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  1. Excellent. Very glad that we've finally reached this point. I have been waiting for a real Starcraft 2 map to play for some time now. After I've played it a couple of times I'll be sure to post some feedback.
  2. Ghan_04

    Nature Orb

    No, I don't see any problems. I just wanted to make sure this was indeed a tower idea and not something else you were cooking up.
  3. Ghan_04

    Nature Orb

    This is something we want for a tower?
  4. Ghan_04

    Tower Wars

    - One page per element type on the summoning building. - Summoning new elementals increases your level of sendable creeps. Those sound good?
  5. Well, I don't think a replay is going to be possible. When I quit the game, there was no option to save the replay, and as you can see, the game won't ever end....
  6. I didn't stun them at all, really. Slowed them, but didn't stun them. Well, let's try this. http://www.hiveworkshop.com/resources_n ... c8a43046a/ This is the save file. I was playing with someone else at the start, but he didn't get as far as I did. My point is, that you will probably have to load it up as a LAN game to get it to work. Though, you don't need anyone to join.
  7. Certainly. Sorry I didn't do that earlier. Ronalds.jpg
  8. Well, in a sense, yes. I managed to arrange it (I don't know how) so that all of the Ronalds would get stuck in the entrance and none would come down the track anymore. However, this only happened after I had killed about 1028 of them or so. I'm not sure what causes it, but this definitely seems to be a bug. I was only playing on Easy difficulty at the time. I would upload the save game file, but it's about 16 MB, so I can't really do that....
  9. Here's kind of my line of thinking: This represents some kind of warfare/fighting/war, right? Usually there are commanders below the general of the army, right? They can make decisions, yes? I'm thinking that the towers should have at least a little bit of a brain that tells them what to do so that "God" (the player) does not have to tell every last little insignificant solder what they need to do. Does that make sense?
  10. > I'm against that. I knew that you probably would be. I'm attempting to get more realistic gameplay, in a way. An option for some (probably fast-firing) towers to "spread" their attacks would be good, too. They attack a different target each time.
  11. I don't know about you, but I don't like microing towers. I want to win through strategy. And I think towers should be smarter than they are. So! In light of this, I was thinking it would be good for towers to be "smart" enough to, for instance, hit units that DON'T already have cold on them, in the case of frost towers. Maybe this could be an option that could be turned on/off for each tower? Thoughts?
  12. But I have to leave the game and create a whole new one. Boring. Has the idea been considered to create a reset function instead of immediately declaring that you won/lost and exiting? This would be only for single player, obviously....
  13. Yes, I've been around here a while. Though you wouldn't know it by my posts. But. I've never introduced myself. I'm not new to Eletd, but I've never played it online and I don't think I've ever even played Extreme Mode (yet). But I'm interested in the new version and that's why I'm here. I want to see what will happen. I am well versed in the World Editor, Triggering, and some JASS, so I usually know what I'm talking about when it comes to ways and means for Eletd. And no, my location does not lie. I am an administrator on thehelper.net, which is an excellent source for World Editor help and has taught me quite a bit. But enough of the advertisement. So, here I am, and I'll be floating around. Keeping an eye on Eletd.
  14. Ghan_04

    Tidal Tower

    > yes but then the ability gets wasted alot on one creep, you only wanna use it when it can potentially hit maximum number of targets. That could easily be triggered to check for other units, though.
  15. Yes, yes, I know about Game Interface, too. And if it WAS in there, (didn't know for sure, remember) then I would know for certain that you could do it since you can enter any text you want there. > I watched you link, and how da did you manage to post over 6000 posts?!?! Time. And much posting.
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