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  1. Lizarb

    Alpha Signup

    EU Lizarb.173 Would love to check this out. (Been away for a looong time lurking, some might remember me. I was one of a few danish guys that supplied a w3/tft key license)
  2. Lizarb

    Element TD 4.0

    gratz on getting 4.0 out. I know its been alot of work.
  3. Lizarb

    the new forum

    the main reason I like this forum over the old is that the sections are 10x easiers to navigate between. With the old forum you really had to be carefull that you were in the correct section. The crosslinking between the sections in the old forum was confusing.... atleast to me. I like the new forum because it acts more like other forums. If that makes sense.
  4. Lizarb

    the new forum

    I just wanted to say that I like it
  5. Lizarb

    New Terrain

    quick post to clarify, i still think you did a good job Void. I also like the idea with one theme for each area. If you redo it, maybe just do 1 area first?
  6. Lizarb

    New Terrain

    my first two thoughts 1: Neat looking! 2: Where do I build? The first big problem I see is the smooth slope between the areas where you can build and the walking path. Its hard for the eye to seperate them since the slope is so smooth. On the regular map its easy to see where you can build because of grass areas with the sharp edges around it made out of stone. So you both have the color difference and the hard edge. I value that you are trying to add some eyecandy, but there is a very thin line between too much eyecandy and a usefull UI. Three suggestions: 1: Make the slopes razor sharp again. This is the main reason I think its hard to see where to build. 2: No trees between infront of a builing area. The ones infront of area 7 is a good example. Either keep the trees to a short size, or keep them to the north side of a building area. South of a building area tends to block the view. 3: Be carefull with adding too many doodads. Fixing 1+2 might mean that doodads aren't that big a problem. Lastly, the new icons. They are beautifully made, i'm worried they aren't iconic enough but that might be that I just need to get used to them. Maybe all that is needed is to tone down the colors behind the symbols a little bit. To make a bigger contrast between the symbol (arrow/shield/ect) and the background.
  7. took me 20-30 attempts before I started beating normal diff, extra short. Can mainly complete normal diff it if I get level 2-3 tri-tower. Had a Soul Catcher + waterfall game that bugged out after 700+ ronalds yesterday.
  8. guess allrandom because I play mostly offline. Don't have the guts to show my lack of skills online.
  9. Hello peeps I thought it was about time I signed up here. Been playing EleTD on and off for a long time and reading the forums also. I'm not really sure for how long I have been playing EleTD but ca. 2 years or more maybe. EleTD was just one of the few high quality maps that i fell over at some point. I think I'm somewhat of a novice player still, haven't beat VH 4.0 PB. I tend to play short all random games. Guess thats all for now.
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