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  1. Lol, i remember getting a second roots at 6 cause i felt it was appropriate at that time and holepercent smashed!! me for it, being "a useless addition" or so
  2. U mean vodoo at 6? Well yea that would be probably better, thanks for that. As for corrosion, if i had to decide whether to solo the bandits with muck or corrosion, i went for corrosion for a change. Its also alot sexier you see.
  3. Ive had some crazy games recently with like 3 or 4 elements where i got like really really really close to finishing, but couldnt quite finish the job. So simply not worth the upload, i will keep trying though. In the meantime here`s this lucky piece of element clashing. VH AR NoLeak 2.w3g
  4. Why dont you put it in the replay forum.
  5. WordsWorth

    Review needed

    Well, hydrochloric/fanatic/mire/thorns arent exactly weak ;P You will hardly ever get 6 elements in random mode, let alone these lvl 2 towers. So if for whatever reason you want to get a 5 element no leak Pick game going, just do it without light. You can do pretty much the same stuff.
  6. This is a DotA Replay, so either you failed at being funny, or you failed at posting a replay.
  7. I always went on to use single target power as well vs goblins. Until i started using two quakers with blacksmith and roots/muck. Oftentimes no leaked them since then.
  8. WordsWorth

    Review needed

    No Light without a doubt.
  9. Yo, im on clan etd bnet right now. I see ur online in the forums. If u find time drop by!
  10. Can i join that Clan? Im not on Bnet much these days but i`d love to be in.
  11. Yea definitely went for the fast wave kills. Did a lot of unusual mistakes though, such asleaking the shredder level, normally dont do that regardless what elements i random. Also the pure Water was bad, should used earth only. And finally the upgraded zealots, theyre kinda bad without roots or nova, but then again didnt have much else and mortars lost its power that late.
  12. Did get randomed a 5th one (Light) but didnt use it for experimental purposes. Pretty boardlerine result with many leaks and almost no ronalds, but still nice to see its possible. VH AR 4 Element.w3g
  13. Wow i hadnt seen this thread yet, very well written i must say, holepercent.
  14. yay, got ridiculously lucky obviously. i think i`ll now stop with the replay spam, but this was always my goal: AR no leak. enjoy, take care VH AR NoLeak 90Ronald.w3g
  15. Cant wait for diseased to be fixed... gonna be sexy
  16. Haha nice man, obvlivion is so bad
  17. Pls dont think i dont get rand00med lots as well in singleplayer ^^
  18. yep, those freaaaaaking two firebats
  19. Yea i would agree on Burbenog. I think its pretty much the best overall TD out there, next to Element. Requires sick good teamwork, especially if you try it with only 2 people, alot of fun. But simply not replayable as much as Element.
  20. Whaaa, im so mad at myself, i wanted to no-leak this so badly, after getting super lucky with the elements, but then i leaked two of the firebats not paying close enough attention. over 80 ronalds at the end. VH AR 82.w3g
  21. i like toadstool when i get them randomed, otherwise just whatever is available.
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