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  1. PunKZ

    4.3 BETA 1

    Yeah so me and my brother decided to test the new beta out, but as soon as I chose "Host chooses the settings" or "All plaers vote for the settings" or whatever it sais, the game froze, It might be cuz I'm using the new WC3 Version (1.24e) and the map isn't adjusted to it?
  2. my WC3 1.24 lor... see the map . for sure elemen td 4.2c can run with WC3 1.24. this strategy for solo elemenTD can be accepted or break the rule??? You need 1.24c. And I've got EleTD 4.2c, It's just that if you've got WC3 1.24b, and I've got 1.24c. Then my replay bugs.
  3. That replay bugs for me. According to the replay timer, it's really long. But when the replay starts to play, you're not doing anything. You're just standing there letting level 1 get in. But then again, maybe you're using an old WC3 patch. Which probably is the problem. And that means that most people around here won't be able to watch the replay.
  4. PunKZ


    After testing this out, I haven't found anything that the others haven't. And it seems to be okay for release after fixing the bugs and stuff that have been reported.
  5. PunKZ

    4.2 B5 Impressions

    Just quickly reporting in. As far as I can see there's no bugs with kick nor with the floating text. although I find it quite hard to see it sometimes. Haven't looked into the towers yet.
  6. PunKZ


    @Concept, yeah you're right, just thinking out loud a little.. @Damagetext okey, just an idea.
  7. PunKZ


    I would also like to suggest a forum with replies activity.
  8. PunKZ


    About Vapor Tower.. Please improve the tooltip of that tower, it took me awhile to actually realise which of the towers that dealt more damage the closer the units were and vice versa, something like: "Which means that this tower deals more damage the closer the enemies get to it". If you ask me, you've created two towers in one, I thought that the theme of Vapor was that it's supposed to be hot? So technically, it should always damage more the CLOSER the units get to it.. maybe that's just me. However, if you want to keep the tower as it is now, I propose that you could show the damage in blue or something above their heads so that people see that the damage increases when they get closer/farther to the tower.
  9. Filename was changed when I downloaded map automatically. Path is my bad. I understand what you said. I give my word I won't do that again. Then you should rename it, I mean the map.. you know it's just to keep it in whatever directory you want but for replays posted here they should simply be placed in the normal path I promise I will view it if you reproduce the bug in a properly placed path as well as map name.
  10. Okey, first of all, playing with your brother is allowed. No problem. As long as he doesen't leak it. Secondly, YOU are the one who should rename the map and place it in a proper folder. How is it logical that we, let's say 15 beta testers should rename it just to view it? When you just could have done it from the start, which mean sonly one person has to do it and that's the one who's causing it. Now please go and try to reproduce the bug and with a map that has the correct file path. Have a good day /PunKZ
  11. PunKZ

    The terrain...

    No, I'm definetly not here to complain about the terrain, it's awesome^^ But, I was thinking, I really don't even know if it's possible to do... but, could you make like a dialog at the start of the game, choosing the terrain of your own area? Would be nice to choose the terrain for yourself.. The idea came from my friend who simply hates some of the terrains... don't ask me why... but he's wierd.. anyways.. Thoughts?
  12. To be honest... I'm playing less and less too.. But that's prolly just cuz crazy things are happening irl for me.. anyways, I think this game looses a lot of players due to it's slow updates..
  13. this would be nice to implement it I thought it already was about to get implemented? The new Vapor is going to be like that I think.
  14. PunKZ


    I've heard they added almost everything that was in the warcraft III WE to the SCII WE
  15. Fucking awesome, great work!
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