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  1. Hi everyone, I'm reporting my first three games. General: - The game runs smoother. Previously I had around 10-15 fps, now it seems to be over 20. (AthlonXP 1900+, 1GB no swap) - "An elemental has been summoned for you." -> "Interest rate..." The elemental message shouldn't be shown if interest is auto-picked. - Towers lose target if they get out of range even for 1/INF second and the tower has just fired. I targeted a leaking candidate, and... well, it leaked, although I had the chance. - I never experienced the undead bug. Neither with beta4 nor with beta5, neither online nor alone. - Interest has a lag. It doesn't occur exactly when 0 or 14 appears, but somewhere between 0.9 and 13.5. It is very bad when I'm trying to interest sell but I also need to find my builder and wait for the interest value to appear. - Death tower: description states "equal with percentage", what means it has a damage 0-100, but it shows 1980. Should state "damage percentage is equal to hp percentage", something like this. - Electricity tower (or every complex one): it upgrades too slow. The game requires extreme sell & rebuild to reach even level 50 and then the upgrades cost 2-4 seconds... huh! Either have good build times of 2 to even 60 seconds and not require selling or build as fast as possible, even the best towers (pures, periodic, 33, 222). - Windstorm: has no (visible) effect at all. Ice has at least a good damage, but this windstrom should be 11 tower instead of 111. Just cash thrown out of the window. Described above, shouldn't build before level 50 or so. - I always run out of cash around level 40, even with some sell 'n' rebuild. Healing, mech and maybe fast around 30 gets very strange, I always leak those and only those levels, sometimes even 25 of them, even after a clean previous one. At least some notification should help (siren?) because I always see that I have a good amount of cash but no time to build up on more stronger tower, or rebuild. (One more... hahaha. 20 leaks instead of 25.) - I don't like to play this game because I can't win it. This is why I also don't play wc3 although I see it's beautiful, interesting, anything. While playing, I want joy. Losing causes pain. This time I vote for eletd v3. Game 1: DEN - Death on level 40-41 http://web.t-online.hu/nocturna/e058.w3g Summary: The game started funny, didn't go well, and later on I experienced that my best available towers are all nature, so fire levels... go bad. Towers: - DE (Gunpowder): long range, but extremely low damage, doesn't work well, compared to some other towes. - DN (Death): too weak, must micro it as hell if want to achieve good results (average damage around 800). - EN (Rage): works well. Should auto-cast rage if I want it to do so (Right click to activate auto-casting.) Late-game, as I have 20-30 towers or just trying to follow, what's happening, it's no time for me to look for the towers and see that it's not ready yet. - DEN (Roots): works very well when built but can only build a few of them. Don't know whether the 500 is nature or composite, I vote for composite. - Build: the build starts out good but around level 35 started to get extremely bad. Reason: out of cash. Game 2: FWED - Death on level 46 http://web.t-online.hu/nocturna/e059.w3g Summary: started to be 3 element build too, but then received a fourth. That saved me for some time (this is the longest of the three!). Got confused, surely mismanaged some towers. As usually, around 35 I began to strongly run out of cash, then attacking power and then died. Unlike the previous one, this game was 45, so shorter. - FW (Kindle): Should show its burning effect. It works. Sadly, only one can be built per region, so becomes totally useless as it can't even keep healing levels down. It requires distributed build (5139) but for healing waves that is pain in the ass. - 111 towers worked well. - Build: may be playable. Game 3: LF++WDLD - Death on level 43 http://web.t-online.hu/nocturna/e059.w3g Summary: this is the first game I thought I will be able to finish. Must laugh, looking at the result. Tried some more sell & rebuild techniques, including checktable build. I didn't leak until level 30 or so (what never happened before), except one small failure (building an electricity costs me around 5-10 seconds, so if I notice that I will leak, get there with the Acolyte, start to build, and when finished, the leakers are just left). Level 42 or 43 then leaked 25 then 2 (15?) and I flied away. - Build (LFWD): not too bad, but didn't impress me. Windstorm is useless crap, anyway.
  2. electronX

