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  1. Nice job Guys ^^ i m very happy to playing this one ty and GL HF
  2. I am again here, and very happy that all this continues. I will closely monitor the consequences of the project. See you soon Karawasa
  3. ocmassreo


    u welcome to the community ^^
  4. what is u re antivirus and u re firewall ?
  5. welcom in the community ! Have fun in the forum and with the map see u soon on northrend
  6. i think on the site they are explain for lvl difficulty and commands for host "sr or ar" but they are no details for explain what is the differents mode yes cataras, I think that he wants to know details of the diferents moodes race/exteme/ect...
  7. again and again arff two games played two games creeps dont com one vh sr one vh ar no creeps comes one lvl 16 and second lvl 9 on the second creeps block on the corner too on lvl 3 if u want replays i have but its not fun lol begin again and again ^^
  8. I thus have some preoccupations with a health in this moment and I was hospitalized this week I prevents with the case or I would miss a few days I have problems of back too many times behind my pc maybe
  9. i try with 16 players name of players (a,b, ......o, p) Test 1
  10. ocmassreo

    Hey Ya'lls

    welcome on the element td forum ^^ hope see u soon for a game ^^
  11. the map is on private beta testing for fixe all news on this map if u read all the forum u learn many think for this participate and if u're on europeen server come on the clan etd for play somes games the community are very fun and like to play with people who like element td map hope see u soon for a game ^^ and dont forgoten soon a very good tournament
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