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  1. Vapor: Squirts water? Huh, that's weird. I'm not running into the issue on my end. Is it perchance caused by a nearby Well Tower giving it the attack speed buff? That's the only thing I can think of.


    Tidal: I believe that was fixed last patch, but if not, then it's definitely fixed in the upcoming patch in a day or so.

  2. Sorry about the late response on this. The bug is fixed (including the audio for the tower, it was rapid-firing both invisible shockwaves and the sound) and should be out in the next build, which in theory, should be within the next day. Thanks for letting us know!

  3. 3 hours ago, Califax said:

    Drag to select tiles / towers

    • Currently you have to tap every tower one by one to group select them. I would just like to drag my finger across the screen and select everything it touches.
    • Again this is just personal preference.


    There's a double-tap function to do this, though if you want to select less than that, then yeah, it's one-by-one. Also note our selection system does not allow players to select towers of different types and/or levels.



    3 hours ago, Califax said:

    Top-down view

    • There was dicussion before about rotating the camera, so you can select towers behind other towers more easily. But it wasn't possible.
    • There could be little "minimap" that shows you top-down view of the playable area, or just simple grid. And you could select the tiles from it.
    • I know you don't want useless shit in the UI and what not, but I think there should be better way to select the one little Light Tower middle of the cloned Hail army.


    Hmm, would it be easier if the clones were more distinguishable from the rest? Right now, they just got this shadowy effect on them, though especially in clusters, it can be really hard to tell the difference. I'm not sure how useful that UI thingy would be. Probably more confusing than anything.



    I've poked for the other two issues you asked for and while I'm not entirely behind the one-tap to confirm (at the very least, provide an option for it), I definitely would like to see the wave timer gone. I've heard from several people that they want the time to plan ahead, and with the current system, it can be difficult to do that. It's one thing in the other versions due to having multiplayer support, but in here, where the interest timer pauses anyways when a wave isn't going so you can't break the system... plus mobile gaming is usually more supportive of "play when you need to, pause when you need to"... yeah, I'm all for that.

  4. Okay, I learned some things to help streamline the bloody tooltips process. Expect it mid-August after The Internationals. Only thing that could delay it now is if testing something in particular just makes me punch my monitor and cause a tear in the fabric of the space-time continuum.

  5. I apologize, active development on EleTD has practically come to a halt, everyone that was working on it have been become busy with a lot of other stuff. The new patch is close to being done in terms of functionality and balance, the main thing blocking it is a bunch of grunt work with regards to tooltips that involves doing a lot of the same thing over and over until said grunt work is done. It's been bugging me too that I haven't been able to finish this patch, so I'm gonna buckle down soon and try to knock the rest out. Sorry about all the delay and lack of content/balance updates.

  6. Periodic Tower isn't the only pure tower in the game. All the Level 4 single-element towers are also pure towers. To get any of them, you'll need a Level 3 Element and a Pure Essence. The point of the Periodic Tower is, in case you don't have a Level 3 element by the end of the game, which due to the 11 element picks system, you'll then have at least level 1 of all the elements, then you still get an ultimate tower.

  7. Usually it takes some time before it goes up. Though, if it's been over a day, theeeen thar be some issues, cause this isn't the first time it's happened. Might be slightly overloaded. I'll check with Karawasa and see if anything can be done about it.

  8. Oh, in that case, if you're referring to the 5 minute pause timer limit on dota 2 version, that's hardcoded, there's no way to change it, and even if there was, we wouldn't fix it due to griefing issues it could cause in multiplayer.

  9. While technically not intended, it does fix that annoying issue than happens in other versions where your level 1 water tower is cloned, and you upgrade it straight to a pure water tower, but it can't be cloned for 60 seconds still, so we're actually fine with this little feature. Likewise, if you build a trickery tower, it clones something, and you upgrade it, it refreshes the cooldown, so it buffs something again really fast. Consider it "tricks of the trade".

  10. There's a max pause time? Wow, didn't even know that, lol. Twill make sure it goes indefinite next version. Also, turning your phone screen off should pause the game as well. Alternatively, you can also back out to the main menu and then resume to latest wave you started.

  11. Probably with the next version. Some of the multipliers are going down a bit, so that should help make it so your score doesn't literally double or triple when you hit the end.

  12. Down the road, we're going to be adding some new maps to EleTD, but instead of just alternate layouts like the Lava & Ruins maps, we'd like to add some sort of gimmick or feature to these maps, ie multiple paths or creeps coming from both ends of the path at the same time. Let us know what kinds of features and gimmicks you'd like to see in future maps!

  13. Nature, Light & Ephemeral all didn't need nerfing last patch. I only nerfed them just to break the current meta mold and try and make players do something else, something that's had limited effects, apparently. They're being buffed back next patch. Haste didn't need that buff, but people kept complaining it sucked, so I did it anyways. It's droppin' back next patch as well.


    I've known for a while Tidal has been weak, and I've been tempted to buff back Laser back to 6000 / 30000 for a little while as well. Quake is that weird spot where theoretically, it should be good, but for some reason, like Vapor, it magically falls off in the late-game. Hail falls off because it synergizes with absolutely nothing except sheer damage, meaning you're pretty much forced to Water + Nature + Light + Dark just to make it relevant.




    Buuut rather than attempt to re-balance numbers on these shenanigans in response to a wide variety of highly diverging opinions that will no doubt continue to happen no matter how many times I rebalance the numbers, I have an alternate solution that, in all likelihood, will probably break the balance of the game, but in exchange, open up new doors. Expect a 1.11 in about 2-3 weeks with a new feature. No new towers technically, but new ways to play, more builds being viable, and a way to make various towers (not all of them) not fall off in the late-game.