    Bugs for beta 5

    Curious about this crashing issue. When I optimized the map, the filesize was much smaller than beta4. I thought I had used all the same options, but apparently not. If other people start reporting the crashing issue, this would be my first suspicion of cause. As for "Map Creator," I am indeed listed as that over my unit. However, you are listed as "Original Author," a title I thought gave proper credit. If there is a naming scheme you feel is more appropriate, I'd be happy to modify it. Well, Map Creator should be "Karawasa & mrchak". Kara has a lot of work with v4, while the original idea... This is the fairest, as I think. For me, 3 of 3 games went well (until level 40). No crashes here. I only played all-random very hard defdefdef...
  3. Okay! Well.. My priorities are: 1/a. I like "magic" as it is (was). Does it have to be different? 1/b. The idea of 13est seems to be good 2. Magic means magic for me. So it shouldn't fire as usual, and it should be bound with mana. Maybe it could have more spells available. - One can be the "burning terrain" (like the one of the new blood elf hero in tft), what, if nothing else, does damage. Another could be a dark spell, what either does a single higher or a longer lasting lower damage. - The second could look like the enchantment's armour reduction but do damage instead. - It can also be capable of summoning something. It could autocast the damaging spell, while the other two could be called by the player. Otherwise, I have no idea on something that contains fire AND darkness. -- Thanks for supporting the laser idea
  4. Sounds good. It's similar to v3 FE tower.
  5. Hmm, what about the complete inverse of the undead tower of v3? We have a Saint (the Paladin can do this job), who revives the (un)dead (with a timed life). They could become small level 1 units from the basic wc3, there are 6 of them. Or. Magic could create an area where creeps move more or less slower. Like water. This area could burn/freeze/... them as well. (If I remember well, magic requires some sort of slowing.) Or it could summon any form of an elemental (expecto patronum, eh:)). This could act like the heroes: it could summon the patron every 1.5-2 rounds, but not more often (ie. 1 mana per sec, 100 cost). Laser should be like laser. Have an extreme long range weapon that is firing continously (like in battle tanks, that's what I know). Instead of having a lower damage per second ratio (what someone mentioned in case of light/darkness), it could have a lower damage in long range. Just the inverse of Ziel (if I'm wrong: the tower that fires rockets and shows the damage dealt). It would also be realistic: while rockets get faster, laser (light) gets spread. Level 1 could be of a different colour than 2.
  6. Of course it should, but it does not. I experienced it when I started to play and after a while I decided to play random vh chaos. And then I didn't saw the counter.
  7. May be easier with the presence of the hero. I don't know, whether basic units and/or Ronalds are changed if any hero is present. I lose much more when playing with a hero, altough the hero itself grants many bonuses through its aura.
  8. Sounds good for a mode. I also miss this mode of playing random. Of course the original random mode is good, too; it also teaches to use interest, use massed weak towers (in case you have all the 6 elements) instead of having 5-10 really strong one.
  9. May it be true that something changed in 1.21 caused the removal of stalling? Or was it such a complicated action that required say as 300K net worth built into 3 "those" 30 towers?
  10. I've red it, maybe yesterday. Yes, interest system could be changed but it would require more balancing if this mode is allowed paralelly with standard players. In the eletd4 forums there are some much easier ideas and the main developer(s) are discarding them saying "it's too much work". Second, I'm very afraid that 3.x is over. Anyway, would You build every time different in no selling mode? These guys are coding around 50 towers, many of them with more levels, and they would be sad if only 10 of them would be played. Exact balancing would require many months...
