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The holepercent's (beta) build project

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The holepercent's build project b11

Individual tower test report

This will cover the tests for the individual towers

Tower combination test report

Towers are tested in combination based to expected builds.

Individual build reports

All 15-6-1 builds individiually tested. After a warm-up test round, 3 attempts on each build will be attempted. All builds should be playable reasonably. The aim here is not so much completing, but to see how the builds stack agaisnt each other. No build should be way more difficult than the others.

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Individual tower test report

This will cover the tests for the individual towers

Want to do this too but more from the maths perspective. :P

I really like you project. Keep in mind: Karawasa said that this weekend the next beta11b will release.


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i did a similar one for beta5 posted in club element. didn't transfer it into game reports..

i'm not as detailed to go into pages of numbers... so i do actual play tests... and post the report based on in-game results..

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individual tower tests

First impressions

Plenty of effects flying all over the area.. nice but it will get messy seeing what's going on...

corpse explosion

Aoe combo which increases in strength when creeps clump together. needs good placement to take advantage of every explosion..


Interesting ability. Thinks of how best to place the tower.. This tower is starting to feature strongly in games. Overpowered?


Stronger with aoe slows and clumping. 'mobile' kindle tower


Too much effects? It appears that some damage is wasted.


Better than the original. Autocast is a useful option but ofc the best is still to select the towers you want to be cloned. Will need to test this in actual game situations. i'll need to rememeber to use it though.. i NEVER used trickery so far..


Fast attack speed and the damage cap is reached pretty fast (even more so at long pass placements).


No more stunning of elementals. Less 'useful' but i guess much better for balance..

Well+smith / mushroom+magic

not really sure about/why these interactions. I had to really pay attention to notice the shorter cooldowns.

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b12 jinx

This is pretty cool. Minimun and maximum radius should be stated somewhere on the tooltip..

to be updated...

I'd say, the current set range is important. perhaps it could be it's mana, for every click up/down in range it adds/removes 50 mana. and the mana pool is the maximum range of the tower. Either the tower (and the mana) can't go below minimum range, or else there is no minimum range.

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creative idea, but seems a little too roundabout for my tastes...but then again you had the flesh golems leveling up based on mana and that wasn't too bad, so i guess it works.

IMHO the currrent set range aint -that- important though. You should be able to tell visually, no?

Ah, unless you are in between creep waves...hrm.

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Tower analysis b13b by holepercent

Generally, the duals are more viable now. Support triples are much weaker and are more accurately supporters rather than doing the damage themselves. Damage towers see more play. Changes to the tower range are yet to be fully discovered although some obvious ones are picked up. 1100 range is not as easy to master as some may think. It appears that all 1100 range towers would need some damage nerf. Reference is taken with respect to public beta or first version of remade towers.

Potential nerfs

LN Life. 1100 range here. With the range, the damage should be lower. Some games, a single life tower is used to catch leaks (placed at bottom right V), gaining a decent number of lives in the process. This shouldn't be a general use tower, one that can be put into play easily and have the ability do its stuff.

DFE Flamethrower. In chaos mode, it is possible to chain explode entire nature waves. Strong against other waves, often killing multiple creeps with chain reaction. Probably needs a significant damage nerf or chain reaction needs to be looked at.

LW Ice. Still stronger than the other duals. perhaps a even slower attack speed if the spell has to remain as it is. The end explosion hasn't been fully exploited by any player yet..

DWF Corrosion The tower has too much damage compared to enchantment.


DF Magic and NE Mushroom. Doesn't compare with the other duals. Has difficulty clearing even the 200% damage waves. (the old magic was much better but unfortunately doesn't balance with well smith.)

b14b: Magic is a pretty strong tower now more so against mech, elementals and composite. Mushroom, 1100 range. Semi-long range with decent damage. Consider both magic and mushroom balanced.

DW Poison. This is one tower with too much damage. Doesn't even require slowing to be overpowered. Watch the replay.

b14b. Damage nerfed. This should be closer to balanced.

DE Gunpowder. Consider balanced. Better than the first version but not exactly a strong leak catcher due to wasted shots. Long-range may be too slow in multiplayer. Could do with a slight damage buff.

WF Kindle. Consider balanced.

WN Well and FE Blacksmith. Works with all damage towers except the non-support towers, 3+8. However, on certain towers, one buff is stronger. Quark as an example. Smith gives 200% dps increase. Well gives 200% dps increase AND the bonus damage maxes out faster.

