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  1. 5 seconds isn't very long Also, hitting the query buttons doesn't do much when you have 5 elements. Any way of printing them to the ingame tips? Same with the Voting.
  2. S owe know what modes were picked. Unless its just hat it doesn't display standard mode, I haven't seen any info on chosen game mode yet.
  3. Question: What happens on random with the resell values? They aren't pickable (via random) Or will they be a waste or will you be able to farm gold via selling? Im just curious as I don't have time to play as of late and to mega As I infer it, it means that on VE you need 15 fruit kills for 1 xp, and on VH, you only need 7 kils per XP
  4. Whatever the numbers turn out to be, it sounds decent, except that the host is usually random I would suggest a -nominate feature, where you an either -nominate (color) , (player) or (#), It resets the options and gives the nominee control over options. Make it require 3 -5 /8 I guess.
  5. the shrapnel tower iirc, causes huge lag when there's a decent amount on the map. Its the tower that hits then splits into two bombs.
  6. Simply read the post above your original one. You'll notice the post above that one is the same question you asked. ' Just ban him. Don't take him calling your devs retards. Someone like him probably couldn't figure out how to spend gas and build dual element towers anyway.
  7. The system as it is now is nicer, people need a push to normal and above, and with this mechanic the host can give them it while still being able to play VH himself.
  8. Polar tower seems to do too much damage.. it soloed wave 28 ( or close to it) Also, it and plasma tower share a hotkey from ice tower. Game ends with "Neutral has won with 0 lives"
  9. pyrobob262

    .2 bugs

    the nova tower doesn't like to fire itself, but once you tell it to once itll start autocasting, but only for that wave? Its odd. Electricity tower upgrade says potential and lists potential details, yet (correctly) upgrades to voltage. ice tower doesnt display range. Tower's shots will follow a unit after it reaches the end, "hopping" over to the entrance zone in.
  10. Doesn't work for me, its just a green check already and if i try to launch it says can't launch with older versions. have a theory about to test. yep, If you played the map that session, it won't let you DL the new version. Jsut exit and come back in for the map to be "repacked" And overwritable.
  11. So it lacks the actual line effect that its visual makes it look like it would have? if so, then yes. Maybe change it to a lobbed napalm bomb to clarify the tower? And a text tag on the unit that sets off the stack would be very nice.
  12. Well the falling off killing them bit REALLY limits beta testing lol. you can beat the game with 1 flamethrower tower t2 almost. Well, from recollection, is it supposed to aoe? I assume so. This aoe can clean miss mobs that should otherwise be hit. There is no stack indicator. The bug you mentioned has another caveat to it, they still die even if the tower is still applying debuffs. I dunno how sc2 works but in WoW thats a totally different issue x.x other than that, I would suggest 4 seconds for napalm duration, its is critically hard to get a kill in a 3 second window, and for +180ish dmg requires far too much micro.
  13. Whatever current sc is... lol Lvl 23 sitl lhas no health bars. Drowning tower t2 one shots till ~wave 35 Flamethrower is.. .bugged to all hell and back? Should i list bugs for it? Clerety is still bugged, dmg is ok, but as someone earlier pointed out it fires with a .1 attack once on a target. Same with velocity. Btw. FROOT!
  14. 1: 14 2: Sure. 3. Not without a hotkey. and it needs a faster charge rate. 4. With a faster charge rate yes. 5Setting to set the max would be cool, but thad take all the micro out. Though if you forgot the tower early on then itd be really weak till you remembered to fix it
  15. Nice reports, wish I had the background to help liek that. Ima work on it
  16. Do the math on the tower, its the same as the old impulse effectivly IIRc, and the tower attack speed is .66, which is about as fast as the tower attacks come, HOWEVER, they do 10x the dmg they should by the ingame equation. you can see the dmg numbers pop up... Thats the reason it rapes so hard, not that it attacks fast.. Possible combination of the two maybe? The DMG is definitely off. On supply: I didnt build the laser tower. The supply is broken with pure towers, you can build over cap easily.
  17. lvl 53 collosus has 3 hp lol Many t2 dual towers are appalingly weak- IE nuclear tower Supply is broken. Extra 0 i nthe damage equation for celerity tower and velocity tower it seems. game sits at lvl 61 doing nothing.
  18. The clerity tower should use its ability, but it has an extra 0 at the end of the dmg
  19. WEll the double towers would still be built "from the ground up" if you did that. and chiq, is there someone on the team that is in charge of it? I talked with Kara and it felt like there wasnt really.
  20. Well first off, the alpha ui is lacking, and I don't believe kara has someone to do anything about it, soooo, I might learn it. If anyone knows anyting about the UI functionality for SC2, then please speak up. otherwise I will be learning from scratch and need ideas. the element counter is obvious, help center with towers and details is obvious, but hat of the scoreboard? Make one like the WC3 one with two expandability settings, none single and all, and maybe team if that ever comes about. have a separate UI element for current/next wave,and another ui element for your current elements, and perhaps as the element selector. the topic title comes form my idea of modifying the bottom ui, to incorporate the elements you pick. IE nature would add some green growth, and if you went with fire it would have fire licked across it and burning it a little, and water after that puts out some fire, but all three are there, evolving as you choose elements. Next level of nature would add flower buds, then third would be flowers. All in all it would be ~ 200 variations not taking into account interest. Seems a lot of work, but I might get bored. Where i would need help, besides learning it all, would be what to do for interest? Just throw gold coins around the ui? then bars or something for a second level? I dunno. Is this even possible? The alpha als ohas no wire frames nor unit portraits, and I do believe kara has little to no plan for those atm, so if someone has experience please step up, otherwise Ill be learning it over the weekend.
  21. none of the numbers work... Look at it this way, the largest range is 3 times the shortest, so SC2 would be 18, not 16. and if you up ray range to 7 then max would be 21. Ill take a better look at the range deal, but I would base max and min off that 3x multiple.
  22. Some towers are uncontrollable. so far i've noticed the ray towes and the light level 2 tower to exhibit this behavior. The terra thor (something like that) has a particularly flashy and long death animation. No score screen? Lol I gotta type these up midgame. x.x Well I need to get off for the night, great job kara
  23. aw I fail x.x If your talking about the SC2 progress one, that post made it sound as if it was coming with the alpha signups x.x any idea how long we are talking about? I want to have a clean schedule
  24. zomg goooo Kouga 172 US! Kara why aren't you online and one hell of a day to release, same day as portal 2 x.x
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