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Wich race?

Favourite Race?  

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Well I know I said night to you all but I just had to post this before I forgot.

So what is your favourite race in Warcraft 3?

I might prefer to choose random, but wich race do you think are the coolest... just wich race you like the most.

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started off with the orcs and are still my trusty main...ha, we perhaps get to complain the most about having imalanced matchups (except UD) but we still have the most reknowned WC3 player ever (grubby).

I play random in 2v2 AT, it's great! Except when i get HU. damn, my HU sucks.

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I used to be a serious player. Now I usually play 2v2 with anyone. (aka, a random player)

But I mostly quit beacause I had a partner and we toghether had more then 70% wins toghethér, but he started with wow. And he doesn't play wc3 anymore.

After that I had a pretty good solo stat. (more then 65% win for a while)

But it wasn't as fun, so I started playing random team, then I usually losa beucase of a leaving player.


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when i used to play standard, i played using human.. seemed the easiest when i started wc3.. didn't do too badly in online 2v2s.. invis mortars/siege tank strats.. and the odd footman (frenzy).. rushing with either footmen or riflemen..

now i hardly play standard.. don't have the micro (as seen in my eletd games as well) .. but once in a long while i create a noob 2v2/3v3 to play for fun..

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The only answer to this can be: Zerg. :)

this post WINS.

me and my friends have had several humorous discussions about SC vs WC, it would be a very "imbalanced" matchup but still very difficult to wrap your head around who might come out on top. WC units ofcourse have vastly superior amounts of hp (grunts have like double the hp of an ultralisk!) but SC has the MASS MASS MASS and doesn't have to worry about supply, creeping, etc.

Map would affect it alot as well, since if it's a pure wc-style map then creeps would prevent the SC player from expanding at all =P

certain strats become vastly unviable, for example a 4-pool is easily countered by militia or burrows. However certain other abilities are much much more useful. on the side of WC anything AoE is generally great, imagine just going into their base with a lvl 1 TC and shockwave their entire mineral line. On the other hand SC cloaking becomes much more effective since there are hardly any detector units in WC (shade, gyrocopter). And of course, spawn broodling and MIND CONTROL are awesome here.

overall I would give the advantage to WC, simply because a SCOUT peon can already do so much damage xD. But still, there is so much weird stuff you have to consider, it's funny.

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frozen orbs with sorceresses or sorceresses with frozen orbs?

you'd think a single d2 char would win over both sides fairly easily, but...what of mind control, spawn broodling, possess, stasis field, etc...? also D2 has no detectors, but that's not really a problem for frozen orb sorcs since...well, just spam it anywhere and it works.

Dota chars stand no chance in hell though.

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Well, hmm..... FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!! (rushes to kill DDRkirby(ISQ), but realises he his like on the other side of earth.)




..(peon voice:(peonpissed2.waw) Me bissy leave me alone.

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