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  1. Brule

    Super Weapons

    if you gonna make a super weapon mode, this need be team based(with a option for FFA), or they can just focus a player, and no one can beat 7x1. make sure you make this 4x4, and that you can use defensive powers on any of yours ally, so if anyone get focused, the team can save than. and belive me, team oriented games are more atractive. my ideas: 1- Summon a Boss, the boss will have 2x HP than the creeps on the current wave, and will have the same element, it will not gain the skill of the creeps tho, and will have auras to help the creeps around him. speed aura - incress move speed of all creeps around him move 20% faster armor aura - incress the armor of all creps around him in 20% Slow aura - make towers around him atk 20% slower than normal Tank Boss - this boss has 5x HP instead the normal 2x HP than normal creeps, but no aura. Weakness aura - decress damage of all towers around him by 20%. regen aura - creeps around this boss will regen 2% of the MAX hp per second. Shield Boss - in a small area around him make a shied that blocks all damage on the creeps, except on him. 2- Tower Element change - change the element of a enemy or friend tower to a chosen element, for 3-6-9-12 seconds(ofensive AND defensive spell) 3- Element swap - change the next wave element for all enemies players to a random one (funny and risk spell) 4- Slow - Make enemie builder move and build 50% slower than normal for 5-10-15-20 seconds. 5- time freeze - All towers, creeps, builders, will stop moving for 3-6-9-12 seconds (give the player time to quee actions in a narrow situation, like focusing bosses, or building mass towers)
  2. Brule

    Element TD 0.2

    i would love to test this, unfortunally i dont have Starcraft 2, neither i have conditions to buy it in the upcomming months, i wish you Kara, and all beta testers Good luck, i know the amount of efforts you put through this map, and i love every bit of it. i hope you can let me have the beta tester title for a bit more time, cause even if i cant play, i love to see the changelogs, and the efforts you are putting on it. Thank you for this amazing map, Thank you for all the efforts you had put on this, and Thank you for letting me test the map while was still on warcraft 3. Again GOOD LUCK to you, and everyone helping, i wish you guys go far, and make this one of, if not the best map on Starcraft 2.
  3. i really really really want to help to test this, but due money problems, i will cannot buy the SC2, ate least for 2-3 monts =/
  4. Brule

    4.2 B5 Impressions

    lol, and i misunderstood you too, i though you have mentioned that all towers that have triggers effects was not working
  5. Brule

    4.2 B5 Impressions

    maybe changing the text color, would help, just a sugestion
  6. Brule

    4.2 B5 Impressions

    delete this please >.<
  7. Brule

    4.2 B5 Impressions

    Bug found Electrician tower (and its upgrades) are dealing 1 damage at 1 target (not triggering they Abylit) feedbacks Vapor tower, its a lot better than before, i really like this tower now Floating text its vey nice, but as the other ppl told, the interest look too spaced out will test others tower later
  8. Brule

    Some feedbacks

    long time i dont post here hein ^^ i played a game today, after i had a long time without opening my war3, and i really enjoyed the game, and here are my feedbacks 1º the new gunpower is really better with the homing projectle, 2º the new animations are great, i really love the poison tower animation 3º Disease tower are really nice, a tower that damage more the lower the HP of the mosnter, really nice i count test vapor/flame and supports duals, because i got random, and dont get those untill late game, so i will test on the next game. cya
  9. Duals supports will be nerfed with the new version,, its already nerfed in the lastest beta, so just wait till 4.2 release.
  10. this would be nice to implement it
  11. i really like the new site, looks very nice and better than the current one i think that the news have to be separed with something, a line, the same one at bordes of the page would be nice @leasher maybe that guy is the builder *-*
  12. Brule


    unfortunally i am off in vacations, so this month i will be offline and cant participate in the forum as before, and cannot test the map since i dont have war 3 in the pcs in here but, next month i will be back and everything will back to normal
  13. Brule

    Tower Ideas

    a tower that cant attack the same creep twice, with a high dmg output. a tower that cant attack, but each X seconds send a wave of water that run around the maze(the same path that creeps use) damaging creeps.
  14. you missed a point holepercent this is in 4.1, the others is in 4.0, anhoter thing he is playing multiplayer, while the other is playing single-player, making easy to abuse income. the only doubt now is what dificult he used, if is easy-normal, dont count, but if is in VH than is a great mark
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