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  1. Dident read it all but it seems kind of confusing without pictures when you talk about tower placement near beginning. Perhaps some... pictures?
  2. I have to honestly say that any bonus ingame that would give you a advantage over other players (Such as bonus minerals or what have you) is a big no in my book. Although asthetic things seem like a good idea.
  3. Vyce663


    To add to that. They good maps will just keep getting better while more good maps come out. With all the new tings you can do in sc2 over wc3 who knows the possibilities!
  4. I'm up for it. I spend most of my time watching Sc2 replays as it is .
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    On battle net is the only place.
  6. Seeker missile seems a bit big. Like Chiq said with reapers c4 charge thingy or marauder attack projectile seems nice.
  7. Ohh one area would DEFFENETLY have to have banerain... ya know... overlords flying above and dropping banelings on everrrythhingggg!
  8. I could be confused but dident he just said he was going to probally just speed up the projectile.. so ... /puzzled
  9. Well speeding up the projectile doesent make it shoot faster it just makes the projectile it shoots out travel faster and therefore hit the mob that if it were to one shot it it would get to the mob before the tower has to shoot at again due to the projectile still not hitting target yet Think... Grenade launcher vs throwing a grenade... the launcher will get the grenade there faster but will do the same damage as just throwing the grenade
  10. Ahh this seems to be the place to complain about all the tinyiest things wrong about the quark tower so ill add mine in. The damage it says it does and the i guess "ability" tooltip are 500 off now, im guessing thats because the damage in slow is the damage it shows as damage done and fast is in the tooltip but it could get confusing for newer players/idiots (they exist i swear)
  11. On normal AR SR said were giving 2 gold yet only gave one /tear. thats a whole... some gold!... ill have a replay once im done playing
  12. I like it. How about a total divisor instead of the way you do it? Basically it would be (2000+2000)/1.25 and then the result of that +2000 and the total divided by 1.25 and so forth for each link. So, 1 - 2000 2 - 3200 (4000/1.25) 3 - 4160 (5200/1.25) 4 - 4928 (6160/1.25) 5 - 5542 (6928/1.25) I also don't think we need the "out of range" part. With the diminishing returns of linking, it only pays to have a certain number in each area. Thoughts everyone? I like it. Sounds interesting.
  13. Vyce663

    Tower Models?

    Well, heres what i got off the top of my head. Just using regular models already in the game of course. Theres not much in the line of water towers though. Edit: updated list. PossibleTowermodels.xls
  14. I was thinking. Perhaps have it work like a siege tank. While mobile working with the decreasing damage (while being higher initially). Then while in "siege" form it would start with a lower damage but gain damage as it attacks a unit (adventually gaining to be more damage then the initial of the mobile form but also loseing its mobility). As it will only be able to do the optimal damage for one or two seconds due to range on the targeted unit it won't or shouldent always be in "siege" form.
  15. I like the first idea too myself better. Like a Void ray in melee maps that gains damage (could be its evil twin tower ) but give the tower high damage output for a few seconds then lessen down to 50% damage delt after 5-8 seconds attacking the tower.... so basicly Infestation Tower Deals 1000 first second Deals 900 second second Deals 800 third second Deals 700 fourth second Deals 600 Fifth second...... So on and so forth it would deal quite a bit more damage then other towers of the same tier but would as said before need to be microed to be full effective. Just my 2 cents.
  16. I do like the rampage idea could somewhat be used in "challanges" E.G *Of course the units and mineral numbers such is just for example * Kill 20 Marine's using any combo of any element towers with just 2000 minerals Kill 30 Marine's using only darkness and fire towers and 3000 minerals So on and so forth with the combos of elements and mineral costs Easy/Medium/Hard modes could also be put in to this by lowering the amount of minerals you get for the challenge (3000 for easy 2500 for medium and 2000 for hard and whatnot) ----------- VIP seems interesting but i don't know how it could be done with the current Eletd layout it may need a separate area that's cutoff from the map (but that's doable easier now i believe right?). If i guess it were somehow to be used in the current map i could see the enemy units coming from the end of the maze (where you would normally leak from) and your "VIP" coming from the start of the maze but so players don't just build at the end of the maze randomly units will drop from the sky (Like the Terran Mole from the upgraded command center in melee maps) randomly in the maze. Well that's all i got for now. What ya guys think?
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