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  1. Wow, after not having been here for a couple of years, I'm suprised that not only do the forums still exist, there even is something to look forward to! I'll keep an eye on the development
  2. Haha, hey Kara, you might want to create a sticky, where you describe on how to get the latest map (and put a link to it into every changelog ) @kvic: just go and play the map online. You'll automatically get the latest one.
  3. (insufficent memory for this command) There are several other messages before this one comes up. Like: trigger function does not exist in database: eratorCompareUnitCode, oldUnit, h016, etc. And just like before, I'm using NewGen 5d.
  4. I don't like the fact, that the units, that are running around at the edge of the area are visible on the map. It's kinda distracting. I believe there is an option to turn this off, right? Apart from that, I like the designs. It sure comes in handy, that you are able to use elements from all tilesets.
  5. Dunno if it's just me, but I can't open the map, neither with the standard editor, nor the NewGen one (the editor crashes).
  6. Whoops. I misread that :/ Carry on then. Nothing to see here. EDIT: oh and I just copied the version number, since I didn't know which one I had Also, you can read both version numbers, 0.0 and 0.5 somewhere in the map so I was kinda confused which one to use.
  7. Exodus


    I think the current topic format is very messy. Everyone names their thread something like "Bugs" or "My bug list". Imo this isn't very helpful for Kara when searching for new bugs and also for others who want to report their own bugs. I came here to report something and had no clue, whether someone else already mentioned it. So I'd suggest only opening one thread with one bug report, which is also mentioned in the thread title. Something like: "[v0.5] Some creeps have no health bar" This would be way more helpful for me when reporting and I guess it would also be better for Karawasa.
  8. Exodus

    Alpha Signup

    Wow. A lot of people showed up, just for the alpha Exodus - 380 EU Like I said, I'd like to give feedback to get the best that is possible out of this map.
  9. Well then, I'm looking forward to what may come out of it. Btw, may I ask if you are working alone on it, or do you have a group of people on that project?
  10. So, you are saying, that you are neither developing Wc3 EleTD, nor SC2 EleTD ... but you are developing EleTD?
  11. I'd say we take the core of the game and implement this into the new game. A total copy won't be possible I guess, but it's also not necessary. For example, I think it would be better, to create the game in a way, which involves more competition between all players. If this is considered from the beginning, the result will be much better, than with those additional modes we saw in the Wc3 version imo. TDs tend to become repetitive after a while, because everyone just focusses on his own build and soon he'll find his 'perfect' build and gets bored. This can be changed be either constant balance changes and new content (like up till now), or by adding interaction with the other players, which will result in more unique single games, which is also better for the motivation to keep on playing. At least, that's what I think
  12. Well, I guess this is going to be difficult. The engine does not offer that much, concerning the elemental theme. Well, we got a 'Firebat' ... and yeah. There won't be that much models to import in the near future, too. I hope you planned this through Karawasa Otherwise it may would have been wiser to stay with the Wc3 version and to observe what is possible with the Sc-Engine and the available models and icons, before completly converting to the other game.
  13. The SC2 editor offers way more options to mappers, than the Wc3 one. Especially the data editor is way more complex. They even made custom scripting with the editor more difficult, so you either have to use the GUI (which is also way better now), or import Galaxy scripts (which is the new coding language). Right now nobody really knows the editor very well, so it takes some time getting used to it. Especially when trying to create a hero system, you soon realize that it's not as easy as one might think.
  14. I already started making a map for SC and it's extremely time intensive. Considering the time Karawasa spends on updating EleTD, he can't do it. Element TD is a complex map, with lots of content, balancing, etc included. To make something simliar for SC you'd have to spend weeks/months to be able to get something equally good (we don't want to ruin the good reputation EleTD earned on Wc3, now do we?). The best thing to do, would be recruiting a teams, which takes care of different things (implementing the code base, terrain, towers, whatever). But somehow the community has become kinda quite and inactive, so this might be difficult. On a sidenode: you don't need a beta key to use the editor. You just need to somehow get the client, that's all
  15. Well, since Element TD has 4 computer players and there should be at least one player in the game, you have 5 characters to encode your mode, which is already a lot to work with. You could also use bit codes. For example: 1 is pick, 2 is all random, 4 is same random, 8 is very easy, 16 is easy, 32 is normal, etc. ... and then add these numbers. With 5 digits you can save 16 pieces of information this way ... if I'm not mistaken. You just have to be creative
  16. Hi guys, I came accross this problem, because I also wanted implement this into my Battle Tanks map (and I already did it). I don't know if you heard anything about this, but there always has been the problem, that host bots can't choose a game mode for the host, even if the game modes are entered via text messages (e.g. -ar, -ap or whatever). A solution to this problem has now been developed. The host bots can now encode the game mode via player handicaps. For each player (or computer player) in the game, you can encode one letter or number. The map makers only need to import a small chunk of code into their map and they are able to read out this code. This is especially handy, when a host bot hosts league games for example, this way you can make sure, that everyone is playing the same game mode. Further information can be found there: http://forum.codelain.com/index.php?PHPSES...amp;topic=644.0 Of course, there has to be some kind of arrangement between host bots and the map itself, so the bots encode a mode, the map is able to understand. But it's pretty easy to implement. Maybe this is useful for you guys.
  17. Well, the title pretty much explains it. I think this text tag vanishes way too fast. You have nearly no chance of seeing how much interest you got, when your builder (or the interest picks) is not on your screen. I think the tag should at least last twice as long or better, even longer.
  18. Well, congrats to the 2nd place in Northrend
  19. At least in Northrend the public beta still seems to be more popular than the final version ... maybe that'll change with 4.1 On another note, MapGnome now enables you to open the map archives, meaning that everyone can take a look at the (optimized and therefore harder to read) source code of any map. I already contacted MapGnome about this, but they don't want to change this :/
  20. Ok, this is getting kinda offtopic now, maybe split the topic? I think you misunderstood my point. I'm not complaining about the boss itself, he's fine. I just wondered why you get the pure, without even killing him, just like it's working with any other elemental boss.
  21. Yeah, you can use any of them. And I'm pretty sure I got the pure after Kara's essence finished it's first round. But even if it's true what you said .... what's the point? Why is there a boss, when I don't need to kill it, in order to gain the pure?
  22. Well, the maximum array size is 8192. Do you really use bigger arrays?
  23. In my first public game with the final version every player got 9 (!) tower builder and also 9 Elemental Summoning Centers. I believe this has something to do with the option, that every player can choose everything himself, because during that time I got my tower builders. There were also heavy performance problems, especially when Elementals died, but I guess this is because of all the Summoning Centers. Replay attached. You can also see, that I (red) randomed one pure on level 55, but even though I didn't manage to kill it in the first run (yeah, I sucked that game), I got the pure when it went through the portal. Replay_2009_04_23_1808.w3g
  24. Exodus

    the new forum

    Ok, issue resolved. Seems like an old bookmark caused this. It still directed me to "www.eletd.com/forum".
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