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  1. I'm working on implementing a system to do this.
  2. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to implement a Pseudo-Random Distribution system for these towers, it would allow the average % to trigger to be the same, but would prevent outlying chances for strings of non-procing attacks.
  3. Well, you can change the text it shows from "Fast" to something else, but you can't change what numerical values it represents.
  4. The speed settings such as Very Slow, Fast, Very Fast, etc are defined by game interface constants, they can't be changed while the game is running. There's also a single constant used for all the "Fast" attack and movement speeds, so you can't customize it for each unit. Due to this, your idea isn't possible.
  5. No, if you heard that rumor on the internet it HAS to be true. Everything on the internet is true. I would guess Garena would be the best private server to find EleTD games on, seeing as it had/has a "sponsorship" thingy with extra rooms for EleTD and such.
  6. You should probably mention your programs are Windows specific.
  7. I think if you make a separate trigger that has the Finishes an upgrade event, then you can use Triggering Unit to refer to that building.
  8. Have you tried adding Unit - A unit Finishes an upgrade to the event list?
  9. Because you said they are orb effects which would make only one active at a time, which would make getting one element much better.
  10. Seems like it may be a problem using it with a most builds because it would benefit quite a bit more from only getting one type of elemental.
  11. So you're saying the elemental abilities would increase in power as you killed more elementals of that type, and that you could have one element active at a time and it would give an orb effect to the tower?
  12. While we're at it let's add a +1life command so I can beat the game
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