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Guest dyehardz

(request new setting) Interest-Rate Chance

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Guest dyehardz

Player can choose INTEREST-RATE CHANCE setting :

- no interest-rate : zero chance => for beginner

- normal : 1/7 chance (2/14)

- extra chance : 1/5 chance (3/15) => for advanced player

- super chance : 1/4 chance (4/16) => for ... fun?

Personal opinion :

- no interest-rate will help beginner to play and survive in random mode

- I want to try veryhard random extreme with no interest-rate

... I wonder is it possible to survive?

(interest-rate is very 'annoying' in this game mode)

- I want to try normal random with extra/super chance

... I wonder is it possible to survive with 4-5 interest-rates?

- If you (advanced player) join a normal/hard game,

you can 'show off' to others with extra chance :P

That's 1 of my request. Pardon my english.

I hope you can understand what I wrote.

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I understand the things you wrote. But I got no idea what the rate chance is, Chance to lose if a creep passes? Or is it the amount of gold?

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Aha! now I see. Sounds like a fairly good idea. But rating the hardness in using them might not work, when I pick or picked until I get wc3 running without Freeze lagg.

Having chance rate on and off is a good thing isn't it? Have a rate system might be good to, maybe.

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Guest dyehardz

sorry, forgot to tell that I always play in ar/sr.

in every 5 levels you have a chance to get 'rate' (treasure box) instead of random elements.

'no rate' -> you always get random elements, never get rate

'extra/super rate' -> in this mode it's 'normal' to get 3-5 rates :mrgreen:

as I said, I really want to try veryhard random extreme with no rate. (and if possible : no mech) :P

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What's the current maximum of interest? Is it 3?

I'm not sure about making the setup menu longer, maybe reducing the max in random to 2 interest would be a better way to improve the game.

I don't mind getting 3 interest. If it's ar, it's luck anyway, and if it's sr we all die a happy but rich family. :)

But I don't need 3 interest on random. Is there any player that wants or needs three interest on random?

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It currently is capped at 2 for AR/SR/TR. The problem in the public beta is that there is a bug that allows you to get more than 2 in SR/TR (which has been fixed).

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probably the no-interest mode would see some interest and use (especially in extreme mode)

super interest? most wouldn't want to play ranDOOM. most who get interest in midgame random would not welcome it already. probably super interest just for kicks in inhouse games.

have been thinking that the interest cap is 2 but i keep getting more than 2 interests in -sr games. played games with 4-interests.

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Guest dyehardz

so, it should capped at 2 for ar/sr/tr?

I have a new suggestion then.

how about fixed interest-rate?

the setting menu maybe like this :

- random chance (capped at 2)

- no interest-rate

- fixed 1 interest-rate at lv5

- fixed 2 interest-rate at lv5, 10

- fixed 3 interest-rate at lv5, 10, 15

(this 'fixed 3' is special option for hardcore gamers) :D

jfyi, after playing many open beta4 games, I could say :

- it's easy to get 2 interest-rate

- sometimes get 3 interest-rate

- rarely get 1 interest-rate

- almost never get 0 or 4 interest-rate

playing VH or N-EX with 2 interest is too hard for me.

that's why I suggest no interest-rate and fixed 1.

edit: fixed x interest-rate basically a 'no interest-rate'.

you won't get any more except from those earlier level.

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As karawasa mentioned, all random modes have an interest limit of 2. the cap IS 2. the reason why some 3 or 4-interest games exist is due to a bug. 3- or 4-interest games shouldn't exist at all.

fixed interest rate in early levels? better off playing pick. wouldn't appeal to most random players to have fixed interest rate in early game.

playing with 2 interest in VH SR isn't that difficult (once you have the experience, practice more and you'll be able to do it) . cisz completed a VH SR game with 4 interests.

and besides, adding more options would be unappealing to most players. the menus are already long enough.. longer menus would be a turn-off to new players (so many options to select just for a game)

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Guest dyehardz

One good point of EleTD is this map can be played in

single player mode, so we can train ourself before

compete with other players in lan/bnet games.

fixed interest rate in early levels could be a good

option for anyone who want to train himself because

interest rates make the game more challenging.

if your friends ask you to play together with them,

but their skills are below yours, having some fixed

interest rates in early levels is one of ways to

balance the game (it's like personal handicap).

about menu, I posted my suggestion in other topic.

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to train with interest rates, play pick and summon interest for lumber. in 3.0, pros completed games with no leaks starting with 5 interest. random is supposed to be random, for both elements and interest.

fixed interest rate can help the more experienced player instead. Pros sell and rebuild on the interest while less experinced players do not or do not know how. The more experinced player would then have more gold in the mid- and end-game.

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Yes an early interest can be rather good, but a later on or midgame interest is just in the way.

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