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  1. What if builds were hidden from the leaderboard? I think it would encourage people to discuss builds more, rather than just steal what's on the leaderboard. And it would slow down the adoption of an "optimal" build. For balancing purposes, you can still keep the data, just keep it hidden from the average user.
  2. (ignore difficulty, keep score multipliers in place) x 2 element order modes (pick, random) x 2 wave order modes (normal, chaos) x 2 creep timing modes (normal, rush) x 2 game lengths (normal, express) ---------------- 16 leaderboards 16 is probably the max that is reasonable to display. If you want to keep more, you'd need to do it via filters (checkboxes) instead (and make sure you can link to a specific set of filters). I think hardcore players could have fun chasing niche leader boards (especially random), but most players would only care about the most standard formats (pick / normal everything).
  3. As seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/48kex3/casters_caught_in_gun_crossfire/ After playing Element TD, then going into a normal game and killing Roshan, you get a very loud sound that loops over and over until you reconnect, or restart the client. I understand this bug may be due to a combination of many things (I'm sure Valve might have a bug, I could restart every time I finish playing ele td, etc). However, I think this sound playing is significant enough that it's worth while for you to look at and see if you can fix this. And it affects tons of users.
  4. Similar to how dota 2 has item resale if you accidentally purchase the wrong item, have a way to resell towers for 100% if you accidentally place a tower in the wrong place or purchase the wrong one. This may get abused a lot, so the period would have to be really short (1 to 2 seconds).
  5. This is the second time this topic has come up in these suggestions The suggestion is here because in express + rush it was possible to get a higher score with fewer lives. Once the leaderboards are reset, we should make sure what you say is correct, Noya. Being able to trade lives for a higher score is very counter intuitive.
  6. Reducing the number of divine shield waves sounds good. Replacing those waves with speed creeps sounds like a reasonable idea.
  7. There's custom targeting in this game, so certain towers are on a timer to check for high priority targets. Impulse will always try to optimize damage, so it'll attack targets the furthest distance away. Gold and Life towers try to get last hits, so they'll target low hp targets. Another issue this causes is if you use the "stop" command on certain towers, they completely stop (towers without custom targeting). But towers with custom targeting immediately start firing again.
  8. It seems like the clear bonus is being broken for the last spawned wave instead of the wave that leaked. For example, say on Express Rush I leak at wave 28. I will still get clear bonus for waves 28, 29, and 30 even though I leaked. This might be because wave 30 has already spawned.
  9. Currently the way to get on top of express leaderboard is intentionally leak the last wave for income bonus (trading lives for additional score). But you're right, it's another mechanic that might get abused. Right now if you're optimizing for score life towers won't kill fast enough though.
  10. I haven't had any issues with posting to leaderboard in the past day. Looks like it got fixed!
  11. Currently there's no incentive to have a lot of lives remaining at the end of express. Perhaps as part of the net worth bonus, remaining lives should be part of the calculation? Or maybe just a flat score of 100 * difficulty bonus * remaining lives.
  12. Boss waves might not make sense for rush mode, kind of like express. You get overwhelmed really fast.
  13. Frog levels have no timer between the waves, so you get consecutive frogs. It's pretty ridiculous. I can't quite tell if they spawn at the same time, but there's definitely no break between the waves.
  14. Since everyone is on individual teams, allied chat is useless. Not sure if this is a setting you can change, but I'm sure a lot of messages are lost because people aren't using all chat. Possible work arounds: make everyone allied and not be able to pick slots ally players after the game starts. make all chat default chat when you hit enter
  15. That sounds like similar behavior to what I've noticed. Vapor towers seem to be the easiest way to reproduce the bug though (since all their damage is AOE).
  16. Divine shield stats: After random(1, 6) seconds, the mob uses divine shield for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 8 seconds. My issue is, occasionally I try to manually target towers (especially near the end). However, if my tower has a slow projectile speed, it may take .5s to reach the enemy. Essentially that is an additional .5s of invulnerability. Added to that, my tower fires its projectile and has to wait to attack again. If the divine shield triggers, that shot is lost (including any AOE damage the shot might have triggered). So I completely miss an attack. This is important if you have only a few towers in rush mode. Additionally, since the projectile takes .5s to travel, once the target becomes vulnerable once again, I need to wait .5s before the next hit occurs. That is essentially 3 seconds of invulnerability, making the creep un-targetable approximately 38% of the time. I understand that certain towers have faster projectile speeds and longer rage, and if you have a lot of towers spread over a large distance, it counters this. However, in a lot of play styles this is not possible, and the options to counter it are limited. A few suggestions on ways to fix my issues with invulnerability: reduce duration to 1 second or 1.5 seconds increase cooldown to 12 or 15 seconds make projectiles that hit invulnarable targets still do AOE damage make the ending segment (last 4 seconds of the walk) an area where creeps can't cast invulnerability so there is at least a couple seconds they can be targeted at the end (if you're trying to save leaks) Remove this mob type from express / rush (similar to how reincarnation and surge creeps are removed)
  17. Vapor towers slowly kill minions (~20 dmg a tick). However, when they kill a high hp swarm enemy, the smaller monsters do not spawn, and you just get full bounty instead.
  18. When you start a game in express mode, and finish voting, you begin with 45 seconds to build towers. However, the announcer says "30 seconds remaining" which is incorrect because there are 45s.
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