  14. As cool as that mock-up is, there's some issues with it, especially with regards to cluttering:

    • On smaller screens, that information will not be visible unless it covers half the screen. 
    • When you have all 6 elements, it'd take over the entire screen trying to upgrade into a dual or a triple tower.

    We actually used to have the elements anchored around the build location; the problem was, it was too intrusive and covered too much of the screen, especially when trying to select other locations, cause the UI would actually block it, plus scrolling around the map was rather difficult.


    I think eventually, we're going to be including a tower table of sorts in-game, similar to the on-site tower page, but it might be a while, because it'll require a new full UI to build it. Something of a menu of sorts you can check out from an in-game menu, similar to the creep legend, though a little more complex.



    On 6/16/2016 at 9:08 AM, Iser said:

    Seriously, what's with the level 3 elements? I never had trouble clearing it in Dota 2 version in normal difficulty. I have leaked it every time in mobile.  

     Not just Level 3 elements, but I noticed it doesn't seem to matter what towers you use, I had some Fire towers kill water elementals on Insane, which usually doesn't happen. Gonna go look into it some more, re-verify the Base HP levels and scaling, as well as the element armor types of said elementals.



    I think we got the rest of most the feedback listed here on the "to-do" list of next version. Thanks fer da feedback!



    22 hours ago, XaeonBE said:

    Just finished a few games as well. I must say the game is fun! But with the stuff Iser is pointing out here well it would be even better. The lack of information is clearly a little downside at the moment. Also see if u can get any achievements in the game maybe? (This isn't priority though) If I find something I'll post it here.


    We do wanna add Achievements, buuuuut between UI shenanigans, new art icons for them, and figuring out potential rewards systems for them.... yeeeaaaah this won't be anytime soon unfortunately. We're still trying to focus on improving the functionality of the core game first, but we will be adding achievements down the road.

  15. That's a result of being on God Mode. Because you've got a bunch of towers + 99,999 Gold, it's adding a bunch of score to your total score based on your total Networth, which is the total sell values of all your towers + your remaining gold, and then a total speed bonus is multiplying off of that. If you weren't in God Mode, well the score would still jump up by a lot, but not that much, lol.


    Admittedly, the scoring system probably needs some tweaking, and I'll see if I can re-calculate some things so we can get a more refined system in the next week or so. Twill also be putting up a "how scoring works" thread on here within the next few days.

  16. Unfortunately not, though with how much people complain Obliteration sucks late-game, I don't think anyone's really going to complain about the immune to vengeance bug.



    Regarding the disconnect bug, I'll see if we can prioritize that next for a hotfix.

  17. Going with 1.95, cause it's not that big a patch (at least, by comparison to the next major content release that may be coming next month), but it's also not quite that small. Managed to fix up the last thing I wanted fixed, aka see the new Express Scoring listed in the patch notes above.



    Patch will release later today.



    Also, look forward to the mobile version, releasing on Android later today as well!

  18. This is a relatively quick patch fix to help cover last week's big balance patch. I don't know for sure if the nerf on the endspeed score bonus is enough for Classic, I'm just taking a step, not a leap. Anyhow, here's the notes below!

    • General
      • Starting gold on Short Mode increased from 1600 to 1750
      • Elemental Boss Base HP increased from 500 / 2500 / 12500 to 600 / 3000 / 15000
      • Classic Endspeed Formula:
        • Old: ([(45 Minutes / Your Time) - 1] * 1.5) + 1
        • New: (45 Minutes / Your Time)
      • Express score per creep changed from (Wave + 5) to (Wave + 20)
      • Express Endspeed Forumla:
        • Old: ([(20 Minutes / Your Time) - 1] * 1.5) + 1
        • New: ([(20 Minutes / Your Time) - 1] * 0.5) + 1
        • I checked the calculations, Speed > Networth for high scoring still, it's just not as horribly dominant
      • Frogs gain 80 Score each per wave, up from 40 Score
    • Towers
      • Basic
        • Nature damage decreased from 70 / 490 / 3400 / 34000 to 64 / 450 / 3100 / 31000
        • Light ability damage decreased from 3 / 21 / 150 / 1500 to 2 / 14 / 100 / 1000
      • Duals
        • Level 3 Duals gold cost reduced from 4750 to 4250
        • Level 3 Blacksmith / Well / Trickery gold cost increased from 4750 to 6000
        • Level 3 Trickery clone duration increased from 70 seconds to 75 seconds
        • Electricity range reduced from 1150 to 900. Damage increased from 180 / 900 / 4500 to 240 / 1200 / 6000
        • Magic damage increased from 650 / 3250 / 16250 to 700 / 3500 / 17500
      • Triples
        • Flamethrower damage increased from 320 / 1600 to 360 / 1800. Napalm damage increased from 160 / 800 to 240 / 1200. Napalm AoE reduced from 400 / 350
        • Haste damage increased from 1600 / 8000 to 1800 / 9000. Projectile speed increased from 900 to 1000
        • Obliteration AoE range decreased from 150-450 to 150-300. Damage increased from 1200 / 6000 to 1600 / 1800
        • Ephemeral damage decreased from 2000 / 10000 to 1800 / 9000
        • Runic damage increased from 1200 / 6000 to 1300 / 6500



    Patch is live!

  19. You might wanna wait a bit on the graph, there's another patch coming up within the next day, it's not as big a balance patch, but an attempt to adjust a few things in particular...



    Including, of course, Nature gettin' nerfed back down a bit.



    Hail Tower is overall a buff. It deals less damage on a focused front, but way more damage in a spread, and overall is way more consistent.

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