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  1. How does that make sense? Reset leaderboard with small changes but keep the leaderboard when the scoring and 20% of the towers are changing? My guess would be that the leaderboard admin is not available right now?
  2. big patch without leaderboard reset?
  3. Great patch so far! Both towers and point balance is getting better and better. Keep up the good work!
  4. With the last patch they added the Replay ID to every match. Click on the Match ID => Steam Replay ID: 222XXXXXX => watchtab copy paste
  5. Everything would be so broken. Example just the buffs: Tower *1.9 damage *1.9 speed =>360% damage *2(cause of 100% uptime copy). =>720% damage for every tower. I think in a mode like this limiting the money is better then giving even more money.
  6. That is a very important point. It is a lot weaker if you have bad positioning with your Hex towers. but ofc I agree with all here that a avg boost of +73% is too strong! Haha I t tried massing LvL 2 Quark towers last version together with all the slows but wasn't quite good enough : )
  7. It is still outdated because you leak a lot in some rounds with the new creeps. If you build the same way
  8. Well if you take away the option to micro towers they would be 100 times the same score +-100 in the top 100 after a while. e:and you only need high apm now because stop doesn't work else you would be fine with 10 apm
  9. They get charges : ). I thought that was a feature : D rip 10 life! I also think it is quite funny that you lose a life again when a temporal creep triggers right after it leaks. There are some towers(Quark, Lifetower, Goldtower.. (I think all with a attack logic)) where the stop command doesn't work. The way it is now I need to spam 10 times stop/sec to prevent the towers from hitting. I might have to sue you for my hand pain : D.
  10. I think it is funny. I get first place and forgot to build the erosion tower for the extra 10% damage and the Zoro guy copies the exact placement and also doesn't build the erosion tower : ). Suggestion: Even if you copy builds don't forget to think for yourself! e: this build order and the tactic is outdated.
  11. Everyone has the option to watch the replay. So you can't keep anything hidden anyway. I think you have to be satisfied with being the "creator" when you create a new build. Builds like this are also hard to pull of perfect.
  12. Utoko

    Score Model

    I am not sure. You have to focus on the first 55 rounds to be on the top right now. If you change it you can also get ahead by superior micro and placement to get the extra 3-4 Frog kills. Sometimes I just sell my towers at the last round because I know i cant kill the frog wave(8). So I think i am in favor of changing that.
  13. Utoko

    Score Model

    You don't get points for single frog kills this version.
  14. I added a little bit but this wasn't rly supposed to be a full guide. : ) If I find some time and motivation I write a guide but I am still hopping for Lavathing. If he wants to write a guide he can just copy/paste my Build order.
  15. I think majority vote would be better then middle of the road when one player picks different.
  16. 0.001%-0.999% should have a 1%. The 0% looks odd to me. https://gyazo.com/6211076590e874b910ff4ebf99dd0f5f
  17. You can build the arrow and cannon towers at the spawn point. If you start with Nature tower you have to build in the middle (life Tower position). Every round you lose ~10-15 sec and every min you save is +2.5% Bonus at the end.
  18. Edit: OUTDATED I played something similar before but the mass Quarks for the frogs idea is from "????". Wave 1-3: Build Arrow Towers. Wave 4: Sell!- Build cannon towers +1 Arrow. Wave 6: .Build Life Tower. Wave 8: Build 2 Arrow Towers. Wave 9: Sell Arrow Towers build Light Tower. Wave 11: Upgrade Light Tower to Life Tower. Wave 13: Build 4-5 Arrow Towers so you dont leak. Sell after the round Wave 16: Upgrade Life Tower to Eternal Tower. (You will leak) Wave 19: Upgrade Life Tower to Eternal Tower. Wave 21: Build Light Tower and Arrow Towers(a lot) sell after round Wave 23: Build Enchantment Tower Wave 26: Build Blacksmith Tower Wave 27: Upg Blacksmith Tower to Gold Tower Wave 29: Build Gold Tower Wave 31: Build Gold Tower Wave 32: Build Blacksmith Tower Wave 33: Sell Light Tower and upg Enchantment Tower Wave 35: Sell Life Tower build incantation Tower Wave 36: Upg Gold Tower Wave 38: Upg Gold Tower Wave 40: Upg Blacksmith Tower and Gold Tower Wave 41: Build Wealth Tower Wave 43: Build 2 Wealth Tower Wave 45: Build 2 Super Nova Towers and Incantation Tower Wave 46: Build Forge Tower Wave 47: Upg both Forge Towers to Foundry Towers Wave 49: Build Incantation Tower and Super Nova Tower Wave 50: Build 2 Incantation Tower and Foundry Tower Wave 51: Build Foundry and Pure Light Tower 2 Atom towers Wave 54: Build Pure Light Tower and 2 Atom towers after Wave 55: Sell your Wealth Towers and start building Quark+Foundry Towers like a mad man. You should finish Round 55 with ~ 145k Wealth. I There are a lot of close rounds where you need to micro your towers or you will leak. You want to have at least 130 life when you sell your Life Towers. (You can have ~170) If possible let the Life/Gold Tower kill the creeps. You are using the Wealth Tower spots for Life tower too. I used this to get 539k
  19. Utoko

    Score Model

    imho: early rounds should matter a little bit more. Maybe (100+x*30). 20% ->30% I feel like leaking should have a bigger impact You get double rewarded now. Higher Bonus % + more Frog killing points(because of more gold for towers). A little strong right now imo. I like the Random Bonus. It is very unlikely that you get a top build. It takes skill to make the best of the situation and it is nice too see some top random games on the leader-board. My idea is adding the endgame speed Bonus to the frogwaves too. That would encourage slow players not to neglect the first 55 rounds completely.So they still try to speed up some rounds if possible. Fast players clear only 1-2 frog waves(It is nice when they count a little more)
  20. The number two was first on the last leaderboard too after only one attempt and number one got removed before.
  21. @Helpstone Freeze income after the round ends until the timer for the next round starts. I played insane rush chaos a lot with other players. Open a private lobby and invite players from the Element TD Channel.( "insane rush chaos join lobby")
  22. I think it is fine to have a small random Bonus. It is nice to see some random games in the leaderboard!
  23. 1.) Sadly you can't play normal mode with other players if you aim for high score. (because other players make it harder). Maybe consider starting the new wave after the last player finished? I think in Element TD you play to beat the game and not to beat other players. It is just nicer to play together. 2.) Frog score might be a little high now. It is exactly the other way around now. I don't think it should be possible that your frog score is higher then your (1-55) score. 3.) Quark tower are rly good now!(for frog rounds)
  24. Just got 535k but somehow the score didn't summit again(last 2 games) ) ;
  25. Can you tell us the endgame scoring values? I think net worth gives 1 % Bonus for ~4000 ? and endgame speed Bonus has to do with the game time? 1min faster = ?%
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