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  1. It's much easier when playing solo haha now I end with 60k+ in interest pretty consistently... what should be a good target for interest?
  2. I just noticed that the debuff indicating that a tower was recently cloned refreshes if you upgrade the tower. Is this intended? Or at least it does for a water 3 upgrading to a pure.
  3. ye

    Pausing in game

    I'm not sure where to put this, but can you make it so pauses are indefinite? I frequently find myself needing to pause then step away for periods of time longer than the maximum pause time.
  4. Are you able to do this effectively post level 30? I always struggle because others will finish waves too quickly for me to continue selling and re-building.
  5. It still hasn't loaded - dw about it unless you think it's part of some larger problem. Thanks, ye
  6. I have had huge successes with haste towers in early-mid game. When it comes to actually placing them, I've wound up putting them in areas where they can only attack creeps for brief intervals before they go out of range. That way, their damage is done to each creep rather than just tunneling a single creep, and they build up speed before entering the larger portion of the tower's range (see diagram below). Coupled with the new geyser towers it works great. Also, since haste towers always attack the closest unit, placing them in such a manner that they prioritize the unit furthest along in your base works well. The red circles represent the haste towers and their "general" ranges. I'm sure there are better locations, but these worked out well for me. The map I used is the map for flash element TD, so it's a bit different, but I hope the idea still gets across. Ignore the white spots. I built two geysers near the spawn and upgraded the second one to a haste tower if that helps you with regards to timing. I always play with at least three random players so I'm forced to build close to the spawn, but maybe haste towers around position 2 would work well.
  7. My score didn't load to the leaderboard, it usually does and it's a shame since it was my new record =(
  8. ye

    tower sell bug

    I'm having the same issue upon selling a water tier 2 - it sold not only some of my towers but also sold the other player's towers. And I only got gold for the water tower I sold. It also prevented me from upgrading certain elements. Any updates? Thanks, ye
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