  11. I think the same, and because of the lower number of towers, which have only 1 type (mixing arrows & cannons in a block is bad, I just put 1-2 arrows to the leak-out zone, p1 or p9), so in this case building and upgrading is not bad at all. The summoning time of 10 cannons causes me pain sometimes, but only rarely. Agreed, except that levels are affecting the feeling. I really have problems playing very easy, for example, as well as it's not much fun anyway building a sum of 5 towers. But, it's true, that VE players sometimes beat me and any other H/VH players, but when I choose any ultimate build (like fwldn), they don't survive until level 30-40. Pick is - in my opinion - only useful in tournaments, because it focuses on more micro (cannons/arrows) and strongly prevents selling, what needs you to know the best (fastest) tower combination available (for you). But if I lose a game in random, I can't repeat it via pick. For example, idnedne is a very special build, because it focuses on instant kill, and I usually have problems with those fire armoured undead/mech creeps But I always realize it when the creeps are half around. I think we have the same opinion in this question, as far as I know To sum it up: 1. If I were forced not to sell, I would always play the same build. What would you do? 2. If the game is possible to complete without selling, wouldn't it be too easy with selling enabled (ceteris paribus)? Do you agree that no-selling games should either have lower max-hp creeps, slightly higher bounties or an increased starting interest ratio?
  12. Hello! LXj pointed out, but: I have no idea why she/he published this idea, what leaded to work it out. I can only think that the same as in my case would: to see people selling madly and winning, while you can't. And why can't you? Because sell & rebuild is an eletd-specific skill (okay, in Total Annihilation reclaiming for 100% metal was possible, but much slower), which is hard to learn for some kind of players, like me. But perhaps I was wrong And what about game design? If a game is designed to need different skills: combining towers to achieve sinergies like slowing, selling sometimes to gain more money and sacrificing some lives to be able to build more expensive towers earlier, what allows you to spare - obviously in case of pures which have a 2.1 new nominal damage / new sum price ratio compared to the 1.1-1.25 of the others. So. If the game is designed to be completable without selling, then it will be too easy for sellers (when I have 100K at the end, then Cisz would have 200K - that means twice as much towers and the feeling of an easy game). If the game is only possible with the use of selling, what is possible by a slowly increasing [creep hit point] / [sum creep value before] ratio, then it will be (nearly) impossible to finish the game without selling. So if Cisz with his good selling skills would be able to finish the game with hard work, I would be unable. There isn't much strategy in this game at all: try to max out your (damage dealt) / (tower net worth) ratio - use slowing, armor decreasing and two pass. Play 45+369 because of healing and other tricks instead of only one of these blocks. Can you say more, which is not included? (Yes, online: finish early (spam), offline: finish lately (interest).)
  13. Yes! Less micro, more strategy -- I lite that (I know many people would hate that ) Though it'd be better if you could remove tower for the space. And maybe current towers could need rebalancing I don't think it has to be a game mode. As far as I know, if the host says -pick, everybody will be forced into pick mode, so nobody can play random. That way, 75% on selling should prevent selling at all. Yepp, there is an exception, the pure level. I think, cannons should be sellable. Once, the space - it would turn to a game where everybody who played eletd twice would start with a mix on 45 (4 for the creeps, 5 for the elementals), then switch to 369 to play the remaining around wave 20-30, but as late as possible - because that is slower, you can get spammed. So I think that interest is a bit bad because the game is now designed so that everybody always sells (which is not true) and therefore you need more cash than normally possible. Disabling selling would prevent this. Anyway, say you start with iidndn, what would you do on random mode? I can't do it even now with sell & rebuild. Elemental leaks and more would be added. (Note that in eletd4 from ddnn you can't upgrade to ddnnee because of the pricing problem present in eletd3.) So if that's a rule in a tournament, anybody can play it, but to code it.. I don't vote. ------------- I would happily see the ability to build level 1 elementals before picking. (The ones with the cost of 50.)
  14. electronX

