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  1. thank you for the info but as i mentioned i am not expert in this game i have ~15 full games by now, should i go for arrow towers early game and save gold then rush gold towers or use cleave damage early game then go for gold towers
  2. oh thank you but can you give me a favor and tell me how to get good at this game i mean not just doing what the guide says is there any tips from you ? thank you in advance
  3. for some reasons it saved the record with my old steam name thank you anyway
  4. Hello everyone i've started playing this game yesterday using the nature/water build, after ~10 tries i have got 357,963 ( very hard, rush, chaos) 24frogs killed, and i wonder why its not on the leaderboard did i miss something ? PS: when i start a new game its says top 0.1% #123
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