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  1. Nice thanks! At the moment #1-4 of the classic leaderboards are still all false positives. Also, #15,49,63,69,94,175,217 -- they all go past wave #72 in-game and have less than 100 Frog kills, yet the number of Frogs that should be killed by wave #65 is 300.
  2. Hi again =D Please delete every match on the classic leaderboard above Bercut32 1,374,875 points as they are clearly end-game bugs. This is obvious from the low difficult and impossibly large Boss Wave # combined with very few frog kills. Anyone achieving a score over 1,000,000 on anything other than insane or very hard had their game end in a bug that releases all the boss waves right away even though they hadn't killed their current boss wave. I randomly found this bug simply by playing Challenge Mode on normal. The same bug didn't happen with challenge mode on insane. Hopefully an easy fix? Thanks Also, would be cool if the leaderboards recorded net worth.
  3. 47:17 Won't get much faster with this strat. SpeedRun 47_17.w3g
  4. A very poor attempt but apparently the only attempt thus far. $DEF 50:42 Was the replay time. SpeedRun 50_42.w3g
  5. I just realized I didn't use any triple towers either.
  6. I love a good challenge, this one took me a few tries because I stupidly leaked on some early levels like 3-4 times. Very Hard, Extreme Mode, No leaks. I didn't use the recently famous $$DFE, instead I used my own build which I haven't seen much of at all. $ENW seems much better personally. Also, I believe a certain Beta Leader was hatin on Mushroom towers. Looks like they're just fine. Give it a try EleTD _vh Extreme 41 Ron _ENW.w3g
  7. Honestly I think there should be only a few Challenge winners, perhaps a set time for a challenge such as this, because as time goes on, there will be like 15 Challenge winners. Unless the challenge is especially hard and worthy of a title for anyone that completes it any time after. Maybe even stick with the Innovative strategy idea. As long as the strategy used is new, its worthy of a title. Scenario: 2 months down the line, someone completes the challenge with 3 elements no leaks no interest. It's pretty impressive. Does he still get the Challenge title? What if it wasn't innovative?
  8. $$DEL I feel this version is perhaps... too hard. I don't even want to use slow, it seems like a poor choice, especially since they are only 7% for the first while, then when they get to higher percentages you leak healing levels. Challenge _1.w3g
  9. Hey hey, my legacy lives on in this topic. heh
  10. Shredders, Wisps, Spirits of Vengence, Demolisher, Glaive Thrower, and Watery Minion are the hardest levels. Shredders are just ridiculous. Wisps, Spirits and Demolisher's are the hardest point in the game for me, because that is my transition to a Monsoon tower. It has to be executed perfectly. The two levels leading up to the transition are super hard, and right afterwards you NEED that Monsoon tower for the Demolisher's. Glaives can be deadly if you aren't prepared because you only have one type of level 2 - Three Element tower, and by level 55 you need the Periodic, that was my mistake one game. I leaked at level 55.
  11. That is completely luck based though. I don't like having to restart because I got Light 3 on level 30 for example. Chaos mode maybe... but once again that is mostly luck. If you can get the Shredders and the Deathknights on levels 6-15, that makes it much easier for later on. 13est, you beat it on regular then? What towers you use?, you got replay?
  12. That's the water level right? Ya I donno, I think that one I ended up "selling/rebuilding" pretty bad with regards to interest. I would have to build just as many cannons as arrows, it would amount to the same amount of interest selling.
  13. Very Hard, Extreme Mode, No Leaks. Basically Challenge #4, using the new version. I worked on it for about a week, doing it once every couple days. Got it tonight. I challenge anyone else to do it, it makes you feel like a true Element TD master. Hardest thing I've accomplished with this TD. ShaveTheWhales_4.0_vhex_NoLeak_182Ron.w3g
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