    Recent Replays

    (edit starts: shortening ) Well.. now I wanted to play an Extreme but I couldn't. Extreme mode is something mad to start in comparison to levels around 5-15. And it's heavily dependent on luck (called ability damage). So it should be called lucky mode instead (edit ends) Btw, I wanted to post a vhx replay to gain some respect - I said sometimes that I won games but have never shown it. http://web.t-online.hu/nocturna/electro ... ly_win.w3g I didn't watch it now, it was some months ago, but I'm sure it's either p4 2-pass mixed with wfldn to achieve that well known p4-p5 1-pass / long-pass mixture, or p369 2-pass. If not, then: surprise!
  15. From friends I have some older, usually unofficial versions of EleTD. I'm just interested in trying them. Could they be placed somewhere, rationally on the downloads page? Thanks
  16. electronX

    Beta 4 HARD

    http://web.t-online.hu/nocturna/e044-v4 ... en_bad.w3g Random. Started with earth, then 2 interest picks, as usual. Then received a couple of elements. Once leaked "early", but then everything was much better than any previous play. Altough I almost doubled the number of towers, the wolves didn't leak. Oh yeah! But then slowly the spare of 5-10K got away, then I started to sell to keep it up, that resulted in leaks, then I tried to rebuild and sure-build, but without luck. Slowly but surely leaked, lvl52 (53 is the oncoming) would leak around 15 if I would have more than 5 lives left. Build near the end: e3, w2, i2, n1, f1, finally I received light but I couldn't use it. Tried to build some slowing but storm had no real effect as well as ice. Forgot to build pure earth right after 51 while concentrating on light. And I spoke too much
  17. electronX

    Beta 4 HARD

    I don't understand this line. If you had a net worth of towers of 1500 in random. then you had 4500 gold at hand? The towers are calculated in to the net worth. And in random they show 100% of what the tower is worth. For example, my net worth was 1500, I've built 3 nature towers (675) and had 825 in spare. But now, I'm recording a game and posting it, at least to show, how an eletd-lover lame plays ;-)
  18. electronX

    Beta 4 HARD

    Hey, I think it's good for the game to be a bit harder, if it remains completable. If not on VH, then on an easier level. If easy isn't easier, the option should be wiped out. My idea was to spawn 30 creeps on every difficulty, or at least more than now. But, I know, that wouldn't work in multiplayer. I started to work on an economy analysis guide which is absolutely mathematical and theoretical, and can be used to determine whether any tower is underpowered or not. Just a simple example: the storm tower, if it is simply accounted as slowing the whole map alone by 10% and dealing no damage (so, it's not the Storm), causes 10/9 damage done by the other towers, so if you have 9 damaging towers, it's up to you to build a storm or build another damaging one. If such a storm costs 2000, then your net worth (in towers) should be 18K or above when trying to build the storm. So if your nw is 30K, then the storm rises it to 33K, while your towers cost 32K, so there is 1K profit that you can spare for interest or spend into a tower and feel it easier. If it's under, you should build something different. The fact, that storm has an attack, reduces the ability net worth, and the fact that it doesn't slow the entire map, reduces the multiplier. If it causes the damage like an earth tower, the slowing anw is 2000-225 = 1785. I don't go forward now, enough
  19. electronX

    Beta 4 HARD

    Very hard to be very hard? When I read it, I had an idea. So: Tried Very Easy. Sold every tower between levels, between lvl 10-28 every tower was sold and my net worth was much higher (2-3x) than the net worth of my towers. (Random mode) Perhaps I spared too much later, but the wolves level leaked two times (3+1 runs, at +1 I tested what the hell is the problem, doesn't they receive damage? but they did from magic), and died on level 46. Net worth: 15K. So. Very easy gives the same feeling as very hard, but is at least boring (20 sec between every level). Next time I'll bring some sudoku games before trying it. Very easy is damn hard if the ENTERING health is adjusted and not the MAXIMUM. Healing levels, without the ability to build more towers are just hell. It's only better in the ability of selling everything if healing / mech levels arrive and reorganize to one patch / many two pass small patches.
  20. electronX

