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  1. Should do a challenge top fruit kills VH mode, random pick + chaos. This would be a really tough challenge for the pros oO edit: btw do we get some kind of award for winning any of these challenges? like name on the ele td load screen etc?
  2. Noooooooooo! Why?! Why why why why? Fast mobs screw it over so hard D: I've also been trying replacing nature with water and going for comet instead of annihilation and it just doesn't seem to work anywhere near as well. Yes i also tried comet and it's not comparable both in practice and in theory (math based). The worse part about comet is that it attacks 3 units as an ability that has a cooldown. Even without the cooldown, the comet isn't even close to the tank in terms of damage. Tank maxed out can hit 2.5k on 2 mobs making it around 5k damage average. The comet is 400 damage 0.31 which is around 1200 damage vs 3 targets most of the time. So basically it sucks in terms of mob and it sucks in terms of single target. Useless.
  3. Hey Just thought that the periodic tower should be buffed. Looking for the dps of the tower from the website, it does ~5200 with 1 weapon speed with 12 range. If you compare that with the pure water tower, it has weapon speed of 0.31 with 1875 damage with 12 range. Both have same splash range. If u do the math, the water tower comes out around 6000 damage a second. Way toppling a tower that cost 6 elements to create. The advantage of periodic tower i guess is having neutral damage, but for the purpose of fighting the fruit stage, water tower seems to be the same if not better. Creating 1 of each element for the purpose to making a periodic tower is also costly with minimum benefits from tier 1 towers. If this tower were to be a little stronger, maybe more damage or more range, then it would be a fun strategy to try. Discuss
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