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Upgrade - Cancel Upgrade Bugs

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I have been messing around with the tower upgrading system lately.. Found couple minor bugs again..

  • You can reset some cooldowns on towers when you upgrade -> cancel upgrade. Such as Hail and Runic towers.. Also didn't work on Well Tower, haven't tested others.
  • You can remove Trickery Tower's debuff by upgrade -> cancel upgrade.


  • This one is very very minor, but I found a way to abuse it (is it efficent / worth it, I dont know). You can reduce some towers attack speed (mainly slow towers, such as Dark Tower) by letting the tower hit once -> upgrade -> cancel upgrade -> let it hit again -> repeat.. But you need to be very precise with the timing, and sometimes you get this "Dead" message which prevents you to do actions for second, and it messes the timing..





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Great work and thanks for the video reproduction! All the 3 issues are certainly abusable, I'll see that they are fixed in the next update.

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