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If you only had one wish...

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In this thread, post the most important thing you would like to see for 4.0.

Only one suggestion per post, only one post per user.

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Guest GipFace

More custom switches. But you knew that already.

I'll edit this post from time to time with my custom switch suggestions.

Looking forward to that list. -Karawasa


All switches should be two characters like DotA switches. This makes listing multiple switches in a game name more convenient.


I believe there should be preset difficulty switches. This will make games easy to pick and choose. These switches should replace single letter switches like -h and -e.

-d0 = -ve -hero -bg

-d1 = -ve -hero

-d2 = -e -hero

-d3 = -n

-d4 = -h

-d5 = -h -allextreme

-d6 = -vh -cw

-d7 = -vh -sr -nw

-d8 = -vh -allextreme -sr

-d9 = -vh -allextreme -sr -dw -ni -x9 (I want a near-impossible preset)

-dx = Players choose difficulty and only the difficulty (very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard)

Putting -ar with -d7 to -d9 will override -sr. -d7 should be the standard tournament setting.


-ar Allrandom Mode

-sr Samerandom Mode

-hm Hero Mode (replaces -hero)

-cm Chaos Mode (replaces -chaos)

-ex Extreme Mode (replaces -allextreme. This is not -em because most people associate -em with DotA's easy mode)

-qm Quick Mode

Game starts at level 31 with 6 lumber, 20 life, and $4000 (on VH). The first six picks will not summon an elemental. Interest is disabled until after level 31 is completed. If -sr and -ar are combined, the picks are given to you. This would provide consistent sub-30 minute games, something that is sorely needed in EleTD. Plus, the first 30 levels are BORING.

-pm Panic Mode

This one is for the hardcore micro players! All towers have a 20-second life span. After 20 seconds, the tower is destroyed and your money is refunded. Upgrading a tower renews the timer. Sell is disabled. Cannot be used with -ns.

-bg Big Game Hunter Mode

All towers are available from the beginning. Pick is disabled. Who says I don't cater to noobs?

-x# Decoy Mode

# is from 1-9. Spaces 1-9 decoys evenly throughout the map, which then run around. These decoys are invulnerable and status immune and only serve to mess up the targeting of your towers. Leaking them won't cause life loss, obviously. Decoys should be air units so that they do not interfere with the creeps. All towers must be able to shoot air, then.

-pe Perfection Mode

Leak and you lose. No gaining life.


-ni No Interest

Interest and interest picks are disabled.

-ns No Sell

Selling gives you no money back, and is used only for self-razing. Cannot be used with -pm.


Only one of these can be set per game!

-nw No Wait

Equivalent to "rush mode" in Sprout TD. Next level starts as soon as one player finishes. This mode would be very interesting with mixed difficulty games (-dx).

-sw Solo Wait

Equivalent to the spawning rules in Mini TD. Players finish levels at their own leisure. Next level begins as soon as the current level finishes. There is no Ronald level; the winner is the person who finishes the game first. Picks will not summon an elemental.

-cw Constant Wait

This was the -k suggestion I posted earlier. The next level starts after 40 seconds, no ifs, ands, or buts.

-dw Doomsday Wait

There is no wait timer. Levels stream nonstop. Picks will not summon an elemental. Pros only!

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Guest Sancdar

A release date.

(seriously, I thought you were aiming for last Friday for the next beta)

Uh...no DotA abilities, or abilities stolen from other maps for that matter.

I realize that the release date (for Beta2) has been pushed back a few times. What is holding back the release, is the delay in getting things coded. In this area, I have little control. Take solace in the fact that we now have a new coder, and that things are now moving along. -Karawasa

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Guest Warcryptic

My wish?

More fun then 3.0 thats all i can ask. 3.0 is still fun but it gets old after a while.

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Credit note of the slots in more to have observers, If with the release of the version 4.0 there is a system of ladder set up it could be very interesting to have slots reserved for observer as well as for the tournaments


I thought that genies gave 3 wishes lol


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Guest mrchak

An award would be nice... Recognition from Blizzard...

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I want so much.. :roll:

But the most important to me is:

The map should become competitive. I wish it would be possible to play pick on a high level with 4 builds or more beeing valid. And eletd going olympic ofc.. ;)

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Guest left.side

Standardize a competitive mode and balance the gameplay specifically for it. Perhaps using some sort of random draft for elemental picks.

It's nice to have a plethora of other difficulties/game types, but most will end up being used in games where balance isn't such an issue.

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Hmm my only wish?? I need to thing about this.......DO'H.. I used my only reply. :cry:.

Or maybe I will make a new one :twisted: Muhahaha :twisted:

(Draft mode: You have random but you pick 8 (more or less)

element(s) 50% (more or less) of these will come in your game.)

(Same Draft mode: All have same random but all of the players will choose 1 element and 50% (more or less) of these will be randomed.)

(Sell refound 90%-100%? If an element is choosen several times it will raise the chance of getting the element AnD the same element level 2

(Or you could have vice versa Some elements is being randomed and you can pick of thoose)

Or something like this.

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Guest hyperprimate

I’d like to see a complete redesign of the difficulty settings.

Some of the variables that we have to play with:

  • * Starting money

* Bounty per creep killed

* Number of creeps per wave

* Hitpoints

* Armor

* Movement speed

[…] playing ve makes the game boring

because you have less money, so you can't build as much different towers

This is of course very bad, we don’t want the game to be less fun for beginners, do we? Same amount of money across all difficulties would make the game more beginner-friendly and make it more straightforward for beginners to learn the game at an easier difficulty setting and move up to harder ones as they get better.