    Beta 4 HARD

    Well, now on normal I had light, but I didn't sell other towers. They ran 3 times around: 30, then 16, then 4. Perhaps the 2 lvl3 earth caused, that the first run was much better than the 2nd. (The build was: i + everything except nature. It means, it is not the build's fault, either mine or the wave's.) Isn't the amount of healing higher than in case of other waves? For example, if Priests are healing 50% in 60 seconds, are wolves healing 50% too? It seems they have more. What I really miss in this game: slowing. Because high level slows are reduced (correctly!) and slows grow linearly (why?!) in amount, and somehow in area and therefore duration, ice, storm is much more useless, than in v3. Ice should be built only 3(6)9, storm to 456. Alltogether, why is this game harder? At the same time: - towers cost more - towers are weaker, especially slow, especially area slow: -- ice is point-slow -- glacier is... I don't know, but can't ground target -- storm has no tower attack, it slows much less and causes less damage.
  21. electronX

    Beta 4 HARD

    (so, not for the previous answer, but for the first) I mean the same. I think there should be a poll somewhere. My case is, that: I could beat 3.0 almost always, except some builds I didn't know what to do or that required more micromanagement I like. I found several working strategies: one pass, two pass, mixed pass (some towers here, others there), there were fast builds with good attack and slower builds with slow and weaker attack. I could win this game every way, except extreme mode. Yep, I won that once with pick, starting with steam and then going for slow asap. But that's not a problem. When I play with people nearby, I see 30% die before lvl 30, 90% die before lvl 50 on their selected level (normal or easy, sometimes harder). So, most players can't handle even v3. Now I'm playing 4.0 solo, so I have time to gain interest and such. I'm trying everything, but I'm afraid of any strategies. Two pass is pain when levels are healing, one pass is pain for undead, mech, both of which I can't handle late-game. Composite armor is mad a bit, but possible to handle with overbuild - I saw no good composite attacking towers except electricity (and lvl0), which makes no sense around 40. I gave up playing very hard, I thought that's good because I gain more money, now I switched back to normal, with many sell 'n' rebuild at the start, concentrating on elemental counters, too. I'm not addict, not playing 10 times per day, and I don't like to learn strategies that only work solo (like sell 'n' rebuild at the first waves to gain interest -> genial way to get spammed and die before level 5). So I had 750 around lvl15, later I didn't count it. I'd say it's an average. I died on lvl 50, with a build eilfwdedd. At the start, trickery way useful, later I forgot to mass it. So, I believe that v4b4 is a game that is nearly impossible to complete without hard work, which is not a definition of a Game. Games are to cause happiness, and this doesn't. From now on until beta5, I won't post, because 5-10 games with all lost doesn't mean that specific builds are useless for me, but the whole. So if this game is developed for 100-200 people on the globe, it's okay. If more, then it's not. If anybody wants to know, how I lose all the time, I can send some vh replays (2-4, don't know) via e-mail. (I didn't save the normal.)
  22. electronX

    Beta 4 HARD

    So, if you're playing random and have no light, then accept your death with big smile on your face? (Particularly online, because it will be mixed with spamming.) So the game should either be: - no random or chaos at all, and every wave should have a specific tower, with which you can destroy it. easy and hard should differ greatly, perhaps the creep count should be the same, that way easy is easier; - random and such, and then: balanced. Why should we play random, if it can't be won that way? Why should we play random with players who will hate this game because they can't complete? This is even more important because random mode works quite different for me, than in eletd3. In 3 I had 0-1, sometimes 2 or 3 interest picks, usually 4-5 elements. Here I have usually 2 interest picks (5, 15) and I have no more then 3 elements in 5 games until level 35-40. Not a problem at all, just draws back to balancing. But I believe that it will be corrected some way. For example, in 3.0 you have some tougher waves, but all of them are possible to complete with most builds, and possible to complete with low leak with every build.
  23. Well, this is, what I wanted to say right now... okay, since 3 hours I also built one and sold it as soon as I noticed, that it doesn't work. It is worth around 100 gold, so... not a good deal for 500 By the way, towers are very easy to test! If, on level 12, you sell everything and spend all your money to buy a non-supporting tower (to a strategically good position), then that non-supporting tower should handle the whole stream alone! If it can't, the tower is not worth building, because it is always better to just keep the towers you previously sold (cannons, in this case) than the new tower. Supporting towers are somewhat different, this rule applies in their case differently, but it does, too.
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