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  1. virusblastone

    Let's Play a Game

    oblivion and boomerang tower are the worst amongst all...!!!
  2. virusblastone

    1v1 Draft Pick #2 League

    i like WC3 more tham SC2 i want fds for WC3
  3. virusblastone

    Element TD 0.85

    way t go....where is the dl ???
  4. virusblastone

    Same Designed 523 donald New Record

    with this build u can easily go above 650 ronalds kills
  5. virusblastone

    Water Fire Nature 89 ronald kill VERY HARD

    perm he is again one ov those guys who just brag..!! leave him....just a kid
  6. virusblastone

    The Forum Draft Series

    virusblastone virus
  7. virusblastone

    The Forum Draft Series

    i like it...holepercent its gonna be great.....yeah
  8. virusblastone

    High scores for Ronald

    this has been quite a long discussion....i agree with per... game should be played on multiplayer with extra short and very hard difficulty... and perm... why not we members come together once a week and play online multiplayer ?? that will be good ...
  9. virusblastone

    [WC3] Element TD 4.3b

    Great gift man....many thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. virusblastone


    i managed to kill 88 on very hard but couldnt reach 100, will upload replay after reaching 100....
  11. virusblastone

    Ronald Mcdonald killing spree

    Your replay does not work. Just like the other guy who said he've killed more than 500, his replay did not work either. Attach a working replay then I will approve you. Meanwhile, I've broken my new record, and I've killed over 350 this time. And of course, my replay ALWAYS works. No shady creepy youtube links here... Why use link when you can upload it through this forum by attaching a file? Also your replay indicates you played it on a single mode which is also fishy. (How do I know? Because I can read..) Your link works, but the file does not work. I am the King ^^ challange me live, and I bet you will die around 150 ronald kills. Prove me wrong with a WORKING REPLAY. ENJOY MY 376 replay kills and learn. thanks. noob You are the noob because you are all talking, with 0 proofs. Replays go on the replays folder, not Scenerios dumbass. For the benefit of doubt, I tried it anyway and it still doesn;t work because your replay is BOGUS. Come challenge me tonight or tomorrow between 11AM and 2AM EST and whisper me. If you don't show up, that would confirm your all-talking with 0 SKILLS. let the actions speak for itself. Come challenge me during those times or arrange a time yourself and I WILL COME TO YOU. noob i told you to copy the map file not the replay file..... such a noob you are
  12. virusblastone

    528 Ronald Mcdonald Death. NO CHEATS.

    good job man but i uploaded 547 kills replay...mine life was 247 and permanentnoob has uploaded 633 kills replay...his life 111
  13. virusblastone

    TD 4.3 bug - Block creeps

    yeah its a bug in the 2nd world u can place towers on pathway and spawning portal...
  14. virusblastone

    Ronald Mcdonald killing spree

    I play on East. I will welcome you to defeat me in a ELE.TD duel anytime you wish. You can add me HowardMoon. (include a period) I can be usually found at Clan hpmm And I am sorry, but I am the best. 618 kills is clearly unlegit because, he actually doesn't show his towers or creeps. Because by doing that it would reveal whosyourdaddy cheat or by clicking his tower it would reveal his gold amount, which was probably 9999. If I am wrong, virustone, I also challenge you to a live duel. i fink i won the 10 dollar bet... ? haha :P