To adjust the income to be the same across all difficulties you could do two things, either have the same number of creeps per wave, or change the bounty per creep to make the total income per wave the same. As stated by Cisz in the old forum less creeps per wave does not make the game easier. So my suggestion is the former alternative.

There are three main ways to make the game harder; increasing hitpoints, increasing armor and increasing movement speed. By having more armor at harder difficulties you essentially make armor reducing towers more powerful at harder difficulties, and by increasing movement speed you make slowing towers more powerful at harder difficulties. This is made very clear by extreme mode in 3.0 where armor reducers and slowing towers are totally imbalanced (not to mention instakill towers, but that’s another story). I’m not saying we should balance the map for extreme mode; I’m just using this as an example. My point is that the best way to differentiate the difficulty settings but at the same time keep the relative strength of towers intact is to just change the hitpoints. So armor, movement speed, number of creeps per wave is the same regardless of difficulty.

In 3.0 the standard difficulty once you learn the game is very hard. It should be normal in my opinion. Also, I think that extreme mode should be a difficulty setting, not an independent mode. It makes no sense to play extreme unless you are on very hard. Very easy extreme is just silly. To not confuse people too much with these changes there shouldn’t be the new very hard, since old very hard is the new normal :P Maybe something simple like this would work:

  • * Easy

* Normal

* Hard

* Extreme

This is just my view, and there probably better ways to design the difficulty settings. But I think it’s an important issue that should be discussed.

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Guest Cataras

Now my wish: Make life gaining towers less effective on RACE mode. Being faster 30 waves just to see all the other players regaining their lifes at wave 24 or 30 just doesnt seem to be fair and in my humble opinion ruins the aspect of race mode.


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Guest 1mpulse

short simple... the ability to change cannon and arrow elements with one click

gg micro, but noobs to the game wouldnt think of rebuilding towers for counters unless it was in front of them. plus im lazy.

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In this thread, post the most important thing you would like to see for 4.0.

Only one suggestion per post, only one post per user.

(If possible)

A new selection at the beginning, like:

- 100%

- 80%

- 65%

- 50%

or so. 50% would mean:

- every [elemental] tower costs half price

- every [elemental] tower has half the damage (both shot and magic)

Why? In a usual game, even on VH I build 5-10 towers until level 45. Simply because there is no cash. It is even more problematic on non-random. Therefore I usually choose to use the same towers (somewhat acoording to the newly found power list of GipFace in the strategy forums). So... it is boring. Always: start with steam, then storm, then ice, then level 2, then some pure, and won.

So, it's not in order to make it easier, but in order to see more varying towers. For fun.

To note: 50% makes it easier, because you can buy a half-price tower, too, so it's not a decision to [wait or build], you can get some towers sooner. Therefore, it should be global, only if the host decides.

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That option would scale badly with special abilities. Slow? Armour reduction? Disable?

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That option would scale badly with special abilities. Slow? Armour reduction? Disable?

Slow & armor reduction are the same in my head: make it shorter. Disable should have a lower percentage itself, so if you have twice the towers, then you should get the same result (theoretically).

Of course it's also possible to tweak to the square root: 71% time and 71% probability. But that may be more difficult to implement. The idea behind the simple amount is, that - like in case of the creeps - it may be possible to build an array of towers (in the initialization procedure), and then, according to the selection, it could be changed very simply.

If I would be pleased to do something, I would at first just half every damage I see, and check it out. It may also prove madness because of the distributed fire (the ability to long-pass decreases) - just in case of a private challenge called "no level 2 or above".

Anyway, I only want to solve the same problem, that other guys (and sometimes me) want these ways:

- more levels

- an option to get levels more often (every 5, 4, 3)

- an option to get extra, random levels (extra element at every 20)

- ronalds giving cash & perhaps the ability of extra levels

- increased number of creeps (either with a constant amount or a function like 29 + levelnumber)

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Guest CzarDragon

I just want triple towers to have a 3rd level and what electron said about ronald cash.

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Guest 1mpulse
I just want triple towers to have a 3rd level

unfortunately wont happen, would only make the game easier than it is.

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Guest Timberwolf

Most of the serious gameplay altering suggestions have already been made so I'll throw out one frivilous extra minor feature thingy:

I want to be able to change which faction's music plays in the background with a command like "-music" or something. Some of us like the night elf music, damnit!

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Guest CzarDragon
It's unfortunate for you!

Well Karawasa said that there is no limit to what ideas we can post up, so...

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Guest Unimatrix

A tower that works kind of like a spell book, so that you'd have to spam attacks with hotkeys, and you'd have to assign every tower with SHIFT+1(or CTRL+1), SHIFT+2, SHIFT+3 etc. to deal the most amount of damage in the shortest time, although this should have been posten in the thread with tower suggestions.

Oh, these towers would have cooldown on theses spells, and simply give the upgraded towers the next skilllevel of these spells (easily done by triggers baby).

(I haven't seen any TD with anything alike, sorry if it's already taken.)

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Allow all elemental arrow/cannon towers to switch between elements without having to rebuild the whole tower. Another way to put it is: allow us to toggle which element is active for cannon/arrow towers, without rebuild/reselling the tower.

For example: You have Earth Cannon and you want to make them Light Cannon. Give the Earth Cannon free "upgrades" to the Light Cannon option. Assuming you have the required Elements.

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