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  1. 1. The succubus monster for some reason have 2 basic armor at start. Every other monster is 0. 2. There are times when reincarnated monster get full HP...not sure if this is a change or what but it only happens on some creeps not all of the SAME wave. Watch the replay. At round 46/47 the Darkness Undead round, watch it carefully and you'll see some of them revive at full health. PS. I lost the next round because I didn't pay attention to the creep wave and was looking at something else oh yeah - Map name is WITHOUT the underscore! Bugs check.w3g
  2. VH is suppose to be a challenge. 3.0 VH mode was the "standard" there is no challenge there. Unless it is unbeateable then it's a problem, but as you can apparently see a lot of people have already beaten VH mode. It just take a lot more effort to planning to accomplish it. Online play, you could end the game in 30 minutes if you desire. Like you said VH mode is so hard, most won't even get to the end. Play EX mode here and watch the game end in 15 minutes or less. As for the slowness. Well, in every version, there is probably some bugs. These things can't be completely avoided. It just take time for the developer to find the cause and hopefully fix it. LOL, I remember this. In 3.0 Earth Tower was ridiculous. It just flat out ownz everything. Build enough of it, you can breeze thru nature round. A splash tower shouldn't be doing that much damage. In comparison, water tower is a craphole of element to have by itself (actually I still think it still is even in 4.0, just my opinion). In summary, what is the point of the hardest difficulty when people can easily beat it?
  3. Took so many tries but finally did it! Yay! Got really lucky on the element. 7 Ronald kills, lol who cares. WC3 Version - 1.24d Map - maps/download/Element_TD_4.2c.w3x VH_SR_EX_CH beating.w3g
  4. Is it possible to remove the summoner cast animation? As anyone who plays will realize that you can not utilize the shift key to multitask the summoner because it require the summoner to carry out the whole animation before moving to a new task. You can manually summon everything fast but it propably would be a greater asset to have the ability to carry out shift commands giving you the ability to shift task the summoner for one thing while upgrading another set of tower elsewhere to keep up with approaching wave. Sorry but a lot of people probably does not have the insane APM of pros to summon towers at one end while upgrade another set of tower on the other end. Yes this is all for the sake of maximizing interest.
  5. Then increase armor after the HP cap. By the time armor reach over 30, I hardly doubt anyone will survive.
  6. Random isn't bad. But losing by a flip of a coin is really just sucks. I realized that I can go flawless up to level 40 without a problem with any combination they give me. But at level 40 and beyond, things start to get hectic even if I spent ALL my gold to fill the best I can in every gap and corner to do optimal damage, the tier 1 tower is just insufficient to endure the onslaught I leak round by round and eventually die. If I get lucky at level 45 and get a level 2 element and get higher tier combo, BAM! back from the dead. I realized that all the game I ever beat with Random involve some Higher tier combo. Best I ever got with Tier 1 combo is leve 56 before I have literally 0 gold and filled up entire map with tower and died. Yes perhaps 45,50,55 should lower the odds of having a level 1 element. Cuz if i am on the verge of dying and at level 50 a level one element walk out, I'm screwed.
  7. Wow, it another -1 for Hail tower there, if not enough creep in range, it can hit <5 targets. If you put it way, perhaps a range increase could solve it's problem. At the moment, there are 2 long range AoE, Chain Lightning and GunPowder. Perhaps Hail Tower could join their category then the weak sauce damage could actually be stronger due to longer duration.
  8. MitFantasy

    Hail Tower

    Every time I put effort into utilizing this tower, it's fails me. In comparison to other triple which holds their ground in certain aspect. Support, FF Damage, AoE Damage, or Microing Type. Hail fails at all those aspects. It MIGHT be more effective when there is like a million slow supporting it, but then again, so are other towers even worst is if you do have slow support for it, it STILL only hit 5 units while some tower can smack that 5+ when slow and/or UD round come to play. Even with it's effect kicking in, 5 x 750 = 3750? It fell short of usefulness. I even got level 2 of it and it still weak in comparison to the other. I feel like it's pecking HP off of each wave. Perhaps a slight increase in damage or splash better?? PS. Sludge (lv1) and Oblivion sucks...but at least they don't fail me as much as Hail.
  9. What's the lowest gold you beaten VH with? (No short mode) I know that anything under 100k I struggle for even when I spent every dime, I still leak.
  10. Perhaps, you should give MUCK back to Darkness. Earth already have plenty of good damaging towers and it definitely have plenty of AoE. Darkness have 2 main damage towers and oblivion is hardly used for it's hard to micro for noobs and horrible choice for pro due to inability to interest farm and the other 2 towers are support.
  11. Like the title said. Apparently you can ONLY achieve tier 2 and 3 darkness thru fire and nature and that's it. I went a round with ELWD and seriously there was no darkness tier 2 or 3 to fend off water rounds...And I remember Muck Tower used to be Darkness and now it's Earth...which totally killed me like 2x now for keep forgetting that. Anyway, shouldn't we have more option with Darkness?
  12. I understand what you all are saying but the thing is these AoE tower is weaker due to it dependency on certain enemies and slow support. Fire, with it shortest range of all tower, have the tendency to leave half dead enemies. In random, that isn't an issue for I can just relocate the tower, but in pick, it is quite troublesome. Early level, Amped fire and earth are survivable but when you get into Refined, it just become flat out weak in comparison to Water, light, Darkness, and Nature. Water is definitely stronger by all mean since the beta, IMO. Previously, these AoE towers are powerful due to the fact that a single slow tower can do some crazy slowing to the enemy even at level 1. Now, most level 1 slow only slow for 7%, so the AoE effectiveness isn't great as it used to be. You need a lot more slow or a higher level of it to make Earth and Fire any decent
  13. I find these 2 AoE towers to be a bit weak...they can't seem to hold their own on wave that isn't their strength. Nature, Darkness, Water, and Light all can hold their ground really well by themselves even later point, but earth and fire just seems so weak...unless you have slow tower supporting them or UD wave that creater large clutter for maximum efficiency. Outside of those 2 scenerio, Earth and Fire splash can't seem to compensate for their low DPS.
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