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First Milestone Patch!

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10 days after release, courtesies of lots of feedback and testing, we're releasing our first Milestone Patch! The patch should be up in less than an hour.



Features & Fixes

  • New Season! Leaderboard reset.

  • Added Sandbox Mode! If enabled, it will bring up panel with options for testing towers and strategies. Available in single player only. Scores won’t count towards the leaderboard.

  • Added Toggle Grid button, now found in your items. Should make figuring out your placements a lot easier.

  • Updated voting UI to show All Pick voting option and descriptions

  • Fixed speed bonus being decided based on when the wave starts spawning instead of when the wave finishes spawning

  • Fixed shift-queueing malfunctioning with autoattack-off after Stop.

  • Fixed Interest hiding the close button on replays

  • Fixed being able to reach and build into other areas.

  • In game rankings are now displayed for those with a leaderboard ranking.

  • A fair number of projectiles have been altered. There are no longer clones of Lina’s, Morphling’s, Batrider’s, Keeper of the Light’s, and Invoker’s attacks. That said, all towers’ projectiles should be different.


General Balance

  • Swarm has been replaced by Regeneration:

    • The Regeneration creep type recovers 2% of its Maximum Health per second. Once it recovers a total of 100% of its health, it will stop regenerating.

  • The sell value of towers (except Cannon/Arrow) on All Pick has been raised from 75% to 90%.

  • Pure Essence Gold Bonus reduced by 20%.

  • All Score Multipliers are now multiplicative.

    • The speed multiplier has been adjusted, and the bonus goes up by 2% up from 1% per consecutive wave cleared fast enough. It should be easier to get the consecutive bonus, but taking longer to clear the waves will screw your score over a lot more than before.

    • Chaos Mode now has a Score Multiplier of x1.10, down from x1.25.

    • Rush Mode now has a Score Multiplier of x1.25, down from x1.5.

  • Attack points have been adjusted on many towers. There should now no longer be a delay on any tower when trying to acquire a new target.

  • Some projectile speeds were increased, namely on longer range towers.

  • The Countdown Timers between each wave have been adjusted on all difficulties. Insane should be a little easier and Normal should be just slightly harder. Also, Haste should no longer be at perma-max speed on Insane + Rush.


Single Element Towers

  • The power factor has been rescaled.

    • Old: x5 (upgrade to Focused), x5 (upgrade to Refined), x15 (upgrade to Pure)

    • New: x6.5 (upgrade to Focused), x6.5 (upgrade to Refined), x10 (upgrade to Pure)

    • Overall, this makes Pure Towers about 12.7% stronger than before, except Periodic Tower.

  • Costs have been altered:

    • Upgrade to Focused increased from 375 to 450 gold; total increased from 550 to 625

    • Upgrade to Refined increased from 1250 to 1675 gold; total increased from 1800 to 2300

    • Upgrade to Pure decreased from 9200 to 8700 gold; total cost unchanged

  • Water Tower damage altered from 60 / 300 / 1500 / 22500 to 60 / 390 / 2535 / 25350

  • Fire Tower damage altered from 20 / 100 / 500 / 7500 to 17 / 110 / 720 / 7200

  • Nature Tower BAT changed from 0.66 to 0.31. Damage altered from 140 / 700 / 3500 / 52500 to 80 / 520 / 3380 / 33800

  • Earth Tower AoE increased from 150/300 to 200/400. Damage altered from 48 / 240 / 1200 / 18000 to 45 / 295 / 1900 / 19000

  • Light Tower BAT changed from 1 to 0.66. Damage altered from 140 / 700 / 3500 / 52500 to 100 / 650 / 4225 / 42250

  • Dark Tower BAT changed from 1.5 to 1. Damage altered from 260 / 1300 / 6500 / 97500 to 180 / 1170 / 7600 / 76000


Dual Element Towers

  • Costs have been altered

    • Upgrade to Tier 2 has been reduced from 800 to 750; total reduced from 1250 to 1200

    • Upgrade to Tier 3 has been reduced from 1900 to 1800; total reduced from 3150 to 3000

  • Blacksmith, Well, & Trickery damage increased from 350 / 1750 / 8750 to 450 / 2250 / 11250

  • Disease damage multiplier formula has changed from (Max HP / Current HP) to ([Max HP + Current HP] / Current HP). Damage decreased from 60 / 300 / 1500 to 50 / 250 / 1250.

