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    Interest abuse

    I did that trick and ended up with 10 pures. It felt wonderful, at wave 60 i was like, die m. f´s. , die. I wont try it again anyway...
  2. 0rb3r


    Late, but finally... \Signed
  3. Hi, I´m back to mess around the party. Why in the L name do you want to get rid of slow duals? I´m missing the point on the benefit the player receives for having no slow supporters as duals. Would that be any good at all? I.m.o. duals should have some decent single target supporters to - different way - boost the damage of good damage triples.
  4. You should pm Karawasa about that matter, he may autorize you to translate it and create a greek version.
  5. Yeah, that's it. I'm as well concearned that this system isn't offering much possibilities of strategy and is imbalanced in itself. It's "or you bet on fleshgolems or you don't use them".
  6. 0rb3r

    Hello fellas!

    Wow, that was a bunch of compliments to the game at once. I'm glad you like it. Have a look on our Strategy forum and you'll improve in no time. In the meantime, I welcome you heartily to the forums.
  7. Yeah, sounds good, but it will probably mean that the step between lvl2 and lvl3 duals will have to be more then x4. Well, we will see how it turns out. edited right away, duals, not triples. Thanx Cisz.
  8. I do feel that a maxed out single, dual or triple tower, should be something special, at least, you do require or 6 picks and/or a pure essence.
  9. We always refer to numpad positions, so, 3,6 and 9 are on the right side of the map. If you want to find out more, there is a placement-guide made by Cisz. Link here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=161
  10. so, basically if you have 2 fleshies, 1 at 99 mana and 1 at 96 mana, you immediately get a level up and ONLY 1 of the fleshies is reset to 0 mana? thus, the more fleshies you have the faster they upgrade? This is bad. It wont be worth building fleshies then. Or you have a lot, are overpowered and suck badly on fire waves, or you just dont deal enough damage as you upgrade hell slow. If you manage it to have the fleshies grow at similar pace regardless the amount of them you own (like reseting mana for all fleshies as soon as the upgrade is reached) and make the effort be saved for PA, you get my vote. However, the system will still be a bit confusing imo.
  11. I do see problems on this, still, the option sounds good. How will it exactly work, as soon as an indefinite amount of flesh golems deal let's say 15000 of flesh damage, all will be upgraded to level 2 skill thanks to a permanent upgrade like the damage and armor upgrades worked in the four races in the main campaign (or like old Metal towers did)? If this is the case, I see a "all or nothing"-problem, or you haven't enough fleshies to upgrade or the damage per cost ratio gets too high. This could be solved easily by sharing done damage between all fleshies on the field (flesh damage/amount of fleshies you own, as soon as X is reached -->upgrade). I dislike that the strongest tower is the only one that counts and that your effort won't save up to the lvl2 tier, it is confusing and harms planification. I would suggest that instead of having the strongest Fgolem as "representative", it should give shared mana, making all FG's "representative", which means that the mana for all FGtowers is the same and represents a general damage counter-trigger, as soon as this general counter reaches goal, thus, mana on all FG's reaches 100(%), all FGtowers get upgraded. The damage-counter could be easily saved this way for PA's later on, translating the same damage to PA's with the only difference that PA's need much more damage counted to reach each level (basicsally, FG's and PA's would share the counter and if you have in ex. FG's at level 18, your PA's are at level 3). Please explain it a bit and i will vote. However, to me, the main idea is fully acceptable. P.S: FG=FleshGolem , PA=PatchworkAbomination
  12. So, basically what you did on: Is an average and standart derivation of all possible builds of "u"(dam/sec//gold) using known damage output and cost. Am I right? What I don't get is how you manage to know the dam/sec, are you ignoring range and location? Just being horribly curious about it.
  13. Well, it deals 3000 damage, not much but still something. Anyways, what do you think about the idea of making the chance% improving on collateral support damage after 2,5 secs?
  14. Why dont we apply instakill chance after 2,5 secs? Like: (Damage received during 2,5 secs after hit)/current hp it would do stack with woodoo and add a strategical tweak to higher hp levels when the drowning tower damage is just too weak.
  15. Corpse explosion sounds to me more like a triple. It really wouldn't harm to be a bit more specific on what exactly the tower will do to decide. But let me clue on the fact that Flamethrower needs a redesign as well and is not working out properly right now using corpse explosions.
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