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    i just tried my mass mold/mass PURE LIGHT/mass eternal build on hard and made it through 60 easy. I only got 11 fruit kills but i didnt target and didnt prepare because i was so excited lol. my builds here in the forum...basic sc2 strat. you have to place things right or it wont work but i took a screen shot so ill post it now
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    Basic Sc2 Strat

    normal. The light towers clear the fire wave leaks if there are any but this is pretty much a fast mold build so the molds are teched so much ahead at the point of where they would become nerf against fire rounds that by the time they arent as effective against fire rounds that your light towers are up which completely RAPE fire units! Bosses were never an issue, not even once. EDIT: TESTED ON HARD! MADE IT THROUGH 60 easy!!! I only killed 11 fruit but i almost crapped my pants so i didnt have time to prepare for final lol.
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    Basic Sc2 Strat

    Added a summary to ease the process for those a litte more experienced. hope this helped!
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    Basic Sc2 Strat

    lol yea let me get those. sorry i kinda rambled but i tried to be thorough for stupid people so they would understand lol
  5. Hey guys! this is a basic Sc2 strat that is for beginning - intermediate players that will easily get you to the fruit of death. On average i get about 30 kills, but if i targeted i could get more. ive only played about 15-20 games so im still learning the usefulness of all towers myself. so here is the summarized version!! If your extra extra new and you need some more thorough help, read the bottom 1.)start with 3 grenade towers; fully UP them. Get Light lvl 1 2.)Make two light towers in center, up them both. 3.)Get nature lvl 1. Make nature tower near left choke. 4.)Up it to amplfied 5.)Get earth lvl 1 6.)Up your amplified nature to mildew. Make two more near it = 3 mildews. you can make 4 if you want 7.)Get Nature lvl 2. 8.)Get Earth lvl 2. 9.)Upgrade your mildews to fungals. 10.)Get light lvl 2. Upgrade your light towers. 11.)Get EARTH 3 and NATURE 3. Up your fungals to molds. 12.)Get light lvl 3, up your light towers. 13.)Get pure essense from the elemental tower. Upgrade your first light tower to PURE LIGHT tower. 14.)Use last element as fire. Build forges (forge build is earth > amp earth > forge) build them near your pure lights and your molds. 15.)violla. mass more fungals, get some incantations, and when you get to fruit, TARGET THEM!! hope this helps you, enjoy More thorough explanation concerning ALL towers and ALL placements if you still need help 1.) Start out with 3 grenade towers, and upgrade the first 3 (since thats all you can afford) and place them at the end of the first cliff. You can either have three at the end of the cliff, or have two at the end of the cliff, and one parrallel on the midsection. The second option is choice because incase you do somehow leak, you will have a turret that will have a two-pass. 2.) Keep upping those towers as you proceed through the rounds to optimum. This is all you will need until you make it through round 5. Pick LIGHT lvl 1!! Kill the first light boss, and build a light tower at the end of the middle cliff. This position is choice because it has range to practically every facet of the map and will help you not only kill bulk but control leaks should you have any. 3.) Up the light tower to amplified. At the moment, you should have three optimum grenade towers and an amplified light tower in the center. You should be controlling all the waves just fine now. Next, build a second light tower just below the other loght tower at the top of midcliff. 4.) Keep gathering resources until you up the second light tower to amplified. Chances are you will be past round 10 when you do. When you get your next element unlock, pick NATURE lvl 1!! 5.) Build your first nature tower. Build it right in the choke at the top cliff, right where it forks. Build it hanging on the left side of the fork choke. So pretend your looking at a upside down fork coming from where the spawns are, right where the cliffs split in horizontal directions, build it THERE! That way you will have access to the intial spawns coming out the front (which it will rape) and should you ever leak it will have plenty enough range to help assist killing leaks that made it around. 6.) Up your nature tower to amplified, and keep saving. You will run into the next element unlock. unlock EARTH lvl 1!! you will quickly kill it, and you can upgrade your nature tower to a mildew tower. Keep saving until you do. once you get that mildew tower you will have plenty of breathing room! Mildew towers are heavily overpowered in sc2 version! 7.) Build your next nature tower after your first mildew is upped. Build it at the TOP of the left cliff! Meaning as close to where you can be parallel to the spawns. Continue upping it to mildew. This position is optimal because its boomerang which does continuous damage to exposure goes up and down the spawn line that is formed doing continuous damage! 8.) Go ahead and throw up another mildew tower right next to the one at the far left choke parallel. You should be raping the spawns. In the meantime be sure to get the next two elements, NATURE 2 and EARTH 2!! 