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  1. Exodus

    the new forum

    I tried several times, but it's still the same behavior. I'm using FireFox 3.0.8 and Vista 64 btw.
  2. Exodus

    the new forum

    Excellent . That's great and all, but the problem I mentioned is still there ...
  3. Exodus

    the new forum

    Well, I still have problems with logging in. Seems like the forum won't remember me. Sometimes it does after I click on a forum or thread, sometimes it doesn't (so when I enter the forum I'm not logged in, but after clicking on a forum I am). Deleting cookies didn't help btw. EDIT: oh, and smilies and those wrenches look rather weird on dark skins.
  4. With triggers you can add XP to a hero, even if he's dead.
  5. Well, I don't know how the code looks like ... but does the trigger for the Trickery Tower somehow change the model size of the new, cloned tower? If so, does this still happen, when removing that part or adding a small wait time? As it was said before, you can check the bug with the focused light tower quite easily, since the original model size is way bigger, than the one used in EleTD.
  6. It's updated frequently, but I'm not sure how it works. Even maps, which are hosted only once on Bnet are in the database and available for download.
  7. Exodus

    clone size bug

    Well, the cloned towers obviously have the original model sizes. There are also some towers which are smaller when cloned.
  8. Oh, and I found another thing which kinda belongs to this topic. Someone showed me a series of videos where some guy comments several maps of Wc3. Although it was shown to me, because Battle Tanks was mentioned, in one part even Element TD is commented. You might want to check it out http://revver.com/video/1393365/warcraf ... ew-part-2/ (it starts at about the middle of the video)
  9. /\ Our admin, in case you wondered Yeah, I got some time over the holidays, although I have to start working on BT again :/
  10. Exodus

    My mouse

    I still think the Logitech MX 518 (or the 510) is the best mouse they ever made. It's simple, it's cheap and it works great.
  11. Hey guys, I'm the mapper of Battle Tanks, an AoS-style map. We want to affiliate with you, to help both our communities to grow even further. Url: www.btanks.net icon: http://www.btanks.net/v2/btanks.gif I think both communities will benefit, as both maps are pretty popular on bnet (just look at the other thread I created ) regards Exodus
  12. Ever wondered how popular Element TD really is? There is one site, which shows you how often a map is hosted on each realm in bnet. See here. For some reason EleTD has been hosted quite often today in Northrend ...
  13. Pretty cool flash game.
  14. Exodus

    Flesh Tower - Buggy?

    I can confirm this. The Flesh Golems just shrinks and grows ... my guess would be that the Spring Tower (or whatever the name of the attackspeed increasing tower is) is the cause of this. I think the ability is based on Bloodlust which also increases the unit size and after the effect is over it shrinks again and seems to mess up the golem size.
  15. I used to play it 1 or 2 times a day ... but not anymore ... I just got bored because I won like 90% of my games in -sr and -vh mode. (altough I'm not that good, I completly lack the micro to increase you interest, but for the average public player its enough)
  16. I think its a good idea. Nerf the aoe slow but make it stackable. This slow is too strong atm, this could be a way of balancing it, without making it too weak or even useless.
  17. Exodus

    Ronald Level

    Instead of masses of Ronalds, how about only spawning a few of them? Make them nearly unkillable (very high HP) after they went through your maze display how much damage you did to them. Its way faster and you can compare with other players how strong your build really is.
  18. -EleTD -DotA -Battle Tanks (Aos-like map, mostly played on Northrend)
  19. I also prefer random, but my favourite element for the start would be either earth or fire (splash ftw)
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