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  1. The purpose of my post is to try and raise the bar that people aspire to. In fact, a fair amount of people do claim some sort of title when their feat was achieved on VE. If it was just HowardMoon then I wouldn't have been inclined enough to make this post. I am not saying that only VH requires skill. I am simply saying that VH requires the most skill. I'm not going to lie, I think it is more interesting to watch someone smash a lot of Ronalds on VH as opposed to VE. To that end, it would be nice if people progressed upwards as they get better instead of staying on VE. However, there is no reason to withhold replays. So regardless of difficulty, if it is a game well played then it is a game worth sharing. There are players of all skill levels on these forums, so someone will enjoy it. The advantage of Short Mode is debatable. But no one disagrees with the fact that it's a minor factor. The difference between VE and VH is night and day while the difference between normal and SM is midnight to 1 am. So, technically you may be right but no one should care. I THINK WHAT HE MEANT IS INSTEAD OF ME SAYING "I AM THE ETD KING BECAUSE I KILLED 1645 RONALDS..." IM SUPOSED TO CLAIM "IM THE KING IN VERY EASY MODE" AYT? COZ HAVING 1645 kills on VE is less that of a feat killng 100 on VH. Got it.
  2. Thanks on the info Perm and I'll work on it to defeat that 633 of yours
  3. Thank you for the GJ Yes getting 1.5 million is quite useless except for getting someone to MATHEMATICALLY shut up because he thinks the feat is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Maximum you'll need is around 800k if you're purchasing golem towers which i believe needs 5000 gold to upgrade. My excuses.. well they are not actually excuses but if you put it that way, then I wont argue. Yup i know 340 is low. Im on it What is the highest as of now anyway may i ask...
  4. another bogus n00b. it is not possible to get 1 million dollar with 1 interest upgrade. it is mathematically not possible. Just like the virusblastone guy, you're not using correct updated version of the map, therefore you got over1k kills. Why do people keep trying to cheat this? I am the only one with the UNQUESTIONABLE replay and I AM THE BEST. SO STOP TRYING. thanks HERE IS A LINK OF ME DOING 1.5MILLION GOLDETD 1.5mil 340.w3g SO FOR THE ONE WHO SAID THAT THIS IS MATHEMATICALLY NOT POSSIBLE, THEY CAN MATHEMATICALLY REORGANIZE THEIR STRATEGIES TO MATHEMATICALLY REALIZE THAT THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE MATHEMATICALLY INCLINED TO MATHEMATICALLY SHUT UP. Anyways, I only killed 340+ ronald in this VERSION downloaded from the link in the official website eletd.com. So i guess I have the real map now? There is a discrepancy between this orginal and the map I used to do the 1650+ kills. In the old version i have, the ronalds do not cast RESURRECTION and MIRROR images. So this REPLAY i have now, ETD 1.5mil 340.w3g was rushed... it has so many mistakes (me selling my main towers. letting creeps pass in very early levels. pausing the game for toilet break. not controlling my towers) I DECIDED to post this just to make someone shut up while I reorganize my strategy and do a more perfect replay of this strategy. And last but not the least, I was using my brother's account 'makibaoh12345' during this replay because I forgot to log my own account while rusing this replay. Again this is a RUSHED replay. I'll post a better version maybe by tomorrow.
  5. How come its [1].3w3x? I have played with this map on Garena already. No i used E2 F2 L2 N2 W2 and 1 interest % IM GONNA DOWNLOAD a new fresh map version and upload the replay again... Will update this by tomorrow.
  6. HERE IS THE REPLAY: http://www.mediafire.com/?1lcch760yl2dled The Strategy Build: EFL FLN FLW EF ELW ELN ENW This strategy needs you to be precise. And you will get as much as 1million gold in the game. See the replay for details. Contact information: [email protected] for both e-mail and facebook Garena Account: siminukawa
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