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Element TD 1.03

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-Cooldown of "Send" (Creep Spawner) resets to 0 if invalid selection (error)

-Creep cap for each player increased to 150 up from 120

-Hail Tower (DLW) nerfed to 133 damage down from 150

-Storm (DLW) buffed to 2 attacks up from 1 attack

-Napalm (DEF) nerfed to 20 damage down from 40

-Poison Tower (DW) buffed to 30 damage up from 25

-Mildew Tower (EN) nerfed to 30 damage down from 35

-Cast Lightning (FL) buffed to 20% increased damage per bounce up from 10%

-Laser Tower (DEL) fighters buffed to 150 damage up from 120

-Radius Tower (DFL) buffed to 150 damage up from 120

-Money Tower (EFL) buffed to 750 damage up from 600

-Wrath (EFW) buffed to 16 max count up from 15

-Ephemeral Tower (ENW) buffed to 1000 damage up from 800

-Celerity Tower (FNW) buffed to 0.66 speed and 300 base damage from 1 speed and 420 base damage

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Believe it's called Blitz Tower, not Wrath Tower (unless you changed that).

Also, regarding the buffs on Money/Blitz...


Okay, I'm done.

Are these balance changes applied only to the tower wars mode? If so, I'm fine with them. But if they're applied to classic as well......... I don't think the flamethrower or hail tower changes were necessary.

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