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  1. http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/system-free-camera-mode/ You might wanna give this a try for better screenshots. I made it in about 10 minutes, dunno if it does still work, though I think it COULD be useful...
  2. *cough* my wallpaper *cough* :3 XD
  3. ousnius

    EleTD SC2

    it's either your Mac, some drivers, StarCraft's engine or the file format of the loadingscreen EDIT: you may try it with a lower resolution
  4. Bugs: [v0.0]: Builders are able to make you lose lifes when walking into the creeps target area (do a "owner of unit >= 13" condition)Pathing Bugs (link) (change doodads (pathing))HP bars of several creeps aren't showing (activate it in their actors properties)Attack sounds of the fighting zealots @ bottom left are a bit disturbing (delete the sound or lower the volume/range)more to come Ideas: not yet
  5. 1.3.3 came out in US today^^ EDIT: EU tomorrow
  6. Just wanted to point out that I did that before I gave the terrain away, and found no pathing issues, so must have bugged up somewhere/somehow It could however, be helpful for fixing purposes, if you provided more specific info on the places you experienced issues with the pathing "certain areas" really doesn't say much I did only test it @ the bottom left spot, there are big doodads on the cliffs which caused some problems for me 1.) First corner after spawn point 2.) at certain cliffs (you'll see when testing it)
  7. Element TD Version: v0.0 EU Version: v0.5 Doodads make it unable to build towers at certain areas of the map. Well, atleast @ the bottom left spot there are those blue "hybrid/zerg/water container" doodads. There are also some other pathing mistakes (like space for only 1 tower instead of 2 in the corners). I'd suggest to start the map and then try to build a tower at every possible place to see if the pathing is correct - ousnius
  8. ousnius


    www.EleTD.com bottom of page, it was my idea to implement this ^-^
  9. well, the good thing is: I know I would do the video, another good thing is: germany blocked the video cause of copyright =D the bad thing is, I WANT TO KNOW WTF U POSTED! =[ EDIT: just watched it, even though I knew what I was going to see.....you just rick roll'd me -.- (yay rhymes) (spoiler: select text to read) I hate you >.<
  10. changed "Darkness" color to purple, color of "Element TD" to a teal tone and the tone of the background ^^
  11. EU ousnius - Ousnius.190 yay 190 is low
  12. OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit CPU: Intel Core i7 950 GPU: GeForce GTX 570 Mobo: Asus Rampage III GENE RAM: 6 GB DDR-3 Triple Channel HDD: WD Caviar Black 1 TB (S-ATA III, 6Gb/s) Case: CoolerMaster HAF-932 PSU: 750W (forgot the name, but it's pretty good)
  13. I changed the position of the text and changed "Darkness" color to a grey and "Light" color to an yellow tone. Oh and I also deleted the logo behind Element TD cause it didn't fit StarCraft's style and the rest of the pic. I'll do something else to make the bg look less boring. - ous
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