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  1. Hey! I'm back! I just got a new record (1.5 mil) and I was wondering if you could add the latest 1.17 version to filtrate the top 100 list... all top scores are from 1.16 i believe!
  2. I have now used to convergence of strategies that uses all elements until lvl 25 then one super tower which you get as soon as you can sell all your towers and then just sit around gathering income and using light/darkenss to lvl 3.. works wonders! 1.4 mil
  3. Hey! Could you add a time limit to the ranks because most high score top 5 etc is a year ago and im not certain thouse scores are attainable anymore!
  4. At what point in the rankings does normal game give away to cheating? I'm placed 435 and am not a cheater... Is it possible im top 10?
  5. https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/matches/4767763241 Try this strategy! 942k score and 0.3 percentile!
  6. Continued along the lines of building towers. I achieved a new score of 900k and I'm now 0.3% on the 1.17 version. https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/matches/4767763241 These scores are actually valid compared to all the toplist ones who where cheaters in 1.16!
  7. I have several times tried to create the best combo. I have tried getting 3 3 3111, 2-2-2-1-2-2 etc. My best comes from 222-111 and two mangoes. It is most important that you get the final tower and as many as you can. Second advice is to build slow tower to accommodate their damage. It is hard because then i get to little damage and lose lives before i get super tower but in my best estimate i had 10 lives by the time i for my first super tower at 40 or 45 and made it to lvl 7 frogs.
  8. Hello! Are these rankings based on the dota 2 version because its almost impossible to improve. I have 780k score and am 3.4k rank. What do you think can be expected of this score? /Frogkiller
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