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  1. ok, just found the other thread on this. sowwy
  2. As the title says. I miss being able to upgrade my intrest and focusing on my own plan than having to go just elements all the time
  3. Xeo

    Bugs etc

    Jinx towers doesn't seem to be shooting at all, perhaps it might need to be rooted to fire?
  4. Xeo

    Bugs etc

    + SC2 version + Map version: 0.5 When Jetstream tower is set to attack ground, it halve's its attackspeed it seems Speed tower increases to a maximum of -0.33 attackspeed. 11%*20 should resolve out to be alot more than this with a base of 1, right?
  5. Xeo

    Game bugs

    Also just adding some here. When Jetstream tower is set to attack ground, it halve's its attackspeed it seems
  6. Xeo

    Element TD 0.0

    As long as you have the map, you can also create games, just dont open them to public, and you can invite your friends manualy
  7. How's the beta stage coming along? Will we be able to start testing soon?
  8. Realy looking forward to a playable version of Element TD for sc2. Do you have any estimate for how long alpha will last? A month or so to get to find the bugs and fix em?
  9. Then host a game and wait for people to come..
  10. Yeah, Most of us scandinavians have no problem with english. Those that would prefer it in their own language are mostly those uncomfortable with english. My guess is that there would be most german/french players wanting their own language, as they are some of the most populated countries as well.
  11. Xeo

    Element TD Update

    Sounds great! Can't wait to try it out.
  12. Xeo

    Element TD Update

    Any update on when the beta is going to be ready?
  13. Xeo

    Element TD Update

    Looks awesome! Keep up the good work, realy looking forward to the game
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