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  1. Yeah I figured a lot of the effects would be unbalanced, might as well throw em out as you guys were also looking for alternate tower ideas. For death prophet's ultimate, I'm not sure how it would effect lag, it doesn't actually spawn units rather than projectiles that look like units. It would still probably lag a lot, idk. I think dark towers overkill is a great idea and addresses it's weakness well, while being dope late game too. I think earth towers are differentiate from fire towers as the earth towers have further range with a projectile splash attack, whereas fire towers are more limited range wise and water towers might have that bouncing effect or some variation of it... (splash kill is great idea too for either earth or nature.) If you wanted to keep light towers single target, (I forgot about the 3 splash towers, 3 single target towers) perhaps adding an effect that allows a tower to attack twice every few seconds. This could probably work well with natures or light.
  2. Alternate tower effect: Give an aoe tower an ability like death prophets ultimate which does damage in an area around it, based on number of creeps in that area, and how close said creeps are to the tower. creeps closer to the tower take more damage, as the spirits can make more trip out to the enemy and back to the tower as the distance traveled is lessened. This tower benefits from spell damage increase rather than attack speed increase and works better with certain builds... not sure which of the top of my dome.
  3. Wow guys, your dedication to improving EleTD is extremely remarkable, please accept my thank you for reviving this classic game and constantly improving it as it rolls out. (I'm sure all of your fans agree). For single element towers, buffs that improve tower's viability early is important in order to increase the player's build choices, or perhaps adding an effect that makes towers like earth, more much relevant in the late game. Buff options: give attack effect modifiers to some towers, or allow them to act as a support tower by buffing other towers/debuffing enemies in an area around the tower. Allowing towers to combine with certain upgrade paths could be cool too. Possible ideas for Fire: apply single target burn (flame tower scaled down) spherical aoe damage (like nova tower scaled down) or a buff to aoe damage towers around it. This could help certain aoe tower builds such as electric or nova. It also could differentiates nova from windstorm towers. deal damage to units based on distance moved. This is weird but could be like a sun burn debuff and punish the 'fast' waves, or future waves which blink. Earth: Earth's aoe makes sense, perhaps add a stun that upgrades in length of time or aoe with as it's lvls increase? This could make Earth towers more relevant later on in the game, and combines well with other tower builds like the well's attack speed buff. Dark: Some sort of debuff, either upon hit or within aoe of the tower... Dark towers are a lot like light tower right now... maybe reduce damage, increase attack speed, and give it the ability to gain damage with each last hit. This could do well versus whatever replaces swarm. Maybe a wave type which spawns other baby units as it walks? or an aoe debuff that reduces enemies armor around the the tower itself, like shadow fiends 'presence of the dark lord ability'. Apply a debuff upon enemies struck that stacks shadow posion and deals aoe damage when expiring. Light: Differentiating light's effect from dark's effect could be good, as both towers are just long range towers, with similiar damage and attack speed... apply a debuff to the area around it, like omni knights degen aura, which slows enemies around it. Or Invokers shadow form, slowing enemy ms but stops it from attacking. apply effect on hit which glimpses enemies back to the start. or reduce attack speed to one attack per couple of seconds and give it an ability like KOTL's illuminate beam, which rewards tower positioning as it has long range but attacks in straight line. Water: This tower seems pretty chill right now... its really good. Could an ability that allows it to wave form and change its position work? Like wave from from one peninsula to a spot kinda nearby. wave forming across creeps could damage or slow and reward player's positioning of the tower. If given wave form, I think water's range should be swapped with the nature tower. (another concept is give nature tower global ability to move, with fairly long cd and cast time. Nature tower should definitely spawn treants. Periodic tower idea: Give it abilities based on the elements chosen. I.E. if a player has lvl 3 fire elements, allow the periodic tower to cast invoker's meteor spell. I don't know if this is too derivative from DotA though. Alot of these abilities are probably unbalanced. I'll leave that up to the pros. (you guys.)
  4. Bug has been reproduced with the shroomling wave on hard difficulty. Only towers build was 6 arrow towers.
  5. Balancing interest with gold doesn't really seem possible to balance as Kara said. With timber, lives or some other resources, it could work but it does seem like the gold tower already fits this niche in a balanced way that encourages ele tds various paths to victory.
  6. I think the swarm minions get bugged by aoe towers. If a cannon tower targets a minion, its aoe dmg dealt to other minions will kill them without spawning smaller creeps. Let me know if that doesn't make sense... i can clarify.
  7. This has happened to me a few times now. Modes: Insane, Chaos, Rush. I believe swarm and reincarnation wave's gold bounties are bugged for either the some waves. Or based on the use of certain towers at the start. (Maybe AOE?) For reincarnation waves: I just replicated this placing 5 arrow towers down at start. The first kill produced no gold as expected, however the second kill showed bounties but did not award the gold for the kill. I received no gold until I sold all towers, built a cannon tower, and then received bounty for only some of the kills. EDIT: I replicated this on wave 2 with the enigma reincarnation wave. The entire wave gave 0g and should have rewarded 30. For swarm waves: I noticed a number of issues with this and am trying to replicate all now... it is difficult with the randomness of chaos mode. I will keep trying games to iron out details. 1) Big swarm creeps do not always split when dropping below 50% hp... if they are damaged by AOE only rather than actually being targeted by a tower. 2) Is it possible to get a swarm wave on wave one? I imagine there would be an issue with bounty, as small creeps are supposed to give 50%, however the normal bounty already being 1g. I want to say I ran into this bug but have not been able to replicate it yet. (where small creeps gave no gold or big creeps gave no gold if one shot.)
  8. kappa yep. my bad, ill delete this.
  9. Hello! I noticed with the update today, that the gold refunded for composite towers and elemental towers is inconsistent from mode to mode. I.E. On hard mode, one can sell composite AND elemental towers (basic or upgraded) for 100% return. This allows profit per interest period if sold. I only mention it here because I am aware that a past update had changed it to 98% to account for interest. On insane mode composite refund was at the proper 98%, not sure about elemental towers. Good day, wnxxgu
  10. Solo games/custom lobbies just might not be recorded whatever loads the stats...
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