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[New Mode] Tower Wars Mode

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another pop-up-idea for a mode.

imagine to play tower wars in ElementTD. Element Tower Wars.

Perhaps not you, but afaik, many others are appreciating the concept of the mapstyle Tower Wars, and that'd be really cool to have as a game mode in EleTD.

The concept goes like this, for thus who didn't know: everyone gets a creep summoning center where they may summon any creep they want from the game, at different costs, that enter the opponent next to them. In all current TW's afaik, the same gold is used to build towers as the gold used to summon units. gold bounty for kills, and "income" from sending. (income= if you send a creep for 100g and it has teh income 10, that means you will receive 10 gold per second for the rest of the game, increasing the income for each creep sent).

The concept is neat and competetive, perhaps not all "fair" (a bit like SW where all could focus on killing one guy) but should go really well with random mode, where with this mode, not only the defense would be adjusted depending on the creeps, also the creeps would be adjusted depending on defense. also would it go well with team mode, I guess :)

It would be a trick to balance but - I'd say a nice mission for 4.x.

We would not have to keep asme gold for building as for sending(the center could have mana), and we would not have to keep the income system. I think that the sending player adjust the spacing is np at all, it's up to the defender to be able to handle both tight and loose. summoning would though take like 0.3 sec, so min spacing is 0.3 sec or any other number, current is a bit above 0.5. (due to this, new creeps will be available suring sending, so cap could be at 20 or something like that) it would also be a max stock of 30 creeps available to hire, and they'd reset perhaps 1 creep/sec. all types of creeps sharing the same cap and cooldown. so - you buy 30 of one type, you have to wait 30 sec to buty 30 new even though of a different type.

One of the tricky things is to avoid the ability of a player to not save up money for 60 sec and then send units that are alot stronger than teh receiver would be able to defend from. ofc there has to be sending tricks, effective to surprise and stuff, but not "cheats" that are that simple. also it'd be dangerous if the player behind someone does not send, then that player could instead of building, send for all him money, sending super hard creeps at the opponent.

Hard thing - how to determine a winner and how to determine when lumber is awarded. lumber every... x minutes? every new digit of gold? buy your elements? tough question and something to work on too, I think minutes should work really well though.

The other prob was - what to do when the players left can afford 30 evil children but none dies? shall ronald enter the map at a specific time? or perhaps at a specific summoning cost?

Rest of the development of this idea will probably wait 'til 4.0 is released. But what do you guys think? =)

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Sounds like Line Tower Wars. (Surprise Surprise)

I like this idea.

Hard thing - how to determine a winner
Last man standing.

how to determine when lumber is awarded. lumber every... x minutes? every new digit of gold? buy your elements?
Every x minutes sounds ok. But I like the idea of buying the Elements.

Another question: Whats about leaked creeps:

a) They'll run in the circle.

B) They'll spawn for the next player.

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creeps run again imo, not to the next maze. else this would happen:

player a sends 30 medium strong creeps at player b. player b doesn't build any towers but saves all his money. 30 sec later when player b begins leaking he sends 30 strong creeps at player c, timed with the creeps from player a that he leaked.

I guess that's a bad thing.

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Guest Void

Possibly the only problem is that no matter what elements you build (unless you take them all) your enemies will only spawn the ones that have improved defense against your towers.

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that means he'll send of the type that is from 1 to 10 levels weaker than current strongest possible sending unit. if he does - you could always vary your defense, or if on random, build towers after he sent! but indeed is a problem we need to keep in mind to not get it a too powerful and easy to use strategy.

I'm not sure about hidden terrain... perhaps that could be fun.. perhaps the option to decide upon hidden/nonhidden terrain?

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Guest DevouringOne

But your opponents will try every type of creeps and when they see that you leak on a cutain type they will start sending this elemental type creeps.

But the idea is brililiant, perfect and just burfect

This will make the map even more popular :)

We have to think about putting in hero mode again and there's a little chance a 100% addicted to dota player to enter in game named eletd gooo...

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hehe, funny, that before I clicked the "todays active topics, I went into this subforum, and found every topic to have the unread posts icon. I thought it was the new forums that had failed me again, but this time, it was that all were just bumped :P and ya, time to reconsider. I have been thinking about this idea, and it should not be that hard.

what needs to be done though is

I know nothing about the coding bit of how to make no creeps spawn but instead spawn when called by players.

It should be really easy to summon creeps by having one summoning structure, that has 10 buttons for summon creep (each one for a different creep) and one button for next 10 creep, and one button for previous 10 creeps. the next and previous buttons are simply abilities that changes all the abilities of the building. (preferably that than having it upgrade/downgrade the building, cause that would ruin if the summoning structure is bind to a hotkey.

Balance.. this was a long time ago and I need to look into it to figure again if it's balanced, and how big part of a player's moey should come from sending resp. killing units. would there be a cap of how you wanna send your units? will players be allowed to see the defence of the one they're sending at?

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i just love this idea, i really like tower wars style (i love playing "tropical tower wars")

is really a good way to diversific the old tower defense style, making more competitive on multiplayer

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Guest soyamilks

I also like playing tower wars (especially line tower war)

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So, I've been thinking some lately of how the tower wars mode would be put together.

The Gold

In element TD we use creep bounty and Interest to get gold. In most or all tower wars map they use creep bounty and "income". Income gives you gold every X seconds based on how much and how strong creeps you have sent at your enemies. This is what makes it worth to send creeps at all, and works nicely to prevent people from winning by not sending creeps at all.

The Lives

if you wait for maybe half a minute or one minute without sending anything, you will have extra much money to send for, and if you do it right you can almost be sure to make your opponent leak a few, at the cost of you missing out income. if you make him leak, you get some of his lives. no lives disappear. This way, the enemy you stole some lives from can get back on track by stealing from someone else.

questions that have been on my mind lately have been:

How do we avoid that these mechanisms can be abused in element td? maybe, wait 2 mins then mass send always wins, and we don't like that. it'd also be boring if the only right thing is to send 30 creeps every 40 seconds. it's nice if many of these strategies work, when you feel it is the right time, but how can we assure that the mode maes this true?

how much gold should come from each of the sources, income, bounty, interest?

should there at all be interest when playing this mode? it almost makes it worth to save up money without sending, and earning interest from it, then mass sending.

do we need restrictions, like no evil children before X mins passed? or, no evil children before networth is above Y gold?

A lot of this will be easier to say after testing around, but some could be figured without. hmm, it's not that easy though ;)

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Element Tower Wars? That sure sounds like an excellent name for a new map :D

*Runs of making a new map called Element Tower Wars*

Nah, I don't know, it will take too long.

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