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  1. IMHO its to make that you dont need to wait to get to the higher waves to make galaxies? XD You can make galaxies even in first wave のヮの
  2. OMG I LOVE YOU ELETD TEAM QAQ I cant wait for the updateeeee >.< Cant wait to make cool galaxies *w*
  3. Im still in the process of making another Galaxy here XD Been hard to get something beautiful... Something different from the ones Ive already posted >.< Maybe I should try to trigger a particle bug like the 1st SS wwww
  4. Hello again everyone XD Since Im kinda curious on how to make a more ARTISTIC galaxy with almost every tower in the game (minus some like Gold, for artistic reasons) I just made a series of screenshots depicting the process in-the-making + the end product XD Im very happy to hear that my screenshot was used for one of the official screenshot, so I hope this one album (there are ~38 images including in-the-making + end results, so please bear with the load time XD) might please more people, tried to take more screenshots but hey, the DOTA lagged like hell, it only shows 1 frame per 3 secs (0.33fps? XD) even tho the top right indicator still says 9fps wwww but Im content XD Introducing: Element Tower Defense - GENESIS OF GALAXY http://imgur.com/a/t6nuz Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do
  5. Im using Asus ROG XD And even it is reaaaaally slowed down to ~9fps wwwwww but it was really fun to see those Galaxy in the making XD I tried making all kinds of towers 1 each then I add lotsa Blacksmiths + Well Towers + Pure Towers + Periodics and... I love the images Ive got from it XD Took some more if anyone is interested altho the ones I posted before are the best ones IMHO XD Going to try to make another galaxy later *w*
  6. I really had a blast of fun with the new sandbox mode! I havent tried the balances yet but I registered just to say thank you for finally implementing the Sandbox mode, been waiting for this XD Tried to get revenge against those icefrogs but theyre just too strong even for the Sandbox mode Thanks again for bringing my most favest TD ever to Dota2! Keep up the good work man XD
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