the game. In fact, I believe fire tower is the strongest of all elements when massed. I almost finished a random very hard game by just spamming fire towers. My computer crashed when I was about to fill the map with them. /grumble Judging by the networth and wave number, all I had to do for the rest of 3 waves was keep adding more fire towers. I don't think other single element tower can even do that. Light/Darkness combo is mean especially with clone towers. Water/Earth/Nature does feel a little lackluster indeed.
  8. A test build order for Very Hard AP. Refundlvl1 Refundlvl2 DWNL DWN L L This gives by 30th wave: - Flooding Tower(Water) - Hail Tower(Light) - Obliteration Tower(Darkness) Three of arguably the best dps towers. Because of 100% refund, they become completely interchangeable for each wave. Also: - Clone/Spring Towers(Tier 2) for buffs. - Pure Light Tower x 2 by wave 55 Pros: - Players can mass one of the three dps towers to inflict double damage on many waves while eliminating the chance of doing reduced damage. - Mix and match them for other waves like composite creeps. - Sell off towers while waiting for a new wave to arrive to get more interests. - Unlike in random mode, there's no need to wait for planets to align themselves for lucky element spawns. Cons: - Giving up 2 element choices. - Shaky Early game because element picks are delayed until 15th wave. - Shaky Middle game around 40-45th wave having to fend off with just tier 1 three element towers. Of course this is hypothetical. Many other possible variations. What do you think?
  9. I have been playing a lot of random games lately. I recently made a transition from normal difficulty to hard, then onto very hard. Hard difficulty, seems to me, is easier than normal difficulty. The increase in interest rate more than makes up for the increased HP and damage reduction incurred. On some occasions I ended up with 600k+ minerals which is a few times larger than my average networth on normal difficulty playing random. It feels like the new sweet spot for income farming right now. Very Hard difficulty feels more in line in terms of challenge offered. Anyone had similar experiences?
  10. After checking out the new sweet change builder feature, I got an extra SCV off selling a grenade tower at 4:44 mark. Replay attached. Funny thing is, I played horrid trying to use 2 builders at once ETD 0.83 2 builders bug 4min44sec.SC2Replay
  11. Summary so far(skip if you have read the posts above): The proposed change is: - Take out the early generic gameplay involving composite towers and get right into using Element Towers like the map name suggests.(I agree) Because: - It gets repetitive and fall into the same play style everytime.(I agree) But this change will pose problems as pointed out already by forum regulars: - This may cause over-simplification in game-play to a point, seasoned players will find the game boring.(Higgsboson and others). Interest-Reselling is a technique used extensively to gain edge over other players. Without it, Element TD is basically a low APM Tower defense with simple build order and placement(Squad TD??) - Reselling is REQUIRED to play through Hard/Very Hard difficulties.(Megadramon). The amount of minerals gained from killing creeps alone are not enough. That's a good thing IMO. I like the concept of getting right down to the business. I am assuming composite towers still come into play somewhat and game starts from lvl 5-10ish. Suggestions: - As Vyce663 stated, get rid of interest upgrade altogether. We are pigeon-holed into taking this upgrade because it is too good. - Replace it with an upgrade that let you sell element towers for 100% refund. W..Wait! Please hear me out. Consider that players with random option already enjoy this benefit. Naturally, they will get this upgrade for free at start. Why?: - Skilled Players can continue with early reselling, this time, using Element Towers! Clever selection of elements and quick-thinking will net you with extra income at a cost of 1 element choice. - Players who wish to play more conventional all-pick may do so with a wider variety of elements to choose from. - No more bullshit interest upgrade at level 55 for random players - These changes offer a choice in playstyle for all pick mode. Honestly, reselling/adding element towers to optimize cost performance is what makes random mode so dynamic and fun! Why can't AP players have a bit of fun too? p.s Why so much hate on interest hoarding? It's one of the reasons ETD is so unique from the rest.
  12. I did not save whatever error message came up after the crash. Perhaps I did not get one at all When I have some spare time I will try to replicate the crash.
  13. LOL. Silly me. Tsunami is the Chuck Norris of ETD. It can crash the entire game with its round-house kick douse ability. Here's the spec. This one's a few years old. Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium Version: 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 build 6001 System Model: Dell XPS720 Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz、2666 Mhz BIOS Version: Dell Inc. A04, 2007/12/04 Locale: Japan Total Physical Memory (RAM): 2.00 GB Total Virtual Memory: 4.23 GB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX USB Keyboard/Mouse 320G Hard Disc Space
  14. Just as the title says. My friend and I have low-medium end computers. We have been experimenting with Tsunami towers with Well combo. Both of us have never seen the fruit level with this build because at around when we get both towers(w/e the lvl of upgrades), frame rate drops significantly. At some point around lvl 30-50, game crushed. It's happened 3 times for each. I am not entirely convinced what is causing the crush. The last time it crushed, I pressed Tsunami's special ability with well tower buff on.
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