    • With the formula change, this is a buff.

  • Gunpowder damage increased from 27 / 135 / 675 to 32 / 160 / 800

  • Hydro range increased from 700 to 900

  • Ice damage decreased from 150 / 750 / 3750 to 135 / 675 / 3375

  • Moss Tier 3 BAT changed from 1 to 0.66 and should now be in line with the other tiers.

  • Poison damage increased from 180 / 900 / 4500 to 200 / 1000 / 5000

  • Magic Tower range increased from 1150 to 1500; however, stacks cause it to lose 75 range instead of 50. Minimum range is now 600.

  • Trickery Tower behavior altered. For Tiers 1 & 2, on autocast, they will only clone towers that are attacking. Tier 3 will still always clone stuff, cause there’s no reason not to.


Triple Element Towers

  • Ephemeral damage increased from 1600 / 8000 to 1800 / 9000

  • Erosion will now immediately start dealing damage when the effect applies, instead of waiting a second. Damage per second increased from 110 / 550 to 120 / 600

  • Flamethrower damage decreased from 500 / 2500 to 400 / 2000

    • Napalm was untouched, so this is actually only about an 8% DPS nerf, if even.

  • Gold bounty bonus reduced from 30% / 60% to 25% / 50%. In exchanged, damage is increased from 3500 / 17500 to 4000 / 20000

  • Hail damage increased from 850 / 4250 to 1000 / 5000

  • Haste max stacks reduced from 16 to 15. Reset time reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds. Damage also decreased from 1100 / 5500 to 1000 / 5000

    • To clarify, BAT now caps out at 0.25 instead of 0.2

    • This means it’s 4 attacks per second, down from 5 attacks per second. Combined with damage nerf, it’s a 37.5% damage nerf, yet despite that, it’s still a good tower. That’s how OP it was.

  • Muck damage increased from 700 / 3500 to 800 / 4000

  • Obliteration damage increased from 1000 / 5000 to 1100 / 5500

  • Polar damage increased from 1300 / 6500 to 1600 / 8000

  • Runic damage decreased from 1050 / 5250 to 1000 / 5000

  • Tidal now only loses 10 AoE per stack. Number of stacks increased from 20 to 30. Base damage decreased from 600 / 3000 to 500 / 2500. Damage per stack decreased from 90 / 450 to 50 / 250

    • It now drops down to 100 AoE (full) and 2000 / 10000 damage at max stacks.

    • Overall, this is a buff at all stages of the game.

  • Windstorm range increased from 900 to 1150.



Hope you all enjoy it, and let us know what you think!

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I really had a blast of fun with the new sandbox mode!

I havent tried the balances yet but I registered just to say thank you for finally implementing the Sandbox mode, been waiting for this XD

Tried to get revenge against those icefrogs but theyre just too strong even for the Sandbox mode :D







I made a Galaxy with Dota2 EleTD XD


Thanks again for bringing my most favest TD ever to Dota2! Keep up the good work man XD

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holy crap that comp spec. 

anyway, thanks for an awesome update.  however, haste tower strategy is still too stronk. 

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1 hour ago, WindStrike said:

How in the heck did your computer not crash. Crap, we need that as one of the advertising screenshots.

Im using Asus ROG XD

And even it is reaaaaally slowed down to ~9fps wwwwww but it was really fun to see those Galaxy in the making XD

I tried making all kinds of towers 1 each then I add lotsa Blacksmiths + Well Towers + Pure Towers + Periodics and... I love the images Ive got from it XD

Took some more if anyone is interested altho the ones I posted before are the best ones IMHO XD



Going to try to make another galaxy later *w*

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Your first screenshot has been added as one of the official screenshots. Excellent job at destroying existence, sire; please, keep up the good work.

