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    However, it is bad, if any level (even #60) is only beatable if you have some elements. Results in the same "do the same every time" that lfwd-n. For example, with 3.0 if I lose and I have no light or water, I simply say "I was good, but unlucky" instead of "hey, let's try this build once more". But I hope, I just misunderstand you I have played this only once (now downloaded), and I also got to level 35 on vh, random. I leaked every mech level, the others rarely; I had 18 lives before level 35, all cash spent, mostly earth damage and leaked them. I'll watch the replay to figure it out, just responded
  2. Slow & armor reduction are the same in my head: make it shorter. Disable should have a lower percentage itself, so if you have twice the towers, then you should get the same result (theoretically). Of course it's also possible to tweak to the square root: 71% time and 71% probability. But that may be more difficult to implement. The idea behind the simple amount is, that - like in case of the creeps - it may be possible to build an array of towers (in the initialization procedure), and then, according to the selection, it could be changed very simply. If I would be pleased to do something, I would at first just half every damage I see, and check it out. It may also prove madness because of the distributed fire (the ability to long-pass decreases) - just in case of a private challenge called "no level 2 or above". Anyway, I only want to solve the same problem, that other guys (and sometimes me) want these ways: - more levels - an option to get levels more often (every 5, 4, 3) - an option to get extra, random levels (extra element at every 20) - ronalds giving cash & perhaps the ability of extra levels - increased number of creeps (either with a constant amount or a function like 29 + levelnumber)
  3. (If possible) A new selection at the beginning, like: - 100% - 80% - 65% - 50% or so. 50% would mean: - every [elemental] tower costs half price - every [elemental] tower has half the damage (both shot and magic) Why? In a usual game, even on VH I build 5-10 towers until level 45. Simply because there is no cash. It is even more problematic on non-random. Therefore I usually choose to use the same towers (somewhat acoording to the newly found power list of GipFace in the strategy forums). So... it is boring. Always: start with steam, then storm, then ice, then level 2, then some pure, and won. So, it's not in order to make it easier, but in order to see more varying towers. For fun. To note: 50% makes it easier, because you can buy a half-price tower, too, so it's not a decision to [wait or build], you can get some towers sooner. Therefore, it should be global, only if the host decides.
  4. Since the money in creeps is around 80-100K (30 per level), it seems to be impossible. Once I saw somebody to have 200K net worth at the and. However, it is possible to get infinite money in this game: play often; sometimes the creeps get stalled (2 or 3 on top of each other). Then you leave the computer, go to dinner, read some books, get the interest, and check back in some days. ;-)
  5. At some point. I must agree that some tactics (money & slowing) are too powerful, but it's not exactly enough: the other tactics are the too weak ones. I don't think that very hard should only be beatable with an average minimum of 2 clicks per second throughout an hour, sometimes even more (8-10 / sec). I wouldn't call that a game, that is more like a work, some hand job Anyway, massive selling/rebuilding is such a thing. (For maddicted people, there is extreme mode!) There are a couple of strategies that are playable, but I was only successful playing one: slow. And I'm waaaaay better than other players I play with. As Cisz described, the trick of slow is, that it is faster. The ability to sell 100% - or the penalty of losing 25% - means for me, that I should play - random, with selling a lot, until it's manageable (lvl 30-40) - non random, playing slow. The only exception is money, but there it's important, that you have 1.9x money near the end, compared to 'normal' play. Anyway, I'm interested in 4.x, checkin' out
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