9.) once you kill the nature two and earth two bosses, upgrade your mildews to fungals! you will probably only have enough to upgrade your first mildew with some excess. Upgrade the one on the far edge of the left cliff parallell since thats your strongest offensive!! Continue upgrading your other two mildews to fungals, you can even make a third one on the left cliff edge just for extra protection (thats what she said ) 10.) You dont have to do this since they arent super strong towers, but i get two perpetual towers and upgrade them. I place one in the middle of the left choke so it has the most open access to kills and the other near the fungal in the center of the fork that helps control leaks and attacks the spawns from both angles. On average each game i get about 20 extra lives from these bad boys Keep upping them once your fungals and light towers are under control. 10.) So now you observe your fungals are fucking raping but the spawns they miss are not getting much damage from your light towers. the next element to upgrade after you get your fungals is LIGHT lvl 2!!! With your fungals up that scout is gonna get raped in the behind. And once it does, upgrade both your LIGHT towers in the center of the map to FOCUSED LIGHT TOWERS. They are only 450 but are really useful for controlling leaks. 11.) Now you gotta head straight for those mold towers. your three or four fungals, your two eternal/perpetual towers, and your two focuses light towers should carry you far enough to upgrade your EARTH lvl 3 and NATURE lvl 3!! Nature lvl three boss is easy to kill but earth lvl 3 takes some focusing!! You can control the EARTH 3 Boss with ease if you send for him right after you finish the previous round. He should have about 1 or 2 red bars of health when he gets by all your towers. Have your light towers focus fire while the fungals get the next round of spawns and then when the earth boss comes around that last corner, micro your last fungal towers to hit him before he leaks!! you should be able to kill him before he leaks. 12.) YAY! now you have unlocked mold towers, the final upgrade for your mildews!! you shuold have enough money saved up to up them all to mold towers. Once you do, you will be RAPING once again!! the next element unlock you will get is LIGHT lvl 3!! but in the meantime you will have some money left over which you can upgrade your perpetuals into eternals or whatever their last tier is which will continue to help add lives!!! and they really arent a bad tower to invest in because they do about 2k damage at full UP AND give you lives!! 13.) Go ahead and get the elemetn LIGHT LVL 3 bOSS!! this is the strongest boss you will ecounter but your mold towers and lights should take care of it fine. Then go ahead and upgrade both your light towers to their next tier!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE AT THIS POINT!! YOU NEED TO SAVE FOR PURE LIGHT TOWERS which is 9.1k minerals. Save through the rest of the rounds until the next unlock which you will buy pure essense. BUY IT!! its at your elemental tower. costs 1 vespene. 14.)After saving and getting your pure essense you should have enough to get your PURE LIGHT TOWER!! get it!!. You can choose either one of your light towers it doesnt matter, i usually choose the one closest to the top so i have some more room to control leaks at the top should they make it around. 15.) Alright you should be solid for the next five rounds. When you get lvl 55 they should give you a FREE PURE ESSENSE which you can use to upgrade your other LIGHT tower!!! do so. sometimes the pure towers just upgrade anyway even without essense, idrk why. so always check and try. ON LEVEL 55, you will need to get the FIRE element lvl 1!!! this will allow you to get forges which will be helpful. The boss is a peice of cake. so kill the boss and then make this combo EARTH TOWER > UPGRADED EARTH TOWER > FORGE!! this will add 15% MORE DAMAGE TO ALL YOUR TOWERS! i usually have quite a few towers and sometimes it takes a while for the element to "evolve all your towers so be sure to put atleast two forges near all your mold towers and 1 or 2 near your PURE LIGHTS!! now they will all have 15% more damage!! WOOO 16.) alright the rest should be smooth except round 58 which you will inevtiably leak in cuz its insane, so use your pure lights to target weak units and focus fire so you leak as minimal as possible. You should have about 65 lives so if you leak 7-8 its no big deal. 17.) WOO! so its round 59 and you should be preparing for fruit. I think you get another pure essense so make a PURE NATURE TOWER!! it rapes. Put it either near your pure light towers or near and in between all your molds, eithers fine. Make sure all your pwer towers are under the amplification of your forges also get some INCANTATION TOWERS!! the up is NATURE > amp NATURE > MILDEW > INCANTATION > then upgraded incantation whatever thats called. get two of those, one near your pure lights and one near your molds. 18.) spend everything you can before you get broke, and then once fruit comes along, use the shift button to select ALL YOUR TOWERS THAT SHOOT!! especially your molds and your pure towers (pure lights and pure nature). you can let some of the fruit come out and let the molds do multi damage but once they start to rap around TARGET THEM !!!! you should be able to pull off 25 - 30 kills. 19.) Huzahhhh!! you WON!! this is just a basic build to get you through the game and get you an idea of what towers are good. this is in no way a PRO build because im still new myself but it should help those who havnt made it through the game and need to know whats optimal. YOUR WELCOME!!! If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas, add them all to this thread. And remember im still learning too so i need all the help i can get as well! please help me improve this build THANKS!!!
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