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  1. Do pm me your solution/ideas if you do not mind. I do enjoy the devel line and conceptualizing if you do not mind me sharing my opinion at all. Games generally require some form of benchmarking to make it interesting. Ranks, challenges are interesting. Scores, hall of fames especially for this type of game is what keep us playing this game. Otherwise I would just clear the game and move on. But you are right, the mass majority of people are still struggling with this game, and they will continue to with any version or any meta. The reason is because they do not understand "efficiency"... and perhaps also, they don't know how a lot of towers work in general. You could buff a lot of towers a lot, and they will still have trouble closing the game. Dota is a fairly balanced game... but a mass majority if still stuck in low tier for a good reason. Hence, development and tweaks should focus only on balancing the minority -- those trying to accomplish scores.
  2. I can only speak from my perspective -- I'm at a stage where I can always clear the game with any towers, dual, tri, etc. Like I said, the difference is only score. A lot of towers are really useless 50 and above... Haste is one of them. All duals. Pure fire is VERY situational (works only with certain combinations yet against only certain creep waves) and yet definitely still half the efficiency that of pure nature. So yes, it's not about winning the game..... it's about score. Also, for the record, impulse are only OK for frogs. Runic is not that superb either... Laser is #1 for this.. and then runic,impulse,hail... and after that haste, ephemeral (the worst). I'm not saying that insane should be made really easy. But there are only 2 ways to top 20 right now, water3+nature3 or 222122 (check leaderboard). In fact, those are the only builds in top 20 other than (me, my cousin dogbollocks and bercut32) EVery other way is just much slower. You can check my profile, believe me I've tried. The only thing I've not tried is dragging the income game with gold tower to 200k+ gold, but mostly coz I dont have the patience for it. Question is.... are other ways going to be made viable?
  3. The problem with fire tower is mostly range. Can you honestly tell me if they are overall useful to build when frogging? You just need one creep on shield or speed for it to lose its effectiveness tremendously. It would do 3 hits before some frogs just run off, even with slows present. I would think that pure towers are meant as highest damaging towers for lvl50 onwards, but, more importantly, for clearing frogs. I'm very sure you too wouldn't like using pure fire for frogging. Earth tower needs a bump of at least 1.3. Any less it's still useless. Or maybe.... make it hit a bit quicker? The animation is so bad. At the moment, I can close the game with any tower combination without excuses. The difference is speed, efficiency. With some towers, I can get higher scores. I can certainly tell you that, disease and ephemeral towers will not add producing a high score. The game has 2 combinations that will produce a high score. It's either slow+amp or speed/damage. In other words. 222122 or water-nature + amps. The problem with damage is that, only few towers are able to fork decent damage. Eph/disease won't cut it. Laser is the best tri-element for frogging, runic and hail are second best, the rest are just terrible. Moss3/Magic3 are best dual elements for frogging but im sorry they are still really bad. In fact, there any reason to build them at all? If i were to allpick, im surely never going to build moss3/magic3/quark3 for damage. i do like ice3 though. tri-element towers are just better than dual element towers. Please think about this.
  4. i speak only from a classic mode insane perspective, i dont know about others 1. all non-support dual-elements need buffs. none are decent for frogging. i think moss3, magic3 come closest but not even close. 2. fire towers should have range buffs per level. purefire should receive significant range buffs to make it useful against frogs. its totally unusable as it is right now... the only exception is when you have 2x slows, which you dont always do, and even then thats only useful for first few levels coz of range limitations. 3. water tower dmg is just too slow for any level. 4. earth tower -- pure earth needs more buffs for it to be useful against frogs. perhaps increase splash range, dmg. 5. gold tower -- as ive suggested before, perhaps dmg increase per consecutive hit so that they scale as game goes later and later. such that, instead of requiring 3 hits to kill a creep later on, maybe 2 hits will do. 6. ephmeral/haste - the weakest amongst runic, hail, laser, haste. requires more damage. give it dmg, or add a 1% slow per hit or something to it. haste is second worst. both dmg and speed should be part of its buff. 7. quake tower -- i think moss3 does more dmg tahn quake2 overall, with 100% splash. perhaps good only when a lot of creeps are gathered.... (revive, temporal) or slow creeps....... but with so many conditions, this tower is just bad. just buff the range. to 500 or something. at the moment, PURE water, fire, earth are completely useless against frogs. buffs are definitely necessary. because these towers are so weak at the moment.... i think tahts why people rely on very same towers to get a high score. perhaps not all my recommendations will be accepted.... but i guess you could try buff in one upcoming version and if the idea is bad.. they can always be nerfed in future versions.. also, for early game. nature is always the best (in fact, the best from start to end), early game also, fire is on par with nature. water, light, dark, earth just clear much too slow lvl1-10. while light, dark have their single target purpose, thats fine. earth/water dmg are lacking a bit.
  5. GoatAss


    Excellent.... script.. if you're trying to improve your python.. why not help me write a python software (im actually looking to learn python to get some software done)
  6. Might be a good idea....... it hurts my eyes to see the top10 plagued with players mimicking each other with 222212
  7. GoatAss


    Add a report card too aka summary of each round played.
  8. Right now, with 11 elements -- Look at the top 10 players currently, same one or two builds + speed clearing. Of course with gold tower, you could prolong the game and get interest on top of the gold bonus. I don't know. I don't like gold tower right now. Since I play random, it's more rewarding to build good towers or single element towers and sell, rather than building gold tower. For now, why not increase the bonus gold % and see how its utilized? Otherwise... give an effect such as single target slow/ -armor or something. Update: I got it, how about this.. first hit from gold2 does 25k 30% bounty + slow ; if creep doesn't die, the 2nd hit/kill it does 35k dmg 35% bounty + scaling slow, 3rd consecutive hit does 45k 40% + scaling slow. 10k dmg increase per consecutive hit and 5% bounty. This way, it scales well.. I've had funny times when the only tri-element tower i get at frog level is gold. i would build 10 gold towers since i have no other choice.
  9. How about, allow purchase of an additional element.. for say 20k gold. Adds a new dynamic to the game..... and increase gold2 tower to 45% bounty or something. Makes economy more rewarding.
  10. GoatAss


    Yeah that would be good... I've been benchmarking myself every 5 waves to know where im slow.. road to 1mil.
  11. GoatAss


    how do we know round clear time? or game clear time?
  12. GoatAss

    Score Model

    i dont understand this: If you complete the game in under 40 minutes, you get a 2.5% increase per minute to your base score. so lets say i finish the game in 35mins, and my score after killing roshan is 500000. how does the calculation work? also, how do i know how fast i finish the game?
  13. GoatAss

    Bounty Values

    There a table somewhere of all the creep bounty values?
  14. utoko, since you're the #1 player, mind telling me what towers work late game? i play random insane.. i get confused what dual/triple towers to build sometimes. say poison towers lvl3 , do they work? or gunpowder lvl3 or how about moss lvl3
  15. 1. are flamethrower towers any good against frogs? 2. are moss towers for high hp creeps or low hp creeps? sorry fairly new to the game.
  16. When entering the game, you could make a notification if a Top 100 player is present
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