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  1. I can upload the replay. No i don't know what did trigger the bug. I think i played 2 times, and 2times with the same bug
  2. Hi, I tried race mode with friends a few hours ago. I saw those bugs (so far) -At the top right, the window [Wave: X Interest: X] is broken [both value to 0] -Life / XP / ect. window is also broken (each value = 0 except life to 50) (pretty annoying, i was thinking we had unlimited life on this mode... I learned the hard way ) -'Same random' setting is broken too... we chose this last game, turn out it went 'All random' (at start it clearly said 'Same random' I checked) -The 'wave' window work fine though Here's a screenshot after I died : Sorry for my bad english
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