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Hello again everyone XD

Since Im kinda curious on how to make a more ARTISTIC galaxy with almost every tower in the game (minus some like Gold, for artistic reasons)

I just made a series of screenshots depicting the process in-the-making + the end product XD

Im very happy to hear that my screenshot was used for one of the official screenshot, so I hope this one album (there are ~38 images including in-the-making + end results, so please bear with the load time XD) might please more people, tried to take more screenshots but hey, the DOTA lagged like hell, it only shows 1 frame per 3 secs (0.33fps? XD) even tho the top right indicator still says 9fps wwww but Im content XD


Element Tower Defense - GENESIS OF GALAXY :D



Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do :D

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Small patch today, moving towards a stable 1.0 version:

- Added an ability to the buildings to allow canceling an ongoing construction or upgrade, fully refunding the resources.
- Increased Builder movespeed to from 522 to 800
- Increased the maximum loading time to 4 minutes
- Fixed missing tooltip for 90% sell and networth being incorrectly accounted for it
- Added elemental explosion particles on selling & cancelling. 

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Having some fun with this new mode, this is the furthest I could get before taking damage (and presumably losing - I paused it before I did so I didn't have to redo placing the towers).


Frogs had 20m~ ish health around then. I added some slow/damage amp towers and got like two waves further with 700~ kills.

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i think trying to get to high frog waves/ trying to get many frog kills in sandbox mode is also something nice to compete in :b

lost the first life at frog wave 26, using periodic towers and all kinds of slow, buff and amp towers (and some lich towers)

haven't tried other builds though because it takes so long to place everything correctly

frogs had above 60m health near the end

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Im still in the process of making another Galaxy here XD

Been hard to get something beautiful... Something different from the ones Ive already posted >.<

Maybe I should try to trigger a particle bug like the 1st SS wwww

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First life lost on wave 28. Survived until wave 33, 980 kill, frogs 313m hp.

Edit: There's something strangely satisfying about spotting a quark 3 with 50 million damage (47 stacks) in a replay.

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Next patch will make it easier to make a galaxy, courtesies of extra options in Sandbox like No Cooldowns (1 Well Tower can buff every tower in its range) and Zen Mode (you don't take damage, but you don't deal damage either). Time to break your game faster than ever!

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40 minutes ago, WindStrike said:

Next patch will make it easier to make a galaxy, courtesies of extra options in Sandbox like No Cooldowns (1 Well Tower can buff every tower in its range) and Zen Mode (you don't take damage, but you don't deal damage either). Time to break your game faster than ever!




I cant wait for the updateeeee >.<


Cant wait to make cool galaxies *w*

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On 3/3/2016 at 3:32 AM, BlankMinded said:

First life lost on wave 28. Survived until wave 33, 980 kill, frogs 313m hp.

Edit: There's something strangely satisfying about spotting a quark 3 with 50 million damage (47 stacks) in a replay.

how to get up to 47 stacks when towers switch target if shield goes up?

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High stack amounts would happen against the undead/regen mobs. Shield mobs kind of mess up quark tower damage, and as you said, forces them to change targets. So not every tower was doing insane damage.

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1 hour ago, Thunderbolt said:

what will be the purpose of zen mode?


IMHO its to make that you dont need to wait to get to the higher waves to make galaxies? XD

You can make galaxies even in first wave のヮの

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10 hours ago, Thunderbolt said:

what will be the purpose of zen mode?


It was mainly to test stuff out, but it has a side effect of making those helpless stone boar couriers absolutely invulnerable.


Or, better yet, you can turn on rush + zen and drop some mass slows + runic towers to see how many attacks Runic tower can fire at one spot as your computer sweats tears of overheating death trains running OSFrog. Now with 200% more blue screens!

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