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Element TD 0.84

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-Tweaked level 10 elemental max HP (not the same as level 5 anymore)

-Interest removed from element pick

-Resell added to element pick, increases resell value of towers by 12.5%, cap of 2

-More XP gain for being the last survivor

-Less XP gain for fruit points

-Added messages indicating XP gain

-Added information on XP in "Info" tip

-Tweaked Easy/Hard Interest to 1.25%/1.75% respectively

-Radius (DFL) Tower now properly does Darkness damage

-Buffed Radius (DFL) Tower to 120 damage up from 100

-Lowered height of Orbit (DFL) orbs

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For the XP distribution I don't understand the "Accumulating fruit points" part.

Apparently it's 15/13/11/9/7 Very Easy to Very Hard. Do we get that many points per kill? For example 7 XP per fruit kill?

Also shouldn't the harder difficulty get the more XP for fruit kills?

Also I like the change with the interest. I feel it's more balanced this way as even on VH AP, you would be able to farm a crazy amount of interest with little to no effort. With this change, you really have to work for your interest.

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What happens on random with the resell values? They aren't pickable (via random) Or will they be a waste or will you be able to farm gold via selling?

Im just curious as I don't have time to play as of late :(

and to mega

As I infer it, it means that on VE you need 15 fruit kills for 1 xp, and on VH, you only need 7 kils per XP

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I gave random mode a shot, and resell still shows up in the Element Pick Tower, but it didn't pick resell once, and I was playing All Random with someone else, still no resell. So I assume it just skips it altogether.

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I bet one of the reasons Kara changed it was because of the random interest at late levels, so it'd be counter productive if random was able to choose the resell option.

If it was available, it'd probably be a bug.

@pyro: thanks, that makes much more sense.

EDIT: I think the XP on fruit is based per fruit point, as in VE you get 1 XP per 15 points, which translates in to per kill in the case of VE, and 1 point per 7 points on VH, and etc...

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Tried the resell feature on VH AP. :lol: It kept me on my toes till the very end trying to come up with good tower combination for the next wave. I messed up at wave 59, Ultralisks(Earth) against a bunch of Hail Towers(Light) and lost about 20 lives. lol. Ended up with 85 pts. Not much but I felt I earned all the minerals I piled up at the end. Somewhere between 100k~200k, I can't remember >.>

I see more ppl talking about strategies in game. The experience feature is encouraging ppl to play a few more games also, I figure. ;)

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