FN Flame. Tower is strong but demands placement to maximise the effect. Each creep can only be targetted once, takes full advantage of the short-pass placement. However, it is unlike to receive the well smith buffs at that placement..

WE Hydro. Consider balanced but could do with maybe a slight damage buff on the tower's attack.

WFN Impulse. Consider balanced. Micro will increase the strength of the tower.

LFE Gold. Consider balanced. At 1100 range, it is semi-mapwide while not having too high damage. Used in random mode against light waves for some extra gold.

LDF Jinx. This can be a strong tower with constant adjustments of the range. 400 minimum range would be better as 500 range at some placements can be too big.

b14b: range changed. Consider balanced.

DFN Voodoo LWE Polar. Consider balanced

LWF Windstorm LFN Nova DWE Muck DNE Roots. Consider balanced. Among the 4, roots and muck are easier to use. Nova as a long-pass tower. Windstorm feels the weaker among the 4, resulting in less clumping compared to the rest of the aoe slows.

LDW Hail. Feels weak against non-darkness waves. This could do with a damage buff.

b14b: Decent damage tower. Consider balanced.

FNE Quaker. The range and placement is so limited. Higher damage needed to compensate for the limited placement to be decent. Can only be considered for use against light waves now.

b14b: The higher chance for the ability to trigger and increased damage compensates for the limited range. Strong if the ability triggers often. More testing would tell if a slight nerf would be needed.

Potential buffs

LE Quark. Tower charges up too slowly. Ineffective on long-pass while at 2-pass placements, the damage bonus resets too quickly. This needs a major buff to be comparable to the other duals.

DN Corpse explosion. The only tower that has no effect with no other towers in play. Needs a significant damage boost to even see play. Tower should deal some physical damage.

WFE Zealot. Feels kind of weak.. or maybe the original was too strong. Maybe a slight damage buff.

LWN Tidal. Strong in the early-mid game, goes down in the endgame. Perhaps a damage buff. A stronger tier2 would be more viable in the endgame.

LDE Laser. Decent but could do with a damage buff. Micro by top spam can be an option to allow the tower to retarget the closest creeps.

LNE Enchantment. This could do with a damage buff, given the support strength is weakened. Consider that enchantment is much weaker than corrosion in damage although it is much stronger against elementals than corrosion.

Needs further testing

LD Trickery. I haven't really tested this out fully. depends on how the trickery well/trickery smith/well smith builds fare against each other.

LF Electricity. 1100 range isn't easy to master. It's neither map-wide nor strictly two-pass. A standard two-pass such as IV or III doesn't make full use of the range. However, it is also difficult to place at V with some areas not covered. Electricity has bounce damage. It is not strong against single creeps and doesn't benefit from slowing. Perhaps a nerf or buff could be in order. At the same time, the tower shouldn't be too strong as to one-pass waves easily but not so weak as to be not worth building.

WNE Flesh Golem. Needs testing and the ability in the tooltip is perhaps too wordy and needs to be simplified somehow...

DWN Drowning. Needs more testing. I never liked this tower...

LDN Oblivion. Needs more testing. Too much mirco involved.

Update log

300808 b13b tower analysis released

130908 Partial update for b14b

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The build project - to complete all 4-5-6 element builds

mode: VH AP (X)SM

All games will be played at III or faster.

Draft builds for final build project will be posted in this thread.

Build preliminaries..

Aoe slows are 10% now.

The support towers can't really be played as damage towers.

The focus should be on the damage towers.

Prepare well for the elementals, single-target towers needed.

Build list (classified into AOE slows available)


DNEF - download/file.php?id=301

DNEL - download/file.php?id=385


DWEF - download/file.php?id=296

DWEL - download/file.php?id=401


LFNE - download/file.php?id=326

LFND - download/file.php?id=342


LWFE - download/file.php?id=339

LWFD - download/file.php?id=310

Roots and muck:

DNEW - download/file.php?id=292



Nova and windstorm:

LFNW - download/file.php?id=305



Windstorm and muck:


Nova and roots:


roots and muck and nova and winstorm:

LDWFNE - download/file.php?id=483


LDWN - download/file.php?id=372

LDFE - download/file.php?id=329

LWNE - download/file.php?id=343

DWFN - download/file.php?id=330

WFNE - download/file.php?id=331

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Nice one.

You don't really have a source of dark damage. Is disease working well enough?

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Really good, considering you totally forgot to use trickery. It works now, you know.. ;)

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With working trickery and an earlier earth that would be a no leak. Nice one.

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