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Special Challenge: The fruit hunt

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Special Challenge: This is simple. Kill as many fruits as you can.

Very hard difficulty only. For this challenge, short mode would be allowed. No other modes, such as extra short, chaos may be used. Excessive interest farming, such as deliberately leaking a wave multiple times, may lead to replay being disqualified. Host's decision is final.


Post your replays here. You MUST post a replay. screenshot is not enough. All replays would be verified before being added to the challenge winners

Challenge Home

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0.86d - VH, 154 Fruits, 1078 Points

Element Order: FELFELFENNN (first five can be any order)

Went for wealth towers, switched over to infrared in the fifties. Quite a few saves starting in the twenties.

See original link here - IT'S OVER 1000!

Replay done in VersusAI in order to have no lag when playing.

By quite a few saves, do you mean close calls? Or save scumming?

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Saves as in spamming a bunch of ray towers in the back combined with some serious micromanagement of wealth towers. But no more, here's an updated version of that defense:

159 Kills, 1139 Points. FELFELFENNN. I don't remember exactly, but I don't think there was any leaks. Might've been a rage leak against the mech round on 50 though. The new damage on money towers helps tremendously in this run, though its bounty bonus nerf offsets it and makes it not so broken.

Darn you 1.5... I can't run EleTD in VersusAI anymore to not have lag! ARGH! But it still ran well.

v138 VH _ 159 Kills_ 1139 Points.SC2Replay

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