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  1. First impression. I must pray to ppl select tower wars mode. Exp is shared with tower defense Nobody send me waves, so I spend my min on some towers and send composites (highest income) Im out of minerals...still no waves on me...bored..nothing to do.. Suddenly other players with tons of minerals due to wave killing send me tons of creeps...cant kill then with my lvl 1 towers...I lost...and lost exp...
  2. At the end of the replay, one stalker get stuck in teleport. wave42stalkerbug.SC2Replay
  3. Klasius

    .4 testing

    Jinx Tower can´t attack and do nothing. Nova tower freeze and you need to click once the aoe slow ability to start working in each wave.
  4. 1. What wave did you begin using it on? 15 2. Did you feel like you had a clear understanding of how it works? If not, what about it was confusing? confusing 3. Was the tower "fun" to use? Nope, I prefer the "old" Fire+Darkness Magic Tower (spell to double dmg 10 seconds) 4. Fun aside, did it feel like an effective choice? Was it worth the investment? Nope, was too soon wave to start using it...1400 dmg versus mobs of 40 hps ... 5. Is there anything you didn't like about it? If so, what would you do differently? I prefer the "old" Fire+Darkness Magic Tower (spell to double dmg 10 seconds)
  5. Klasius

    Alpha Signup

    EU Klasius.686 gogo 8-)
  6. Bump. Update the first post with my entry when you can. Thx
  7. EU Klasius - Klasius.686 Damn, im so excited
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