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  1. Oh right, attack ground is a war3 attribute...hmmm... Well, all I have to say is that Karasawa proved he could do it with the Jet tree of towers, so the mushroom boomerang tower tree should prove to be exactly the same deal. "Shoot boomerang to yea point". Ditto with ice tree. "Fire helixes to yea point".
  2. There's a difference between the occasional click (EG spawn particle field on ion/plasma) vs. "CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK SHOOT WHERE I WANT YOU TO DAMN IT CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK" For instance, annihilation towers are a perfect example. Every so often, you'll want to manually reload them in the middle of a wave. No biggy. Good micro--easy to do, and you get a marginal benefit that might end up saving a few lives. However, consider mildew/fungus/mold towers. Can you think of a single location where you can place them that they won't decide to fire diagonally at some point and therefore lose most of their AoE damage? The former type of "micro" is just plain stupid. Also...why use a tsunami tower as your triple when you can use an annihilation which gives you mass AoE PER SHOT at 16 range instead of 10?
  3. dg86

    sc2 Strat

    A) why would you rush your deceit towers when the only thing you'll have to clone will be (at best) obliteration towers? B ) What exactly is the point of going nature 3 at the end? I can understand if you want immortal towers earlier to get nature 3 with light 3. But wave 55? Immortal towers at that point won't have the necessary damage to really help you out, and there's no other reason to get them. Might as well go for a pure essence for a third pure tower.
  4. Agree with the sentiments here. Things like constantly redirecting a mildew/fungus/mold tower's boomerang, or constantly redirecting a celerity/velocity tower's attack so it targets the furthest creep out, or whatever is just constant spam clicking. That's not good micro. Good micro = annihilation tower manual reloading. Good micro = choosing what tower to speed up or clone with a fountain or deceit tower, respectively. Missing out on vital control elements because the creator decided to be sadistic=dislike. Yes, we know that we're supposed to put mildew/fungus/mold towers where they'll shoot into a line of creeps and only there. We know we're supposed to put celerity/velocity towers in a place that they'll most often shoot at the very edge of their range (aka the middle--hurr durr), and so on. This isn't rocket science. The difference is whether or not the game allows us to execute what we want, or becomes anal about it.
  5. dg86

    Fast Creeps

    Speed creeps are actually the *hardest* in the game to kill IMO. Considering that the best towers are the AoE ones, pure lights notwithstanding, the type of creep that really really punishes you for going AoE towers are the speed creeps that have a tendency to split up and make towers waste their shots.
  6. dg86

    Laser Tower

    Maybe you can subset the area in which it functions? For instance, pick any place within its range, and it will only deploy its fighters there. So say in a multiplayer game you're on hard/very hard with some very easy mode jerk who rushes the front with optimum grenade towers or whatever, you can place the laser tower on the top chunk, and if you're getting double waved, you can have the laser tower deploy its fighters right before the exit rather than right after the entrance, so you have less of a chance to leak, if you understand what I'm saying. Also, can you please increase the amount of fighters to 10, because currently, there's next to no point getting earth if you're going dark/light since obliteration/annihilation is so much better it's not even funny.
  7. IMO the best way to address this would be this: The people with the highest difficulty set the wave countdown. Everyone else gets a variable amount of interest, adding .25% per difficulty level. So ve gets 2%, e gets 2.25%, n gets 2.5%, h gets 2.75%, and vh gets 3% base interest. Therefore, even though normal doesn't count down the timer if there's a hard or a very hard in the game, they still get additional benefits compared to very easy. That or you can shift it so normal has 2% interest and punish easy and very easy, so you'd have 1.5%/1.75%/2%/2.25%/2.5% base interest.
  8. Just as the description says. Mildew/fungus/mold: IMO it would be spectacular if we can control where that boomerang goes. For instance, if you put these towers on the left edge of that L rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise (that chunk that goes through the middle), you want them to shoot upwards (or downwards), but not diagonally. Similarly, if you place them in that jut in the middle, you want them to shoot left to get the most out of the boomerang, and not any other which direction. Considering that so many other targeted aoe towers have this (EG jet/spout/geyser, ion/plasma) have their AoEs targeted, a similar addition to this tower would be nice. Celerity/Velocity: Could use an option to constantly attack the furthest target in range. Part of the reason this tower sucks IMO is that it continues to focus on one target as it comes closer and closer. What we all wish was that it kept switching targets to the ones that just entered range or so. Ephemeral/Temporal: Once again, like the celerity tower, works against itself. Would be nice to have an option for it to attack the target with the highest HP in range, so it would shoot one mob, lower its HP, then switch to the next. Quark/Electron/Atom: Could use an option to reverse the direction of its rotation.
  9. In my experience, the annihilation tower seems to be the single best tower in the game, no questions asked. Furthermore, its three dual element towers are also very good (well, the dark/light and light/nature--the dark/nature = meh). Masquerade tower is solid, and if you go up to dark and light level 3, you get the insanely awesome deceit tower, which can clone your annihilation towers several times over! I have yet to use the death tower since that's just a single target tower and doesn't really perform spectacularly unless other towers have done most of its work for it already. Furthermore, if you decide to quad element with earth, you get access to invocation and spike towers, which amplify and slow, respectively. IMO this seems to be the single best combo in the game, because the moment you get your obliteration/annihilation towers going and support them with masquerade/deceit towers to make them that much better, there just seems to be no excuse whatsoever for leaking past that point. Overall, this is the way I'd rate the elements: 1) Light--most used pure towers, great range, lots of fantastic 2-element towers such as the quark, trickery, life, and electricity trees, and parts of some of the best three-element towers in the game (annihilation, phaser, invocation, supernova, plasma) 2) Darkness--artillery, deceit, and goes into annihilation and spike towers. 3) Nature--I rate this above earth because it goes into the wonderfully good annihilation tower, while phasor is inferior IMO. Also is part of the immortality and fountain towers. 4) Earth--because it's the best quad-element complement for the above 3, giving you access to damage amplification and slow at once. Also the mold tower placed in the correct locations just gets absolutely hideous AoE damage. 5) Fire--good damage, but just about everything it creates has low range. 6) Water--is there anything good about this entire element besides the fountain tower? Other than that, it seems everything it does, other elements can do *better*.
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