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  1. To be short, VH-AP-ES 89 ronalds kill, no death tower (this tower is bugged, please fix, I noticed the speed on website is 1, which should be consider as average, but it's very fast in game, and its speed is faster than even the 0.66 speed tower). I practice this for competitive purpose, you will see in the replays I try to finish all creeps as soon as possible. If you don't know why you need to finish waves fast, call yourself noob and try to figure that out yourself. I have watched all replays in this forum today, all sucks, maybe Arirmind is the only one has some skills and understanding about the game, there are a lot of noobbies go bla bla bla and wasting my time download the replays. I'm looking for better players. Not only about ronald, I don't like single player game, that for noob only. I wouldn't doubt I can kill 200 ronald without death towers VH in single players, but I wouldn't try. Wasting time for what never work. If you play against me, you will be lucky if you still alive after 5-10 rounds. Contact me on garena, IGN real_feeder, if you wanna try a game. I will do one only, VH-AP-ES-CM (chaos mode -.-') I won't visit this forum again, at least until the new version ETD come out. So don't waste your time to leave a post for me. And here is the replays, GG 89 ronald VH.w3g
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